Facing the Sun Storm 2012

According to MR. Bambang S Tedjasukmana from the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan), that the phenomenon will appear in the years around 2011 to 2012 was the storm the sun. This prediction is based on the monitoring center's space weather monitoring in many developed countries that have been implemented since 1960 and Indonesia by LAPAN has been done since 1975.

Solar Storms = Flare and CME
Still according to another expert from Lapan, that the storm will occur when the sun flares and Corona Mass Ejection (CME). What is Flare ..? Flare is a large explosion in the atmosphere of the Sun is 66 million times equals terrible explosion of atomic bomb Hiroshima. Whereas atomic bombs dropped Paul Tibbets, pilot of the United States (U.S.), B-29 Enola Gay, August 1945, has claimed around 80,000 human souls. Significant when multiplied by 66 million more, wouw ...! CME is a kind of explosion was so big that causes burst of speed partikel2 high, about 400 km / sec. Sun wouw ... this weather disturbance may affect the condition of cargo space to the Earth's magnetic influence, subsequent impact on the electrical system, transportation is relying on satellite navigation global positioning system (GPS), and communications systems that use satellite communications and high frequency (HF), and can endanger human health or life, for example because the Earth's magnetic disturbed, then the pacemaker may also be disrupted. HP will be errors, and the sms will be 'doomsday' right With the actual scale, I sketsakan kira2 Solar Storm would be like. Large sun just taken sepersecuilnya, while the Earth is so full (although still very small), it seems. Earth just is not nothing compared to the color of sunspot Blacks it.

Preparation for the Apocalypse 2012
It is said that experts from the sun, billions of particles alektron to the Earth's ionosphere layer within four days, The impact of the incursion of these particles in the polar electron lasted several days. During that time, could be done to anticipate steps to reduce waste impact.
Anticipating the emergence of space storms, the middle LAPAN build Space Weather Monitoring Systems Center Integrated Science Space Utilization center Lapan Bandung. Objects that are monitored include Ionosphere and geomagnetic layer, as well as radio waves. This system will be fully operational in January 2009.
LAPAN anticipation that has been done is to contact the parties who may be affected by the storms appear this space, namely Dephankam, Army, Department of Transportation, PLN, and Depkominfo, and the local authority.
Currently training for regional government officials who operate the HF radio has been done long ago, now there are about 500 people have been trained in radio signal interference. PLN should be to disseminate to the public that there are periodic termination to reduce the impact of these space storms.
Aviation and shipping that rely on GPS as navigasihendaknya system using a manual system when a space storm happen in guiding pesawatterbang takeoff or landing.
Electron density changes caused by space weather can change gelombangradio speed when passing through the ionosphere, causing propagation delay on GPS signals. This change resulted in deviations in the determination of distances and positions. In addition, microelectronic components for satellite navigation and communications will be damaged so that accelerated lifetime, so it can not function anymore. 
Currently LAPAN has developed a frequency-use planning model for dealing with disturbances of high solar storms for HF radio communications.
We pray that we shall survive, the world, and if it's real end ... we are also survivors. Amien ... (source of mailing lists)

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