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Mysteries fish blood drinkers ...

Mysteries Fish (Headed Dragon) is found in Papua New Guinea. Fish that is named 'fishzilla' was able to live on land and can even climb trees. Uniquely, this fish has a head like a dragon, complete with wide eyes and pointy fangs. fish species are even reportedly hooked cork drink blood and can have up to one meter long.

ikan kepala naga

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Mysteries Creatures From The Old Forest Citizens appalling China!

A Mysteries creature , dubbed the "Yeti Oriental"is checked scientists after emerging from the old forests of Central China's remote.

Creature without hair is trapped by the trap hunter in Sichuan province after local residents reported that initially they thought the appearance of a bear.

"It looks somewhat like a bear but do not have any fur and a tail like a kangaroo," said Lu Chin hunter as reported by the Telegraph.

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Candiru, the fish was very ferocious river

When a friend of a friend knows a very ferocious piranha fish, there are other fish killer, her name is Fish Candiru (more Malignant from Piranha).
There are three species Candiru: Candiru Candiru sized finger and a toothpick-sized, usually eating in a way into the bigger fish, while Candiru whale (whale Candiru) are carrion eaters who prefer to eat from a dead fish.

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Noah Ship Found in Turkey

Ark (ship) Noah has long been a controversy in the archaeological world. History records that God commanded Noah to make an ark because God intends to rain very heavily to the earth. The Bible tells us that Noah obeyed the order and at exactly the appointed time God, it is a very heavy rain descended to earth and sink all the creatures living there. Noah and his family and the animals that diselamatkannya then float the Ark together. The Bible then tells us that the Ark was stranded on the peak of Mount Ararat.

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4 Wind Door Guard

(Korean: Jujak; Chinese: Zhu Que)
Zhu Que Bird is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. According to Wu Xing, Tao-five element system, representing the fire element, towards the south, summer. So sometimes called the Vermilion Bird of South and is also known as Jujak Suzaku in Japan and in Korea. This is often mistaken for Fenghuang because of the similarity in appearance, but two different beings. Fenghuang is the king of birds, while the Vermilion Bird is a mythological spirit creature of the Chinese constellations

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Pharaoh's Corpse are still lasting ..

You all know that Pharaoh was a tyrant on earth, and he claims to divinity, God sent Moses to him to guide him, but even reject it Aun fir ... and ordered to kill all the people who followed Moses, the promise of God for salvation of his body to leave a lesson for people.

Pharaoh's body has now been found and stored in a museum in France, for those of you who want to see his body this Part of the pictures that I get from Google ..

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mysteries Eyes in the Sky .. ( video )

A lot of news about the appearance of this eye in the sky .. if you search on google .. His article will certainly different with a same video ... so far I have not even knowing where the true story ... but one thing is for sure if you saw this video ... you will definitely goosebumps ....

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Amazingly mummys

Ageless: The Beauty of Xiaohe      Ageless: Xiaohe, which is expected around 3800 years old and one of the most perfectly preserved mummies ever found, found along the ancient "Silk Road" trade route Asia.ribuan years after his death, in a form that is still perfectly intact even eyelashes . This mummy exhibit at the Agen on Saturday, March 27, at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California. 

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Mysteries Corpse found in Thailand ...

Thais sudden uproar and commotion, after they found a rare and bizarre creatures, according to news circulating this strange creature found in a forest called the forest of Khao Sok. a glimpse of this creature like a calf ... but there is a strange and awkward from the body shape of this creature .. we see a curious  ...

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Doomdays Vault

A very strong building was built at the North Pole to save the seeds from the official worldwide enabled. Facility known as the Dome of the Apocalypse (Doomsday Vault) is created inside a frozen mountain on the Svalbard Islands, Norway, 1100 km from the north pole.
 Kubah Kiamat di Kutub Utara
This dome will serve to save the seeds from around the world in order to protect the germplasm. The hope is, if there is a large disaster that struck the world, seeds are stored in the dome will be a source of human salvation before the famine.

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The 10th Planet outside solar system!

The universe is unique and so broad, the existence of life on earth other than a big question mark and maybe for some people there is no answer. The scientists believe the possibility exists, and from time to time continue to look for clues to discover a new world.

In 1990, scientists discovered a glimmer of hope by finding a planet outside our solar system (Exoplanet). The planets are very diverse. Starting from the planet of fire, giant planets, rocky planets, planets that have no stars, and more. Until now, the discovery of 230 planets Exoplanet. Here is a list of ten Exoplanet 2009 version of

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Planet Nibiru The cause of Doomsday 2012 ??

Solar System's outer reaches still contain many minor planets yet to be discovered. Since the search for Planet X began in the early 20th century, the possibility of a hypothetical planet orbiting the Sun beyond the Kuiper Belt have been burned many Doomsday theories and speculation that Planet X is actually the brother of Sun's long lost.
But why worry ahead for Planet X / Theory of Judgement is? Planet X is just an unknown, hypothetical object?

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Sea parted like in Moses era

A natural occurrence that had nothing to do with the story
Mozes (Moses), the Ten Commandments in Exodus is the book-the Holy Bible.
This is a natural phenomenon that most mengagumkam in South Korea
named "Moses Miracle", occurs twice a year low tide, open
a plot of land along the 2.8 kilometers and a width of 40 meters
connecting the island of Jindo and Modo for a few hours.

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Underwater river

 This underwater river there in cenote Angelita, Mexico. There is a cave that if dived to a depth of 30 meters, the water is freshwater, but if you dive to a depth of more than 60 meters, the water becomes salt water. At bottom there is a "river" complete with trees and foliage. But, of course it was not unusual because the river is a river of hydrogen sulfide layer that looks like a river.

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Biggest and Tallest Tree World

"Here we go again nih one had by the uniqueness of our planet, the giant tree species could also be called the biggest tree in the world .. curious?? Why the tree is categorized as the biggest tree in the world we see  .."

One of the highest trees in the world of this type of Giant Sequoia has reached 85 meters height. Its age is estimated between 2200 to 2700 years. This tree is very unique given the name of "General Sherman", (whew namana also been given the title general) are expected not only is one of the highest,
but also the type of Sequoia's largest in terms of its volume. In 2002 this tree had a measurable volume of 1487 cubic meters.
This Sherman Tree located in Sequoia National Park in Visalia,

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The spirit of man with Half body!

Peng Shuilin, Prisa who lived only with half a body, his body amputated after being hit by a truck. But he never gave up! His recovery makes the surgeon was amazed after nearly two years through a series of operations. Deputy head of the hospital where she was treated said "She is amazing and the only person in the world that has learned to survive after a lot of that in the amputation of limbs" His condition is getting better day by day, now he has opened his own grocery store bargains - called Half Man Half-Price Store. That's incredible. 

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First Trip to Venus In 2018


NASA has narrowed options for the next mission on expeditions with the most potential. His first mission to Venus and retrieve samples from an asteroid or moon rocks.

On the first mission, NASA will send a spacecraft to investigate the air and land on the planet Venus, so that can know the differences in structure to the Earth. For missions to asteroids, the spacecraft will take samples of rocks as a material role in research to understand the origins of the solar system. Finally, missions to the moon rocks will also take samples to determine the beginning of the creation of the Earth and Moon system.

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Aged 200 000 years old statue found on the Moon!

 Finally, the scientists found evidence of intelligent life on the surface of the moon. Proof is in the form of a 10-inch sculpture, called, The angel. The statue was found in the ruins of the moon rocks that were collected by the Apollo XI crew in 1969!
Truz, why only now unfolding?
Well, actually the internal NASA has long been aware of this fact but they keep it secret from the public to prevent a mass uproar. Can ?

Only recently this was a former scientist at NASA, Dr. charles expose to the world.
The statue is tangible woman with long hair and the course has wings. 200 000 years old which makes it impossible as a result of human works. Just to know, humans began emerging from 170.000 years ago. 30.000 years? time difference is not very far away? This makes us curious about the creature / civilization that makes this statue.
Many are connected with the gods of ancient civilizations like the Sumerian god, annunaki. However, opinions rose does not yet have evidence to support. Obvious this statue still keeps a close the mystery and not allow us to open it ...

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Human bodies of ice in ITALIA

The bodies named Otzi the ice man found in the Alps, Italy in 1991 was always just made the investigators and archaeologists interested, but also scared. For those who never made contact with Otzi, including inventors, excavators, transporters, another cameraman, and seven people have been killed in a row is not fair since the body was found. There are speculating about the "curse of the ice man", so can not help but make people more convinced than doubt.

Not also the mystery of Otzi that are kept in an archaeological museum in Italy is completed, one more recent news that the discovery of the oldest mummy Otzi and his body was preserved intact.

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Facing the Sun Storm 2012

According to MR. Bambang S Tedjasukmana from the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan), that the phenomenon will appear in the years around 2011 to 2012 was the storm the sun. This prediction is based on the monitoring center's space weather monitoring in many developed countries that have been implemented since 1960 and Indonesia by LAPAN has been done since 1975.

Solar Storms = Flare and CME
Still according to another expert from Lapan, that the storm will occur when the sun flares and Corona Mass Ejection (CME). What is Flare ..?

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Leonardo Da Vinci predicts Doomsday Happen 1-11-4006

Apparently Leonardo Da Vinci was not only a talented artist and scientist of genius. He was also an astrologer. Leonardo Da Vinci and even predicting the end of the world. According to Da Vinci, on March 21, 4006, Earth will be hit by flood Flood. Mahadahsyat disaster that would culminate in the end on November 1, 4006.

Prediction Da Vinci invented by Vatican investigators, Sabrina Galitzia Sforza who worked in the Vatican archives. Galitzia suspect, the Italian genius insert predictions in coded form.

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The Door to hell

This place is located in Uzbekistan is called by local people "The Door to Hell". It is situated near the small town Darvaz. The story of this place has lasted for 35 years. After the geologist who did the drilling for gas, suddenly during the drilling they have found an underground cavern that was so big, nobody dared to go there because the cave was filled with gas. So they tried to light it with the intent that no poisonous gas more can get out of the hole, but since then, the area was actually burning, already for 35 years without a break. No one knows how many tons of excellent gas has been burning for years but only one they know that there an infinite amount of gas,

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el-chupacabara the mysterious mutant

Chupacabra or commonly also called El Chupacabara is a reference to the Mutant / Monster mysterious past few years into terror for residents in the Americas, especially Central America and the United Latin.Kata Chupacabra itself comes from the Spanish who have a sense of "Predators / The blood-sucking goat ", because since its emergence in the nd-nd how much of this decade, mysterious creatures that have a habit of attacking and then suck the blood of livestock, especially goats, has been widely discussed by citizens of the Americas.

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Mystery Nibiru, annuaki, and 2012

Still around in 2012 ... what really will happen .. I'm dont want to scare but to try to give information, i wish this ill beneficial and can increase our faith ...

One of the ancient manuscripts of the most astounding mystery scientists is a literary-scientific manuscripts belong to the ancient Sumerians since 6000 years ago. The manuscript is clearly listed as part of Planet Nibiru our solar system. Nibiru means "planet of crossing". Exact description of Nibiru Planet X (Planet Into Ten). According to ancient astronomical records that are matched with modern knowledge:
Planet X has the elliptical orbit like a comet, with a trip beyond the orbit of Pluto. Dr. Thomas C. Van Flandern,

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Walking Corpse Ritual in Tanah Toraja! (Indonesia)

It is said that the cave in the village  Sillanang since 1905 has been found in human bodies intact, do not decay until now. Uniquely bodies are not embalmed like the Ancient Egyptians was not even given any potions.

In times past, when the villages of Tana Toraja were still extremely isolated and difficult to visit, it is said that certain people had the power to make a dead man walk to his village in order to be present at his own funeral. In this way, relatives of the deceased were spared the necessity of having to carry his corpse. One particular area, Mamasa ? West Toraja, was particularly well-known for this practice. The people of this area are not strictly speaking of the same ethnic group as the people of Tana Toraja. However, outsiders often refer to them as Toraja Mamasa. In many ways, the cultures of the two groups are similar, although they each have their own distingushing characteristics. In particular, the style of wood carving of the two groups is different.

According to the belief system of the people of Mamasa, the spirit of a dead person must return to his village of origin. It is essential that he meet with his relatives, so that they can guide him on his journey into the after-life after the ceremonies have been completed. In the past, people of this area were frightened to journey far, in case they died while they were away and were unable to return to their village. If someone died while on a journey, and unless he has a strong magic power, it would be necessary to procure the services of an expert, to guide the dead person back to the village.

This is not intended metaphorically-the dead person would be made to walk from wherever he had journeyed back home, no matter how far away that was. The corpse would walk stiffly, without any expression on his face, in the manner of a robot. If anyone addressed the dead man directly, he would fall down senseless, unable to continue his journey. Therefore, those accompanying the deceased on the macabre procession had to warn people they met on their path not to talk directly to the dead man. The attendants usually sought out quiet paths where the procession was less likely to meet with strangers. These days, the practice of walking the dead back to their place of origin has fallen out of currency.

Good roads now connect the villages of Tana Toraja, and people tend to rely on more conventional means of transportation for bringing bodies back home. The ability to bring the dead back to life has not been entirely forgotten, however. Sometimes, even now, the deceased is made to continue breathing and seems alive until all his relatives are gathered around him.More commonly, the skill is practiced on animals. At a funeral ceremony, when a buffalo has been sacrificed and its head separated from its body, the body is made to get up and walk for as long as ten minutes. A demonstration of this sort proves to the audience that the ability to bring the dead back to life has not entirely passed from the community.

read to
Unsolved mystery from indonesian culture Rambu Soloq (Rites of The Dead of Tana Toraja) 

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ATLANTIS .. The Eternal Mistery

This world may be a mystery not a strange thing, there can be solved even exist until now has not been answered .. like this one is the mystery of the eternal ... especially if not about the Atlantic

The myth of Atlantis civilization was first coined by an ancient Greek philosophy named Plato (427-347 BC) in the book Critias and Timaeus

In Plato's Timaeus book tells us that before the Mainstay Haigelisi strait, there is a very large island, from there you can go to other islands,
in front of the islands is completely surrounded by land sea ocean, it is the kingdom of Atlantis. When the new Atlantis will launch a major war with Athens, but outside the Atlantis alleged sudden onset of earthquakes and floods, not until the day and night, completely submerged under the sea, beyond the great state of high civilization, vanished overnight.

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Liu Bolin "Invisible Man" Transparent Man From China

Art is full of creativity, as well as Bolin is an artist, always creative ispirasi and others to pour their creativity. Bolin is more specialized in the art of "Invisible Art" with the object itself. Where his work shows a photo of himself faces made with paint and adapted to the background where he stood and was until seolaoh himself lost and fused with latarnyam ya so much like a chameleon
Perhaps she was inspired by my ever-changing chameleon change colors adapted to the place where he is right now so as not to be seen by predators.

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Horned Grandma appalling china
CHINA (SuaraMedia News) - In his old age has advanced, Zhang Ruifang, should be able to enjoy life with happiness. Unfortunately, women who live in Linlou Village, Henan Province, China, in fact been confused because of horns or antlers that grow along the six inches on his left forehead. Zhang Ruifang, 101-year-old grandmother origin Linlou Village, Henan Province, China damaged the center of attention because of growing horns on his left forehead.

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7 Wonders of the Symbiotic in the Ocean!

With pro-evolution-cons is something amazing, but the species which are collectively develop ways to protect one another life, feeding, or cleaning mate is a more spekatukler. Sharks paired with fish, fish with shrimp, and shrimp with sea cucumber (sea cucumber) and many more. This is a radical example of a symbiotic relationship of depth of the ocean in the world.

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girl, produce diamonds from his eyes

 a 12-year-old young girl named Hasnah Mohamed meselmani, of Lebanon is able to produce scara butiran2 diamond surprising instant, out of his eyes

water bath at normal people's eyes .. Hasnah berlian2 can easily remove it from the eyes ..
until the current one, the medical team did not find something weird and strange from Lebanon metablosime the body of the girl ..

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Woman, with opaque eyes

                                                           laura Castro (Women with opaque eyes)
Eye specialists and experts from other fields have examined these cases, but none could explain why. "The doctors said they had never seen anything like this,"
said his mother, Anabel Castro. "My daughter can see anywhere in bright light or dark conditions. He easily see opaque solid objects. Nahaliel strangeness of this began to emerge gradually. He who had brown eyes turned white and more white, and his eyesight became increasingly sharp. "

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