Mysteries fish blood drinkers ...

Mysteries Fish (Headed Dragon) is found in Papua New Guinea. Fish that is named 'fishzilla' was able to live on land and can even climb trees. Uniquely, this fish has a head like a dragon, complete with wide eyes and pointy fangs. fish species are even reportedly hooked cork drink blood and can have up to one meter long.

ikan kepala naga
Director Australian Research Centre for Freshwater Damien Burrows said that this fish could be a major threat to Australian native wildlife. "There are a number of fish that are now on the southern coast of Papua New Guinea, directly adjacent to the Saibai Island and Torres Strait Islanders," said Burrows.
It is feared, fish species can be up to Australia and arrived in the area prey on local fish.
Dragon Headed Fish can live in poor environmental conditions, aided by their ability to breathe air and can travel overland.
This predatory fish like fish in general has a pectoral fin. Amazingly, these fish can climb a tree.

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