Liu Bolin "Invisible Man" Transparent Man From China

Art is full of creativity, as well as Bolin is an artist, always creative ispirasi and others to pour their creativity. Bolin is more specialized in the art of "Invisible Art" with the object itself. Where his work shows a photo of himself faces made with paint and adapted to the background where he stood and was until seolaoh himself lost and fused with latarnyam ya so much like a chameleon
Perhaps she was inspired by my ever-changing chameleon change colors adapted to the place where he is right now so as not to be seen by predators.

Assisted by his assistants Bolin itself as a canvas that will be likened to the situation around, and this is really fascinating people.

Bolin artistic inspiration from the suppression of art is an expression of society where art is a freedom, in 2005 his art studio was closed by the Chinese communist government.

Foto By : Catersnewsagency

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