Mystery Nibiru, annuaki, and 2012

Still around in 2012 ... what really will happen .. I'm dont want to scare but to try to give information, i wish this ill beneficial and can increase our faith ...

One of the ancient manuscripts of the most astounding mystery scientists is a literary-scientific manuscripts belong to the ancient Sumerians since 6000 years ago. The manuscript is clearly listed as part of Planet Nibiru our solar system. Nibiru means "planet of crossing". Exact description of Nibiru Planet X (Planet Into Ten). According to ancient astronomical records that are matched with modern knowledge:
Planet X has the elliptical orbit like a comet, with a trip beyond the orbit of Pluto. Dr. Thomas C. Van Flandern,
astronomers and scientists from the U.S. Naval Oberservatorium says, changes the poles on Uranus and Neptune, the result of a planet. Together with his colleague, Dr. Richard Harrington, he makes the calculation of a planet (ranked 10th in our solar system) with a size 23 times larger than the earth, and having a high level eliptikal orbit. These findings complement Sitchin's theory, that lies near the X planet from Earth. In 1982, NASA issued a statement about the existence of Planet X. But now, NASA has declined to comment altogether.
Drastic changes in the Earth each time a planet X approaching. This change resulted in major damage and extinction. History tells of these events. Monuments of civilization heritage of the past to witness the incident. Call it, The legend of Atlantis, Lemuria, Maya Indians and other perabadan, which swept away or become extinct overnight ocean sunset, caused by the arrival of Planet X. Remnants of their culture can we meet in Florida, Japan and the Mediterranean region. The closer Planet X from the earth, the stronger the magnetic force and gravity. We can feel each day. The closer our planet X, the faster the rate of movement. Terrible disasters which followed one after another in many countries only a small beginning of what is really going to happen
Keep an open mind ... I was from the writings of Sumer. Ancient Sumerian writings noted some interesting things also believed by many beliefs, namely: the creation, existence of the Garden of Eden / Eden and the great flood that covered the entire surface of the earth (Similar to the story of Noah).
1. Location of the "Garden of Eden" in the story of Adam & Eve is suppose to be in the region
Mesopotamia (now Iraq).
2. As to the Earth, the Anunnaki landed in Mesopotamia (now Iraq).
3. It is said that the American invasion of Iraq really is to find a location
Star Gate (STAR GATE) belonging to the Anunnaki believed to be in
Mesopotamia (now Iraq). STAR GATE is a kind of property portals
Anunnaki to come and see our civilization. Because it has sophisticated technology, and created man, then the Anunnaki is positioned as a god by the Sumerians. After a few moments of life on Planet Earth, the Anunnaki left, and promised to return someday. Where are they?
Explore another life?
Creating a new civilization?
So what happened in 2012? Does Planet X will pass through the earth and back to bring us into the Ice Age? Or, the Anunnaki coming back? Various beliefs about the "messiah" if sorted backwards, associated with the Anunnaki promise that they will someday return. If returned, then come back as what? As a friend or enemy? Are they still regard us as slaves? Could it be a war between us, citizens of the Earth with the Anunnaki? U.S. President Ronald Reagan never mentioned the threat from space in one speech. Reagan also proposed the formation of space-based weapons systems (STAR WARS). Could it be that time had no contact with extraterrestrials?

Compare caveman (Neanderthals) with modern humans. Where's the difference physically? Lots of them. Modern humans (us) have a more physical aesthetic (beautiful) and finer than cavemen. And the result of the integration with kita.Bangsa Anunnaki Anunnaki DNA itself has physical characteristics:
  • # The average height of 78 feet (3 meters)
  • White #
  • # Hair blond or red, blue eyes
  • Perhaps based on the belief that there will be among the racism that white skin since ancient times synonymous with "higher caste" or
  • "Considered more aesthetic", as it still adheres Anunnaki benchmark standards
Nation Caucasian (white skin, blond, blue eyes) have the most physical ciriciri Anunnaki. This can be seen from their blood type, which is Rhesus negative. Talked about it sometime about blood type! Very interesting! Because rhesus negative, not originating from our DNA. But, the Anunnaki (aliens). That's why America invaded Iraq on the pretext of looking for nuclear weapons. Because of residual radioactive detected. Why when the U.S. invaded Iraq, also looted museums, and ancient artefak2 also taken from the Sumerian era? For what? "Key" to find the Stargate (Star Gate), the nation's portal Anunnakikah? So to all-out invasion of Iraq. There were 270 thousand more ancient artifacts from the National Museum Bahgdad, Iraqi troops looted Bush. Just a few are returned, the rest disappeared without a trace. There is what's behind this? What to search? It must be something very URGENT.
  • # Could it be a star have an incredible power? Maybe! Because there is one star 'Dwarf' (dwarf star, it is called) is SIRIUS (or the dog star) who has a high density of very solid, beyond the sun. Though much smaller in size, but for the mass density, Sirius hardest. If this star into orbit, or bump .. so the effect is quite fatal.
  • # If you studied ancient writings about our astronomy, the Earth .. initially positioned closer to the sun. The days on earth shorter, hotter, and dark-skinned people because of high melanin (hence the research about the first man, or Adam, found that Adam was a Negroid, blacks). At that time, the planet that is more conducive in terms of climate, distance to the sun and the atmosphere is Mars. But because there is a collision, then enter the orbit of Jupiter. So the distance of the earth away from the sun. This effect on many things, such as skin color of the population, long days, etc.. Scientists agree that a collision is what causes the "The Great Deluge" or flooding, which is in the story of Noah.

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