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Discoveries on Mars

Strange aligned formations located in an area just south of the Cydonia Face.
(Look very closely.)
For your consideration:

When pyramids have been discovered on Earth they have been, for the most part, unrecognizable.  In Egypt they have been discovered covered with thousands of tons of sand. 

In the Yucatan, pyramids and temples are unrecognizable under tons of wind-blown soils and dense tropical vegetation.
Pyramids in other parts of the world have been discovered under similar conditions and varying levels of decay.  For example, it was a  common practice for ancient peoples to strip off the top layers of stone building materials from the much older (and perceived as obsolete) structures to build their newer homes and buildings.  This practice frequently resulted in mounds of broken and eroded earthen brick that was used as the basis for the structures.
Under similar circumstances such as faced with the Cydonia formations, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to look back at Earth from a few hundred miles in space and identify any of these ancient eroded structures as manmade.
Pyramid Ruins on Earth
that were and are difficult to identify
as manmade structures.

Tecme Pyramid Ruin in Sipan
Tucume brick pyramid ruin in Peru
The ruined stone pyramid of Amenemhat I

The Black Pyramid of Amenemhat III

Ancient pyramid structures exist in many countries around the world  (not just in Egypt).  It is interesting to speculate how seemingly isolated human populations all gravitated to the notion of building pyramids.
Where do you suppose that building concept originated?

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Cydonia Mensae and the Face on Mars Controversy

Does the Cydonia Mensae area on Mars offer evidence of an ancient civilization that once inhabited the angry red planet?
UNSOLVED MYSTERY.-For centuries man has looked to Mars and has speculated on the many secrets that the red planet may conceal.  In the early years of astronomy, observers were mystified by the numerous grid-like lines etched on the planet's surface.  As observation techniques and technology improved, it was speculated that these mysterious lines could very well be canals.  Many observers boldly suggested that they were waterways engineered by some intelligent life form.  Given that Mars appeared to be a lifeless planet, many observers speculated that perhaps the canals were built by a long since vanished civilization.  
These beliefs held for a number of years until improved technologies revealed that the lines were most probably carved by the natural effects of erosion.  This in itself was a startling discovery in that it offered the evidence that water exists or did exist on the planet at one time.  Of course water is a key element to supporting life as we presently know it. 

In recent years, the technology for observing the planets has improved dramatically and it is now possible for our space probes to do close "fly-bys" of the planets and take fairly detailed photographs and other scientific measurements of the surface.

In 1976, the NASA Viking probe recorded a number of photographs of Mars that caused a sensation.  The photos of the Cydonia region revealed an anomaly that appears to be a huge (1,500 ft high) face staring out into space.  This image was initially dismissed by NASA as a "trick of the sunlight and shadows," however other photos taken at different angles still reveal what appears to be a face.  In addition to the face image, there are several other strange anomalies that are extremely interesting.

One of the most interesting is a formation in the shape of a five sided pyramid pointing directly at the face, and arranged a distance of exactly 1/360th of the polar diameter of Mars from the face structure.  The other anomalies in the Cydonia region give the appearance of a ruined, city-like, complex including several other pyramid shapes.  Together, the three areas form a equilateral triangle.

In 1998, NASA re-imaged the Cydonia region with the Mars Global Surveyor.  While the anomalies are still very much present in the photographs, the new images are of a higher resolution offering evidence that these structures may be of natural origins.  


One must consider, however, that hundreds of thousands of years of erosion could certainly obliterate detail.  We have many examples of that effect right here on earth.  After only a few centuries of neglect, we have found vast lost cities in the Yucatan that appear to be nothing more than over grown mounds of earth.  We find ancient cities swallowed up and buried by the Sahara and Gobi Desserts. 
(see photo at right of structural erosion examples)
The photos of the Cydonia region of Mars, as remarkable as they are, were taken from a distance of many thousands of miles above the planet's surface.  As exploration technology advances, we'll get closer and closer to discovering the answers to the Cydonia controversy.  Will it be a fascinating geological discovery or will it be a fantastic archeological discovery?  Only time will tell.  What do you think?

NASA is officially silent concerning the "explanation" of the Cydonia region.

The Amazing 2008 Martin Humanoid Photo

This astonishing NASA Mars photo was released in January of 2008, and immediately sensationalized by news media around the World.  The photo was taken by NASA's Mars Rover 'Spirit.'  At the time of this photo Spirit was in the fourth Earth-year of it's Mar's mission.

The picture is a panoramic view of an area dubbed by NASA as "Home Plate."   The photo is certainly interesting in its own right. However, a closer look reveals a startling image that appears to be a humanoid figure.  Speculation has circled the globe regarding this humanlike figure and even spawned the notion of a "Martian Big Foot."  The assumption (or at least the sensationalization) is that it is a living organism.  I however, offer that you should look closer.

In my opinion, if it is anything at all, it is a stone statue, much like one you might find buried in the sands of ancient Egypt.

I am also quite intrigued by the strange tracings in the soil in the lower left and right of the photo.  What would have caused those?

Additionally, if you look closely in the upper right, there is a faint geometric outline with aligned stones that are suggestive of a building foundation.  Could this be additional evidence of an earlier civilization on Mars uncovered in a recent dust storm? 

Officially, NASA has no comments regarding this or any anomaly that may (or may not be) in the photo.

What do you think?

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Ancient Contact? Evidence of Early Encounters?

The Nazca Desert and the enigmatic Nazca lines hold many mysteries.  What could have been the purpose of this massive humanoid image gracing the side of a hill? 

UNSOLVED MYSTERY .-In Peru's desolate high plateau desert, one of the driest deserts on earth, there are mysterious geometric lines and stylized images of spiders, monkeys, lizards, hummingbirds and even humanoids etched into the landscape.  Not only are these images massive in scale, most can only be fully viewed by flying above the desert landscape. 

Nazca Lines Photo: NASA's Earth Observatory   Here in the Nazca desert you will also find some extremely long and rather wide lines that are as 'straight-as-a-rifle-shot' and intersect with other straight lines at curious angles.  Many of these longer intersecting lines resemble what we in the modern world would immediately recognizes as landing strips or airbases.  Again, these are massive in scale and have been photographed by NASA satellites. 

There are literally hundreds of images and lines here, covering an area of nearly 500 square kilometers (193 sq. mi.).  

While it is not definitively known who created these enigmatic works, or how the ancient builders managed such precision, the conventional theory speculates that the geoglyphs were created by the Nazca culture sometime between 200 BC and 700 AD.  The theory further offers that the images and lines were created for some as of yet unknown religious purpose, and laid out using some primitive form of 'sticks and stones' survey.  In part this theory is based on carbon dating of pottery shards and wooden pegs found in the area.

One bold theory offers that the Nazca did achieve 'manned flight' through a form of primitive hot air balloon and that tribal leaders did have the ability to float above the geoglyphs and direct their construction.

The other theories (considered "fringe") include speculations that the lines are much older and represent an interaction between the indigenous people of the time with technologically advanced beings, possibly from a distant planet.  Due to the similarities of some of the Nazca lines to air strips, some suggest that in ancient times Nazca was an outpost or colony.  Under this set of theories, it is offered that the stylized figures were created to pay homage to the more advanced race which certainly would have been viewed to be godlike.

There has been a great deal of interest in the Nazca lines over the decades and a number of books and research reports have been written.  I am unconvinced by either of the opposing theories as much more research, and much less bias needs to be applied to unraveling the secrets of Nazca. 

The Val Camonica Rock Paintings
The Val Camonica valley in the Bresia province of northern, Italy is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  It is home to the greatest collection of prehistoric rock drawings in Europe.  The area contains over 350,000 pertroglyphs dating to 10,000 years ago.  One of the things that makes these rock paintings so interesting is that they don't seem to fit their time period.

This rock painting from Val Camonica, depicts two figures wearing what appears to be globe shaped helmets emitting rays of light.  They are also wearing suits that appear to be a bit bulky and covering their entire bodies.  What could have inspired an ancient people to create such a painting?
  Ancient Warriors or Ancient Astronauts?

In another rock painting, a similarly costumed humanoid appears to be doing battle with a strange flying object that appears to be firing a winged object toward it.         
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Piri Reis Map

Piri Reis Map by Admiral Piri ReisUNSOLVED MYSTERY-.Piri Reis, a Turkish admiral in the sixteenth century, was credited as the most brilliant cartographer of his time. While he was most certainly an extremely competent cartographer, it was his passion for collecting old navigational maps that fueled his insights placing him in possession of some of the most curious ancient charts and maps ever imagined.
His primary sources for these antiquities must have been in the bazaars of exotic ports and possibly from captured enemy ships. In 1513, Admiral Piri Reis compiled the first World Map using information from his collection of ancient charts. While the actual source of the remarkably detailed geographic information is still in question, it was this map (presented to Sultan Selim I in 1517) and a subsequent World Map that served as the catalyst for his fame.
In the 1500’s, his maps were considered to be extraordinary, and now more than 487 years later, the only known surviving piece of the map continues to amaze and startle scholars and scientists with the information it contains. Not only is the Piri Reis map far more accurate than any map of its time, the map has recently been used to correct several 20th century maps.
In examining the Piri Reis map, the modern scientific community is astonished to discover that the map shows the coastal outlines of South and North America. It also includes precise data on the southern polar continent, Antarctica, which was supposedly not discovered until 1818. Equally astonishing, Antarctica is shown to be free of ice depicting a topology that we only know of due to modern radar measurements.
One characteristic of the map did puzzle scholars however; much of the geographical data on the map was not in the correct position and appeared distorted. Working with the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Bureau, Arlington T. Mallerey, an authority on ancient maps, constructed a grid to allow the map to be overlain on a globe. The result was truly astounding as the Piri Reis map then proved to be totally accurate.
Research by Professor Charles H. Hapgood and Richard W. Strachan suggests the originals of the Piri Reis charts may have been aerial pictures snapped at a great height. They point out that the rivers, mountain ranges, islands, and other features of the Earth’s topology, were drawn with an accuracy that would have been un-attainable in the 16th Century. For example, Greenland was represented as two separate islands. This was confirmed just recently by a French polar expedition conducting a seismic survey. The seismic readings indicated that a thick (ancient) ice flow covers an area separating two distinct landmasses.
Scholars have not been able to answer the question as to how anyone living in the sixteenth century could have constructed such a highly accurate map. Interestingly, modern analysis reveals a strong resemblance between the Piri Reis World Map and photographs taken from space with the city of Cairo, Egypt in the center. While the Piri Reis Map is certainly a mystery, the real enigma is the source of the information used to create the map.
by: Dr. Von Zuko 2004©

Piri Reis Map Detail
  Detail from the Piri Reis Map.

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Was the Titanic Tragedy Foretold

Unsolved mystery. -Perhaps one of the strangest cases of foreshadowing the world has ever known was a novel written in 1898 by Morgan Robertson about a ship called Titan that crashes into an iceberg. And, of course, in 1912, the RMS Titanic crashed into an iceberg as well. Although the novel was written as a work of fiction, it strangely foretold the events of what would come to be one of the most famous disasters of all time.
The novel, which was originally titled Futility, was later changed to Wreck of the Titan.  The similarities between the fictional Titan and the real life Titanic are very eerie.  For instance, both ships met their fate in the North Atlantic in April by running into an iceberg.  Neither ship had enough lifeboats on board, which resulted in the deaths of over 2,000 people.  Both were the largest ships in the world and were wrongly believed to be “unsinkable”.
Also very strange are the sailing routes.  The Titan was sailing from New York to England, while the Titanic’s route was from England to New York.  Both ended up meeting with disaster in the same part of the sea.  They were also both traveling at around the same speed, and had the same number of propellers and masts.  The Titan had an accident with another ship, and the Titanic nearly collided with the New York but fortunately didn’t hit it.
There are also a few differences between the two ships.  The Titanic only bumped or scraped against the iceberg on a clear night, while the Titan runs right into an iceberg on a very foggy night.  The Titanic also had more survivors than the fictional ship did.  The Titanic sank during her maiden voyage, while the Titan had already been on several.
All of this about the Titan occurred during the first half of the novel, and the second half chronicles the adventures of the heroic main character, John Rowland.  He was a drunkard who was dismissed from the Royal Navy, and worked on the Titan as a ship hand.  During the second half of the book, he goes through a number of adventures, including a fight with a polar bear.  He’s eventually saved by a passing ship and works his way up again in society.
While it’s an exciting read altogether, the fate of the Titan is what draws most people into this novel.  Could there be a paranormal reason why this book is so eerily similar to an incident that occurred 14 years LATER?  Or are the differences between the fictional ship and Titanic enough to make it nothing more than a strange coincidence?

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The Mysteries of Poltergeists

Unsolved Mystery-. Everyone has heard of “poltergeists” before. The term, which is German for “noisy” or “loud spirit’, is a rather frightening phenomena that causes a lot of chaotic paranormal activity. Some poltergeists in haunted homes get so out of hand, that the owners move out!
There are two different theories as to what exactly poltergeists are.  The first, which is the most popular theory, is that poltergeists are unwelcome and malevolent spirits.  Whether they’re ghosts, demons, or some other kind of spirit, those who believe in this theory agree that they are very problematic.  They “throw” objects, make loud noises, bang, pound, mess around with electricity and light, give off foul stenches, and more.  Needless to say, poltergeists are very hard to live with.

Some victims of poltergeist activities have even called in exorcists to help get rid of the problem.  Psychics have also been called in to see if they can communicate with the spirits, to find out what their problem is.  Sometimes even priests and psychics can’t help, and the families end up abandoning the home all together.

There have been popular books and films about the subject.  The infamous Poltergeist films of the 1980's are considered some of the scariest horror films ever made.  In real life, poltergeist activity is considered to be very frightening, especially since nobody knows for sure why they occur.

Another theory, for those who don’t believe that spirits are capable of influencing physical objects in such ways, is that poltergeist activity is the result of some sort of subconscious telekinesis.  Evidence shows that the majority of places with poltergeist activity are the homes of unstable individuals.  Most of these individuals are young, overly emotional teenagers.  Usually some type of mental disorder is involved, such as schizophrenia or paranoia.  In addition to that, these individuals may also have some psychic abilities. 

Everything adds up and during times when they’re feeling particular stressful or angry, they cause psychokinetic or telekinetic events without realizing it.  As they grow older or more wiser, or if they are given medication, these events occur less and less.  Unfortunately, in the old days, medication and therapy wasn’t an option, and myths and legends were created as a way to describe the phenomenon. 

Whether poltergeists really are malevolent spirits bent on destroying a home for whatever reason, or strange psychokinetic powers given off subconsciously by unstable teenagers, they’re still truly frightening experiences.  Perhaps both theories are true and apply to different events.

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The Amityville Horror

Unsolved Mystery.- Whether or not the stories of the Amityville Horror are true, they have still been placed in the American mind to terrify the nation
Each year, throngs of visitors emerge upon Long Island in New York to see for themselves any evidence of the Amityville horror that began in 1974. The DeFeo family, consisting of Ronald Sr. and Louise with their sons Mark and John as well as two daughters Dawn and Allison. In November of '74, the family peacefully slept in their three story colonial house at 112 Ocean Avenue until Ronald murdered his parents and siblings with a high-powered rifle.
While on the surface, the family seemed to be the perfect All-American example, Ronald often fought with Louise and posed a threatening image to his siblings. Upon noticing his behavior, Ronald Sr. and Louise placed their son in psychiatric care, though it was a futile attempt because Ronald, nicknamed “Butch”, refused to work with his counselor. At this point, the family began giving Butch what he wanted in order to keep him more stable. The boiling point was apparently reached on November 14 at approximately 3am when Butch became unhappy with the money his parents were giving him, which was spent on drugs and alcohol. He was awake in his room, thinking about his problems while the rest of the family was asleep. He purposefully stood up, obtained a rifle and entered his parents bedroom.
After the murders and trial of Ronald DeFeo Jr. had passed, a new family  moved into the house on December 18, 1975. George and Kathy Lutz purchased the house for $80,000 so they and Kathy's three children would finally have their dream house. Almost immediately, the family claimed they began hearing strange noises throughout the house. They also insisted that locked doors and windows began to open without explanation. George Lutz, a former Marine, stated to have heard a phantom brass band march through the house. After these incidents, the family contacted the Catholic church. During an attempt to exorcise the house, the priest was told by a disembodied voice to get out.
After the attempted exorcism, the events began to intensify. A creature was seen outside the windows at night, scratching sounds got louder and at one point George Lutz seemed to have been possessed while a green substance oozed from the ceiling and walls. Hooded figure apparitions began appearing with clouds of flies, personality changes, cold chills, telephone disconnections and the youngest child began to communicate with an apparition of a pig. It was also reported that Kathy was levitated off of the bed and often beaten.
After 28 days of living in their new house, the family fled from the house in a rush leaving their possessions behind. After the house was empty in February of '76, New York Channel 5 took a news team to the location to capture footage of famous demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren conducting an investigation. George Lutz refused to accompany them but did give them a key to the house. Ed Warren began to experience heart palpitations. His wife Lorraine, a clairvoyant, said that she sensed an unearthly presence in the house and that Shinnecock Indians had used the property as an isolated area for sick and insane members of their tribe. However, they didn't bury their dead at the location because it was possessed by demons.
Skeptics state that the whole thing is simply a fake story by George Lutz to obtain monetary gain from promotion. Lutz's sons even criticized his story. Skeptics are also quick to point out that during the entire 28 day horror, the police were never called. It's also believed by some that the Lutz's returned the day after fleeing the house to conduct a garage sale. After the Lutz family moved out of the house, the next owners, Jim and Barbara Cromarty stated that they had not experienced anything out of the ordinary.
What is fact is that a mass murder did take place in the home and a taped investigation was filmed. Separating fact from fiction can be difficult. Whether or not the stories of the Amityville Horror are true, they have still been placed in the American mind to terrify the nation.

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Bobby Mackey's Nightclub Ghosts

Unsolved Mystery.- Many know the stories about Bobby Mackey's nightclub ghosts, but most do not know about the history of the club. Many years ago the now nightclub was a slaughterhouse.
Many people have reported strange happenings inside the club including one man that was attacked in the bathroom, but no one was there. This alone would make the average person never go back. However, the haunting has made this the hottest nightclub to be at late in the evening. There are many ghosts that haunt the nightclub including a woman named Pearl. Pearl was rumored to have been decapitated for a satanic sacrifice.
Many people have reported strange happenings inside the club including one man that was attacked in the bathroom, but no one was there. This alone would make the average person never go back. However, the haunting has made this the hottest nightclub to be at late in the evening. There are many ghosts that haunt the nightclub including a woman named Pearl. Pearl was rumored to have been decapitated for a satanic sacrifice.
Over the years, there are many deaths that occurred inside the walls of the now country music nightclub. This nightclub does have a reputation, but it is not for the music, it is because of the ghosts that haunt the club. Some investigators have experienced some horrific ghosts while in the nightclub. If you believe that ghosts do exist, then you can believe that ghosts do not always show. Some days the nightclub has no problems and other days, it is one thing after another. The demonic nature in the club is chilling according to many.
Because of all the deaths inside the walls, it is very possible that the ghosts are haunting the club. It may be that they are seeking revenge, but they could be trying to drive the business out. Although Bobby Mackey does not intend to sell the famous club, he may have some problems keeping customers if the ghosts get any meaner than they have already. One ghost tried to push an investigator down some steps. Then there is a ghost named Scott who repeated that it was his girlfriend's fault that he and another man were dead. Could these ghosts be looking for justice?
We have to believe that ghosts are here for a reason. One reason could be that there has been no justice served for the killings. Many haunted places are the scene of murders in which no suspects were caught and tried. Why do ghosts haunt places? Is it because they are looking for revenge or someone to find their killers. If you look at other haunted places, you will see that the ghosts are of people that were murdered and no one was ever caught and tried. The Bobby Mackey's Nightclub has ghosts and all died within the walls of the build over the years.
One would have to look into the deaths of all the ghosts to see how they died and if anyone was arrested for their murders or deaths. Maybe this would help understand why the ghosts are so vindictive. The ghosts in the nightclub are not your typical ghosts, they are mean and try to cause harm to the people that enter the building. There have been some incredible activity in the club and no one knows why. Some day, maybe the ghosts will find justice or maybe someday they will succeed in killing an unsuspecting customer.

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Unsolved Mystery. - Many ghost sightings are very similar. In fact, some witnesses report seeing the exact same ghost in the exact same place at different times. This is referred to as a “residual haunting,” which is like a past event being played back over and over again
It’s believed that the “ghosts” involved in residual hauntings aren’t really ghosts at all, and what the witnesses are seeing is actually a “recording” of a past event.  It’s as if the witnesses are seeing a “glimpse” of the past, at a time when the “ghost” or “apparition” was still alive. The event plays itself over and over again throughout time. 

The Tower of London is well known for its residual type hauntings.  Anne Boleyn has been seen over and over again throughout the centuries, as well as Catherine Howard.  Another place famous for residual hauntings is Gettysburg.  There have been many reports of witnesses seeing Civil War soldiers. Some believe that the soldiers are still “fighting” as if they don’t know they’re already dead, while others believe it’s all part of a residual haunting.  Some paranormal experts believe that what is actually being witnessed is the battle itself as it happened, because the event has been “recorded” and is being replayed over and over again for all time.

So why are these events being played back for us to watch?  And how is it that we can still catch a glimpse of the past, so to speak?  Perhaps the only answer we have is that, during traumatic events, a lot of energy and emotion is given off and is some how “stored” in the material surroundings.  But why are some people able to see the play backs and others aren’t?  It could depend on a number of things: maybe some people are more sensitive or psychic, maybe it depends on the circumstances or time, etc. 

If you ever find yourself witnessing a residual haunting, don’t be afraid.  Remember, what you’re seeing isn’t really a “spirit” or a “ghost”.  You’ll be seeing an event from the past, at a time when the apparition gave off enough energy to stand through the tests of time.  It’ll be almost as if you’re watching an event on the news, only with residual hauntings, there is no television involved.

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Mysteries of Doppelgangers?

Unsolved Mystery.- A doppelganger is a term that describes a physical double of a living individual.  Doppelgangers are believed to look exactly look like other people to whom they have no relation.  
It could also be an evil “twin” of a person that goes around causing trouble.  There are many different theories and ideas about the phenomenon.  Some people consider it to be nothing more than an overreaction to seeing someone having similar physical features as someone else.  There are only so many physical features that six billion humans can have, so it’s not surprising that some people who never meet or have no relation look a lot alike.
However, there are others who consider doppelgangers to be something ominous.  In some cultures, seeing one’s doppelganger symbolizes death:  if one should see his or her doppelganger, it could mean that he or she is going to die.  If friends or relatives of someone should see that person’s doppelganger, it could mean that the individual is going to experience a lot of bad luck and health problems in the near future.
Another theory is that a person’s doppelganger *is* that person from a parallel universe or dimension, and that if the two versions of that person should meet, something bad will happen.  One possible theory is that, should one meet and communicate with his or her doppelganger, the universe will collapse. Another theory is that both versions of the person will cease to exist.
A temporal doppelganger is a version of oneself that an individual may meet when time traveling.  In this case, the doppelganger would look exactly like an individual did at one point in the past, or will look like at some point in the future.  It’s also considered a bad idea to approach the look alike.  If time travel were even possible, many believe nothing good could come out of contacting one’s own self at any point in time.
Whatever doppelgangers are or are not, most consider it to be unwise and bad to attempt to communicate with their own.  Whether they are malevolent spirits taking on the form of a particular living person, an actual living person from a parallel universe, or just a random lookalike, nobody knows exactly what doppelgangers are.  There has been a lot of folklore about them over the years, and many cultures have stories and theories about what/who they are and where they came from.

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Ghost Train

Is There a Ghost Train That Still Haunts the Tracks From DC to Illinois?

Unsolved mystery-.We often hear about haunted ships and houses, but what about trains?  Trains have been around for a long time now, and many people have always found them to be fascinating.  They are often associated with folklore, so it’s not surprising that some are believed to be ghost trains or haunted trains. 
One of the most famous ghost trains of all time was Abe Lincoln’s burial train, which took him home for burial in April 1865.  It’s also been referred to as “Lincoln’s Phantom Train”, and is one of the most intriguing supernatural events in American history.  After his assassination, President Abraham Lincoln’s body was placed on a special funeral train to be taken to Springfield, Illinois for burial.
Going through New York state, it went the exact same route that Lincoln took from Illinois to DC years earlier as President-elect.  It stopped a few times along the way, so that onlookers could pay their respects to Lincoln before arriving at the final destination in Springfield.  Some say that all the clocks in an area stopped whenever the train stopped. 
Every year following, in April, a phantom train can allegedly be seen traveling the same route.  It leaves from Washington DC, travels through New York, and heads toward Springfield, traveling slowly and eerily. Some alleged witnesses over the years claim to see a team of skeletons manning the train.  A flag-draped coffin could also be seen, surrounded by spirits of soldiers dressed in blue Union uniforms.  It never arrives at its destination.
There have also been claims of a ghostly whistle and train smoke, but no train.  This always seems to happen in April, on the anniversary of Lincoln’s final train ride.  Many track-walkers, section hands, and other railroad workers have claimed to have see or head the Phantom Train for many, many years.  They have described the air along the tracks becoming “keen”.  If a real train goes by at the same time, the ghost train is replaced.  A real train doesn’t seem to effect the ghost train any, or vice versa.  Some even claim that watches and clocks still stop whenever it goes by.
Whether any of this is true or not, nobody knows, although there have been a lot of alleged witnesses over the past 144 years.  Do the railroad tracks become haunted by Lincoln’s ghost train every April since the anniversary of his last route?  Is there still a phantom train crew that can be seen accompanying his body halfway across the country, never reaching the destination?

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Wisconsin is West Bay Lake

Unsolved mystery -. On the beautiful, wind swept and lonely reaches of northeast Wisconsin is West Bay Lake; and on the shores of this lake is the ruins of a mansion called Summerwind.  This once huge, spacious, and very grandiose mansion was home of Robert P. Lamont and his family. Mr. Lamont built the mansion in 1916 to be a summer home for he, his wife, and their children as a place to get away from all the pressures of  the political rat-race know as Washington D.C. and his job as Secretary of Commerce during the  presidency of Herbert Hoover.
However, it would seem that long before the more recent dark tales of violent hauntings Lamont apparently had his own encounters with spirits; indicating that even before he built the great house itself, something dark and sinister haunted the land around the seemingly sublime lake.  As the story goes, Lamont had a rather frightening encounter with an entity that tried to attack him and he shot at it. The bullets passed straight through the spirit and lodged in the basement door behind the ghostly apparition. Apparently the bullets remained in the door for many years until the house was sold after the death of Robert Lamont.
The mansion change hands several times, although no one ever reported any strange happenings until the early 1970s. Arnold and Ginger Hinshaw , along with their six children, bought and moved into Summerwind in the early 1970's. The mansion by this time had been empty for many years and become run down and dilapidated. When the couple looked into buying the old house and the property, they found, incredibly, that it was well within their budget. Both Arnold and Ginger could not believe their luck. However,  the family would only reside in the house for six months, before fleeing in terror.
From the very first day the Hinshaw's started moving in, bizarre and unexplainable events began to happen. Dark shapes and shadows were seen dancing down the hallways. Disembodied voices were heard all over the house in empty and unused rooms. Family members reported seeing the apparition of a sad looking woman floating by the doors to the kitchen.
 Appliances would break down and quit working; then, just as mysteriously,  they would seem to repair themselves and be working fine when a repairman would show up to fix them. The windows and doors would close and open on their own.  In spite of all these weird goings-on, the Hinshaw's decided they would stay and try to make the best of the situation.
Arnold and Ginger began renovations of the old house and while doing so came across a gruesome discovery, corpse of what appeared to a man. At this point, the paranormal activity in the house began to escalate to alarming proportions.
Arnold became sullen and withdrawn, complaining that evil spirits were plaguing him to the point that he had complete mental breakdown and Ginger was driven almost to the point of suicide.  Arnold was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and Ginger fled with her children to her parents in Granton, Wisconsin. Eventually, Arnold and Ginger divorced and Ginger and her children got on with their lives, but the memory of terror of Summerwind has continued to haunt her. 
In 1986, Summerwind was purchased by three investors who had wanted to turn it into a hotel or bed and breakfast. However, it would seem fate had other plans.  In June of 1988, Summerwind mansion was struck by lightning during a fierce storm and burned to the ground. Today, only the foundations and the stone chimneys are all that remain of the once grand mansion, although, who knows? Perhaps the spirits that brought terror to this family and others still wander the desolate ruins of Summerwind.

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Me and My Shadow: A Ghostly Encounter?

Unsolved mystery .- Just as your heart-rate quickens and breathing slows, you see a shadow-like figure from the corner of your eye, darting across the room.  By the time your head snaps around to take in the full fear of what you've seen, the shadow vanishes right through the wall, never allowing you full scope.  Suddenly, you're overcome with feelings of terror and trepidation.  Could it be you've been paid a visit from the elusive Shadow Beings?  Have you been singled out, targeted, and spied upon by this dark force?  Maybe - but maybe not.
Shadow beings - also known as shadow men, shadow people, shadow folk, and a multitude of other names - have been reported periodically throughout human history.  However, escalated reports over the past decade or so have increased our awareness, interests, curiosities, tales, and fears of these unknown entities.  What are they?  Where do they come from?  What do they want?  Why are they here?  The theories of these paranormal phenomena are as wide-spread and varied as one could imagine.  However, there are also a few potential scientific explanations with origins firmly rooted in the non-paranormal reality in which we live and function.
These are the traits most commonly associated with Shadow People from varying reports:
• Dark, shadow-like substances lacking mass
• Sometimes appearing in child-like form, not much taller than three feet
• Generally associated as males
• Can be reported as having red, glowing eyes, but also as having no discernable   
                features such as mouth, nose, or eyes
• Most often seen through peripheral vision, rarely directly with center-forward
• Can be accompanied with severe feelings of dread
• Have been known, though rarely, to "attack" people, although "attack" has not
                been clearly defined.  Some people report seeing Shadow figures with weapons,
               although the weapons have not been clearly described or defined.
• Have been reported as humanoid silhouettes, shapeless masses, or dark mists
• Movement is described as initially slow, and then lightening quick
• Are usually attached or drawn to one particular person or place
• Have been associated with smells such as sulfur, rotten eggs, or decaying flesh
• Can sometimes appear as animals, such as "shadow-cats"
• Animals are said to react violently to the presence of shadow figures
• Have personalities ranging from timid and wary to downright nasty
• Have been identified as pranksters, toying with human emotion for entertainment
                (ex: pulling down the covers when a person is in bed)
Shadow people are said to differ from ghosts and ghostly apparitions because, unlike
ghost sightings, shadow people cannot be described as having recognizable features or
manners of dress such as period clothing.
Now that we know their supposed character attributes, let's take a look at some of the
theories about where these shadow people come from:
• Demonic in source
• Spiritual representations of live people engaged in out-of-body experience, or
                "astral-projections", the traveling souls of live humans
• Time travelers from the future whose technological time-travel techniques limit
                them to shadow substance in our time
• Quantum leaps from "otherworlds" - beings from parallel dimensions, alternate
                universes, who have found a way to transport between realms, such as elementals
• Aliens, of course
• Manifestations of negative energy
• Jinn, Dijinn, or Genies
• Guardian angels warning of impending doom
Which of these theories you believe can tie directly into your religious concepts.  In order
to believe these beings are either demonic or angelic would require one to believe in
certain religious concepts such as God and Satan.  To believe these are creatures crossing
between the veils separating dimensions, one would have to believe in faerie-lands and
otherworlds.  The alien theory requires one to buy into inter-galactic travels, and if
leaning toward the Genie or Dijinn theory, then who uncorked the bottle or rubbed the
magic lamp, and why?  None of these explanations offers a solid, tangible, logical,
scientific explanation for the origin of shadow figures.  That's not to say shadow figures
don't exist, or that these theories are "wrong", but it does leave room for reasonable
doubt and most of these theories cannot be applied to humanity as a whole based on their
varied belief systems.  However, there is a bit of rock-solid scientific evidence for where
these shadow figures might come from, and why they may not be paranormal pranksters
or peeping Toms.
Shadow people are most often reported as having been seen "out of the corner of the
eye", or through peripheral vision.  Well, there's an explanation for how this could be
possible without being paranormal.  There's a condition known as Pareidolia.  Peripheral
vision is connected to the area of the brain that recognizes patterns, but provides less
detail to the brain than something seen in full view.  In this circumstance, the brain
wrongly interprets patters of light and shadow.  It reminds me of optical illusion artwork
where we're asked whether we see the face of an old woman, or a vase of flowers. 
Another condition which could account for shadow figures scientifically versus
paranormally is called Hyponogogia, a form of waking sleep when dreams and reality
overlap one another.  In this state, your body is awake and your mind is attuned to your
physical surroundings, but at the same time, the dream-state drapes over that reality,
blending fact and fiction.
Neurological factors could explain many shadow people encounters.
In addition to these physical, psychological, and neurological contributions to the
existence of shadow figures, there's also the consideration of electromagnetic fields. 
Electromagnetic fields have been suggested to influence the human brain, causing
"misfires" of information and hallucinations.  Maybe you're not encountering a shadow
figure at all, but instead, are sitting or standing in an electromagnetic "hot spot".
Of course, then there's the obvious.  If you've just smoked a fatty, popped a pill, or
downed a pint of Vodka, chances are, what you saw was NOT paranormal, but
chemically induced.
Most reports of shadow figures can be explained away by these scientific or logical
explanations; most... but not all. This leaves room to believe in the possibility that amidst
the ample false reports, some encounters may actually be true.

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