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2300 Yushu cremated bodies of earthquake victims of mass

Lokasi pelaksanaan
The location of the implementation of "cremation of thousands of corpses" in the District Jiegu. (INTERNET)

More than a thousand Lamma, (17 / 4), held a ceremony "mass cremations 1000 people" to the earthquake victims Jiegu District. Lamma who led the cremation ceremony said that the number of bodies cremated reached 2,300, about 3 times the official death toll announced by the government, and far from the 1484 figure of deaths announced by the government, 16 April.
He said that the real figure is difficult to estimate because many victims still buried under collapsed buildings and the real death toll well above the official number announced. Regional earthquake location filled with the stench overpowering, especially at point locations experiencing severe destruction.
Some people are still trying to find survivors beneath the rubble of buildings, the stench in the neighborhood even more severe. There are rumors saying in the western district have started contracting plague Jiegu tipes.
Bao Daily Sun reported, in an effort to cremate thousands of bodies of victims, on April 16, local government finally dug trenches along the 50 meters, with a width of 10 meters and a depth of 2 meters at the foot of Mount Jiajieshan, Yushu County. Early the next day, 100 trucks were deployed to send the bodies of earthquake victims to the cremation site. The death toll from a variety of ages ranging from parents to children aged 2-3 years, most of the bodies suffered severe injuries and many are already incomplete limbs.
It was reported that the reporter Daily Sun Bao, Tan Chunjian, plans to go to Yushu and settled a few days in the earthquake location. By renting a car, the driver who drove the car suggested that Tan bring some equipment such as water, oxygen, food and medical.
After proper preparation, they departed. But upon arriving there, he was very surprised to see the condition of earthquake locations far from the reported. "Where is possible here only killed hundreds of people, I think at least the death toll reached 20,000 people. Let's see the bodies pile up every house in it. Here and there, people seem to carry the corpse," said the driver.
Watching the number of corpses that littered the severity of the condition plus she decided to immediately leave the premises. He even did not dare stop the car in the vicinity of the evacuation and escape to talk with the Tibetans. Fear even made him forget the promise he was saying to accompany the reporter during his stay there.
According to television news NTD (New Tang Dynasty), after the earthquake, emergency government representatives in Taiwan Tibet, Dawa Tsering, kept trying to contact his relatives who were there. He mentioned that the rescue team sent to a location not many and the death toll far beyond the figures announced by the CCP.
"The bodies are collected in Shrine Jiegu until yesterday evening at least 400 more and still leaves a lot of collection of bodies in some of the square and the field," said Dawa.
He further said that local transportation is inadequate, this led to dozens of villages around a radius of 40 km Sub Jiegu untouched rescue teams. Currently a rescue team of the evacuation process and rely on local Lamma Lamma from Sichuan.
Because the CCP authorities not to let foreign aid rescue workers in, thousands of Lamma and monks from local monasteries into force of the first rescuers to help the evacuation process. Post-quake, the Lamma and monks from various monasteries around the Yushu immediately went to the location of the quake to provide aid.
A photo that was sent a netter from Tibet shows the Lamma using mattresses as stretchers to transport the victims. Generally, victims are transported on a stretcher, but due to lack of evacuation equipment and not allowing foreign aid, the residents can only use sophisticated tools.
According to the AP, a young monk complained about the slow actions of rescuers during the process of government envoy evacuation, sometimes help new start be made after that highlights the camera lens in their direction.
An information mentioned had been a clash between monks by soldiers during the evacuation process (17 / 4). Priory criticize the use of heavy equipment by the army while digging the ruins because it will kill the victims buried under the possibility of still life and result in broken bodies. In addition, the army also forbids monks to approach the location and assist the evacuation process.

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Man faces 13 Mountain Shaped World

Nature is incredible. Not only able to present a beauty that is not terperi but also the mystery that enveloped him. Among the mysteries that until many centuries had not been resolved is the mountains that resemble a human face.

You know a human face, right? There are eyes, mouth and nose. These mountains also have it all, at least when viewed from a distance and altitude. Like the legend of Tangkuban Perahu in West Java, Prambanan and Loro mystery Jongrang, then the mountains with a human face is also a story (legend) and the mystery itself.

Strange and unique, some of these mountains really looks like a human face. The location of these strange mountains exist in a number of countries in the world. The question, whether it's the result of human faces carved? Of course not! Except for Mount Rushmore granite mountain, which menmahat American history on the first 150 years, all of this mountain is the original creations of nature.
And as usual mystery story or legend that developed, the stories of birds who call this strange mountains created from a condemned man on thousands or even millions of years ago. Really??! Embuh! His name is legend, could be anything.

But for sure, please look at these pictures, and you can judge. There is a war-like officers in the past, there is also such a man hat, etc.. But the most interesting is the face of a man who stuck to the top of the mountain (see the picture), and is also the most famous mountain in the world is shaped like the face of Indian soldiers who looked into the sky. This strange mountain known as Lover's Rock, located in Antequera, Andalusia, Spain.

Then, is there any interesting stories about the strange mountains, of course. Here are excerpts of the mystery story:
1. Legend of the Mountain-faced Indian Soldiers

Human-faced rock is one of the most famous in the world. The result of perfect natural sculptures. This hard face like Indian male soldiers. Strange mountain is known as Lover's Rock, located in the Antequera, Andalusia, Spain. The legend that developed around the creation of the mountain it is, started from a love story of a young Christian of Moorish women of Antequera Archidona with different religions. Local people are very fanatic, could not accept their love story. Strong opposition came and forbade the young man who is a local resident, to continue their relationship. Love for his exceptional make daring young man, teaching his girlfriend fled, they fled into the woods to escape pursuit penduduk.Konon, they committed suicide by flung themselves into each other's arms under a rock. That is their choice of a lifetime spent without each other. It was said, their bodies magically melt in the rock and change the shape the rock into a form that we now see the picture.

2. Form of Face of Mount Zeus in Greece
This is the Mount Yiouktas in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. You would never hear or never read legeda god Zeus. In legend, the god Zeus was born in Crete and he also died there. Myth, the mountain that he died and become his grave. But no one can explain how to profile can be engraved and attached to the mountain. Who would carve, how? You can certainly see this picture, is a miracle that humans can produce sculptural face like this god Zeus. If not human, then who? Alamkah? Or adakadabra .. .. Voila! Become legendary god's face it. The mystery is who can not be explained until now since many centuries ago.

3. Smiling Face Mountain in Junagadh in Gujarat, India
Smiling faces can only be viewed from a height). This unique mountain located in Junagadh, Gujarat, India. The mountain is also known as Girnar Hill, here are the Temple of Bhavnath. Actually the results of this extraordinary image represents a reverse trick photography image 90 degrees, the result as you can see, incredible. As if there are smiling faces.
The five top ranks of the mountains each stone temples decorated with intricate carvings on the side. Many Hindus and Jains pilgrims trying to reach the five peaks that if Terliht require approximately 8000 steps. His legend, with mountain climbing with bare feet, and if it reaches the fifth peak, then the pilgrims would have a place in heaven. That trust them!
4. Now we leave the matter of legend, look at the face of this formidable mountain. Formation of these mountains is actually the whole mountain where many trees are firs. Unfortunately Christopher Fay photographer based in Florida, did not provide information on location shooting. Do you recognize him, there is where is this? 'Face' is reminiscent of what mountain, Yoda or Gremlins?

5. Mountain 'sulk' in Crete, Greece
This unique mountain is also located in Crete, Greece, a place full of legends. The mountain is also unique, there is a graceful nose and forehead. Interestingly when the snow fell, the face of this mountain was 'change' as a middle man murmured, somewhat sullenly, like do not like.

6. Form of Face of Stone Mountain King Complete with mustache, in California
Mount this stone one of the most unique in the United States. Strange and unique shape, impressed as a king's face complete with whiskers. Located in King Canyon National Park, California. There is a very big nose, no eyelids, and as there are three eye, third eye located above the whiskers (green, maybe this is a collection of trees from a distance looks like a mustache). 'King Canyon' This looks like a Cyclops.

7. Bucegi Mountains - Living Legends, Romania
Bucegi is most popular among mountain climbers there are in Romania. From the north of this mountain you can see the beauty Bucharest.Ada two parts of this mountain is located in ketinggia 220 meters, most preferably the tourists (hikers) that is a big rock shaped like a sphinx seemingly human face. Alamlah who had carved this stone to be like that. Allegedly, the shape was the result of erosion. Another part is also unique is the shape of the Old Woman (in Romania called: Babele).

8. Face Mount with cap
Odd-shaped rock is located at Rock City, GA. Uniquely at the top there is the rock that juts like a hat covering half his face.

9. Form of Bear Mountain are howling in Estes Park, Colorado, USA
Well, the shape of the mountain this one differs from another. If the other mountains in the form of a human face, if there is a mountain in Estes Park Colorado United States, this, like the shape of a bear who was howling. Really?

10. Human Face on Mt Cook (Aoraki), Australia
Maybe it's just coincidence or interpretation of the photo. A visitor, Geoff Olsen, the mountain is taking photos and was surprised to find the photo looks like a human face on the mountain.

11. Stone Mountain 'A Million Faces' at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, U.S.
Maybe you all have seen this picture, the mountain stone representing the 'American history'. There a number of American founding father's face is formed. Located in Keystone, South Dakota. Carved statues of the American character is made Gutzon Borgium, an artist's sculpture, on granite hill in the year 1867-1941. The sculptures are 'American history' in the first 150 years. Height of each head of the statue about 18 feet.

12. Mount Everest
Maybe this is just the interpretation of the photo, but the highest mountain in the world even from a distance resemble a human face. Impressed Ngada fabricated. But look at this picture and the 'play's edikit imagination .. nah .. how?

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A Child of the World for 6 Minutes Silence

This story talks about a kid who named Severn Suzuki, a problem child at the age of 9 years has established the Environmental Children's Organization (ECO).

ECO itself is a small group of children who dedicate themselves to study and teach the child "the other on environmental issues.

And they are invited to attend the United Nations Environment Conference, at which time 12 year-old Severn gave a powerful speech which gave a major influence (and silenced) some prominent world leaders.

What's delivered by a small child her age 12 years until he could make the UN MEETING ROOM silence, then finished his speech during a courtroom filled with prominent people who stood up and gave rousing applause to the child who was 12 years old.

This is the contents of the speech: (Source: The College Foundation)

Hello, My name Severn Suzuki speaking for ECO - Environmental
Children Organization
We are a group of Canada which consists of children aged 12
and 13 years, who tried to make a difference: Vanessa Suttie, Morgan,
Geister, Michelle Quiq and myself. We raise funds for
could come here as far as 6000 miles to tell you
all adults you must change your ways today in
here, too. I have no hidden agenda. I want
a future for myself only.

Losing the future is not the same as losing the general election
or losses in the stock market. I am here to speak for
all generations to come.

I am here representing the starving children around the world
whose cries go unheard.

I am here to speak for the animals dying
countless across this planet because of loss
habitat. We should not not be heard.

I am afraid to be in the sun because
holes in ozone. I am afraid to breathe because
I do not know what chemicals are carried by air.

I used to go fishing in Vancouver with my dad until a few
years ago we found the fish full of cancers.
And now we hear that animals and plants
going extinct every day - vanishing forever.

In my life, I have a dream to see a large collection
wild animals, jungles and tropical forests full of
birds and butterflies. But now I do not know if these things
it even still there to be seen by my children.

Do you all have to worry about these little problems
when you are all still the same old serperti me now?

All this happened in front of us and yet we still
act as if we still have a lot of time and all
solution. I'm only a child and I do not have
all the solutions. But I want you to realize
you all also the same as me!

You do not know how to fix the holes in our ozone layer.
You do not know how you can restore these fish to the river salmon
You do not know how to bring back an animal which

And you can not restore the forests to normal in
place, which is now just a desert. If you do not
know how to fix. Please stop destroying it!

Here you are your country delegations. Businessman, member
organizers, reporters or politicians - but in fact you are
father and mother, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts
- And you all are children of a person.

I am only a child, but I know that we all
is part of a large family, which consists of more
from 5 billion, consisting of 30 million families and we all share
air, water and soil on the same planet - borders and governments
will not change this.

I am only a child yet I know that we
all in this together and we should unite
for the same purpose.

Although angry, but I'm not blind, and though scared, I do not
hesitate to tell the world what I feel.

In my country, we make so much waste. We
buy something and then throw away, buy and then discard.
Although it remains only countries in the North will not share
with those in need.
Even when we have more than enough, we feel afraid to
lose some of our wealth, we are afraid to share.

In Canada we have a comfortable life, with clothing, food
and shelter - we have watches, bicycles,
computers and television sets.

Two days ago here in Brazil, we were shocked when we
spend time with children living on the streets. And one
one child told us: "I wish I
rich, and if I'm rich, I will give street children
food, clothing and medicine, shelter, love and compassion
affection. "

If a child on the streets and do not have any,
willing to share, why are we who have everything still
so greedy?

I can not stop thinking that these children aged
same with me, that place of birth you can make a difference
is so great, that I could be one of the
children who live in Favellas in Rio, I could be a child
the famine in Somalia; a victim of war in the Middle East or
beggars in India.

I am only a child, but I know that if all
money spent on war is used to reduce the level of
poverty and finding environmental answers, what a
beautiful would this world.

At school, even in kindergarten, you teach us to
doing good. You taught us not to fight with
others, to seek a way out, clean up the mess
we caused, to not hurt other creatures, to
share and not be greedy. Then why did you then do the
you taught us so it should not be done?

Do not forget why you are attending this conference, why would you
do this - we are children of you all. You sekalianlah
who decides, what kind of world would we live. Parents
its supposed to give comfort to their children with
said, "Everything will be fine, 'we do
The best we can do and this is not the end of
everything. "

But I do not feel that you can say that
to us again. Are we even on your priority list
all? My dad always says, "You will always be remembered for
deeds, not by your words. "

So, what you do makes me cry at night.
You adults say you love us. I
Your challenge, try to realize those words.

So and thank you for your attention.

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