Mysteries Creatures From The Old Forest Citizens appalling China!

A Mysteries creature , dubbed the "Yeti Oriental"is checked scientists after emerging from the old forests of Central China's remote.

Creature without hair is trapped by the trap hunter in Sichuan province after local residents reported that initially they thought the appearance of a bear.

"It looks somewhat like a bear but do not have any fur and a tail like a kangaroo," said Lu Chin hunter as reported by the Telegraph.

"There are some local legend about a bear who is also a human being and some people think that the arrest is one of them," added Chin.

But this is not a strange animal noises like a bear, his voice was more like a cat.

Every time these animals continue to speak as if to call or maybe looking for animals like.

The hunters and the local people called it the "Yeti Oriental" can not be explained if there were any similar animals or maybe this is the last.

There is a legend that circulated in the local community about a bear who was once a human being and some people think that animals that we caught, "he said as the Telegraph reported.

Local animal experts are planning to send these mysterious creatures to scientists in Beijing which will then conduct DNA tests on the creature.

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