Wall Street Bombing In 1920

The Unsolved Mystery Of Wall Street Bombing In 1920 The Wall Street bombing 1902 on September 16 was never solved. To this day, it remains another unsolved mystery.
The Unsolved Mystery Of Wall Street Bombing In 1920  The Wall Street bombing 1902 on September 16 was never solved. To this day, it remains another unsolved mystery. Four people were injured while thirty-eight people lost their lives. The horse and carriage that parked on the street across from the J.P Morgan building had five hundred pounds of cast iron slugs and one hundred pounds of dynamite. The horse and carriage were gone, blown to smithereens. Someone found a note on the corner of Broadway and Cedar Street that warned people that the bombers would not tolerate something any longer. They wanted the political prisoners released or more deaths would occur. They signed the note American Anarchist Fighters.

The bomb targeted financial institutions and workers. This was unlike any other bombings that happen back in those times when government officials and police officers were targeted. The newspapers call this bombing an act of war. One has to wonder about the bombing of 1920 and the destruction and lost of life during 9/11 as well as the Federal Building in 1995. It does seem that bombings are a part of the conspiracy to dominate the United States and hold it hostage to demands. Wall Street did reopen the next day unlike what happened with 9/11 and the Federal Building that shut things down for long periods.

The Palmer raids were conducted to deport over ten thousand radicals and the bombings ended in 1932. Well they ended for years until the Federal Building bombing, which was done by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols who were Americans who were retaliating for the handling of Ruby Ridge and Waco. Although someone was caught for the Federal Building bombing, no one was caught for the Wall Street bombing even though authorities searched for the owner of the horse and carriage. The Galleanists were suspected, but never brought to justice.

The Wall Street bombing will never be solved, but the theory that the Galleanists did the bombing will stay documented in history. There is nothing anyone could do now since most of the parties that would have been involved are more than likely dead or deported. The thought has to come to mind that if these terrorist were prohibited from entering the United Sates, these senseless bombings and killing may not have happened. In other words, the government has always known about the possibly of terrorist attacks on the government and should have used precautions long before 9/11 occurred.

One does have to wonder who is really responsible for the Wall Street bombing. Was it the Galleanists or was it another terrorist group that may have also been responsible for 9/11 as well. There will always be questions about the earlier bombings and killing because technology was not as sophisticated back then as it is now. Maybe if they would have found the owner of the horse and carriage, they could have known for sure, who was responsible for the bombing. At least today, there are policies and security measures being practiced to ensure that there are no more bombings or other terrorist attacks.

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