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The story Most Mysterious People In The World

Green Children of Woolpit (two green children of Woolpit) are two children who mysteriously appeared in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk, England in the 12th century. The girls were sisters, and have green skin (Hulk ???). In addition to the green skin, the second child has a normal appearance as humans most. They spoke in strange languages that are not identified and refused to eat anything except green peas.
After a long run, both the child's skin loses its green color and become a normal color like the color of human skin in general. After studying English they explained that they were from a village called "St. Martin "who was a dark place because the sun never shines there. When he was herding cattle owned by their father, they found a river of light and followed it, until suddenly they were in Woolpit. Some theories state that the second child is a child from another dimension, or aliens from outer space.

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Bloody Mary ....

Bloody mary one of unsolved mysteries in usa ...

1) Bloody Mary's legend of America, namely a woman, Mary Whirnington who reportedly died in front of the mirror. some also say that the dead were killed in cold blood by his girlfriend or his date. some consider it a witch. Mary's spirits, trapped in a mirror so that he could not go out unless there is someone who opens the way for too long and trapped inside the mirror, his soul became angry, empty and can do things beyond the pale of humanity.

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10 humans who have super strength

Mysteries Unsolved Story is Continue ... now we write about  Here's 10 people who have superpowers  ...

1. Man with Amazing Brain (Daniel Tammet)

Daniel Paul Tammet is a British person gifted with extraordinary abilities in mathematical computation, memory, and language learning. He was born with congenital epilepsy. He said that, each number up to 10,000 each - each have a 'taste and shape' is unique, so that he can 'feel' whether a figure is included major figures or a mixture. For example, he says that the number 289 is an ugly numbers, 333 numbers interesting, and Pi is beautiful.
Tammet holds the record as a 'process' and calculate the

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3 Kg Worms Boy Band Released From the Body

Mysteries Unsolved Story is Continue ... now we write about 3 Kg Worms Boy Band Released From the Body... wow so scare .... but its real happen ..
Wow terrible news but at the same time provide the knowledge for you .. Imagine if there was 3kg worms in our body ... ihhh horror dong ... read more curious in the Modern Magazine Online

In one hospital in Bandung Came a boy aged around 10 years to the hospital emergency room with complaints TSB could not defecate for four days aka BAB .. Patients already bloated belly & look great ...

Diagnosis of Obstructive ileus as is (Obstruction of the small intestine) Jump aja we prepare operations into convulsions last way is by surgery.

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Fish Weird Modified Genetic!

Genetic engineering is a series of techniques to isolate, modify, copy and recombining genes from organisms different. According to scientists in molecular biology, Mae Wan Hoo, in his book, this technique allows transfer of genes between different species that can not be mutually kimpoi naturally, for example genes of fish put in tomatoes and human genes transferred to the sheep.

The technology is designed to break the barriers between species and weaken the defense mechanism of species. Genetic engineering of plants and animals began in the mid-1970s that triggered the discovery of several technical keys in molecular genetics.

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Axolotl, Unique Legged Fish from Mexico!

Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) is a type of salamander that spends its life in the form of larvae. This unique nan exotic animals sometimes referred to as "Mexican Walking Fish" because he looks like a fish that has hands and feet. However, the Axolotl is not actually a type of fish, but rare type of salamander found in Mexico City. Axolotl length can reach 30 cm, but the average size of only 15 cm. Their body color average black or brown, and many also kepirangan albino with such a funny color pink. They have gills that are outside his body.

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14 years in the grave, the burial and the body is still intact
BANTUL - Citizens Kembangsari hamlet, village Srimartani, Piyungan Subdistrict, Bantul District, Yogyakarta Special Region, on Saturday (12/26/2009), shocked by the findings of a corpse that has been dead for 14 years, but the condition of the body and the winding sheet was still intact.

The body is deceased Mrs Paerah who died and was buried on October 12, 1995 earlier. Residents inadvertently discovered the bodies, when residents were digging grave for Paerah family, right next to the tomb Paerah.

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Mister-Mystery of the World's Most Mysterious

Various phenomena in the world to create extraordinary mystery that many weird and feels weird. at Mysteries Unsolved Story today many article talk about the Mystery in our daily lives. therefore refer to the following is a glimpse of the Mysteries Unsolved Story to your admirers mystery

In Indonesia alone mystery, superstition and myths legend has become part of life and culture is very thick felt. About the truth? Not a single man's scientific knowledge that can solve this with a satisfactory answer, all to restore it .. the world's biggest mysteries namely God himself.

One of my favorite science sites, collect a variety of situations and conditions of the phenomenal world. Some of them are:

1. The Taos Hum

Community and visitors in a small town in New Mexico, Taos, over the years feel the noise and astonishment of the low-frequency hum i

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Star Gate (Gate of the Earth and outer space Liaison)

Those of you who diligently follow the news in the newspaper or TV, of course knows that the battle was still raging in Iraq. Although many countries in the world to the U.S. strongly opposed the invasion of 1001 Night (Arabian Night), the American troops to remain master megeri oil (oil fields) that. Why did they stay there? Apparently, Lenny had a theory that really excited. The theory comes from an internet site www.Abovetopsecret. Com, like what hebohnya? According to one forum on the site, the attack on American forces in Iraq,
just a mere pseudonym. It is said that among the thousands of U.S.

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Lawang Sewu

Mysteries Unsolved Story todays come from Indonesia ... the place with familiar name is Lawang Sewu.. What is lawang sewu ??
Lawang Sewu, hear certain words that first appeared in your mind is a ghost(wow so scare), why not, even in the middle of the epidemic in 2007

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Reincarnation, an unsolved mystery too, may believe it or not? in Mysteries Unsolved Story this times will be discussed about reincarnation, we just let me know please give comments on the Mystery online site box..

It is known that the Egyptians believed in reincarnation or the transmigration of the soul. They thought the soul transmigrated from body to body and this was a reason why they embalmed the body in order to preserve it so that it could journey along with ka, an animating force that was believed to be counterpart of the body, which would accompany it in the next world or life. Ka might be considered equivalent to the term of soul. This establishes the dating of the concept of reincarnation

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Human will Eternal in 20 years into the future

one of more Mysteries Unsolved story in the world,  Scientists rya Kurzweil claimed humans can become immortal within 20 years into the future using nanotechnology and the challenge of understanding the performance of the body.

Ray Kurzweil says human beings can become robotic cyborg in the next 20 years. 61-year-old American man predicts the discovery will come and say understanding us about genes and computer technology increases so quickly.

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Elastic Water. .. Discovery

Japanese scientists have created the "elastic water."

Developed at Tokyo University, this new material consists mostly of water (95%) with an additional two grams of clay and organic material. Produced substances resembling gelatin or gel, but it is very elastic and transparent.

The discovery was initially revealed last week in the latest edition of scientific journal Nature. According to Japanese scientists, this new material is very safe for the environment and humans, and very likely to become one of the important media in medical technology to help an injured or completing a safe surgery (seperti replacing part of the body is cut).

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Reconnaissance aircraft without crew Most Advanced in the World!

  Global Hawk is designed to fly at high altitude, long duration of observation in an intelligence mission for the AU. In the process of development, there are three versions created by NASA. This month, NASA began testing one of them for the first time with a flight over the vast Pacific region, to demonstrate the scientific benefits of such an unmanned aircraft. "This aircraft was never used by civilian groups and never used for scientific research of the Earth," explained David W. Fahey, a physicist from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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Men Live Again As Doctors Get Lift organ!

Paris - The Miracle 45-year-old man experienced this. In fact, the case raises debate in France about when a person was declared dead. 
 Become one of the news Mysteries Unsolved ... Mystery lifted from one online site .. This incredible story is now circulating throughout the Mysteries online site in the world ... how this incident could have happened?

How not, his heart had stopped beating for 1.5 hours. Every effort to restore his heartbeat to no avail. Until finally the doctors prepared to remove her organs to the donor. But before that happens, he miraculously came to life!

Initially he suffered a massive heart attack. Before being taken to hospital, paramedics had to make efforts to revive him. But these efforts failed. Arriving at the hospital, rescue work was performed.

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Mulyono "Warts Man" from Temanggung - Indonesia

Become one of the news Mysteries Unsolved ... Mystery lifted from one online site .. This incredible story is now circulating throughout the Mysteries online site in the world ... how this incident could have happened?

  • manusia kutilMore and more people are suffering from strange diseases in this world. As experienced Mulyono (46) villagers Kedungkumpul Kandangan District, County Waterford, Central Java. He was suffering from wart disease who meet her. Despite repeatedly attempted through medical or non medical cure still the disease will not go away.

  • Fortunately, though his body full of warts she consoled by his wife, Romidah (41) who was always loyal to his side. From the disease also Mulyono difficulty getting jobs, and is currently working odd jobs. "His name is Mas Mulyono, she suffered from diseases that grow warts all over his body," explained Mariono which is none other than the local village chief.

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    Six Sense.....
    The six sense, indeed one of unsolved mysteries, not everyone has this extraordinary ability. even in a lot of  mystery online sites in  writing in various ways to train our six sense abilities .. whether the true six sense could be in practice? you can believe it or not...
    Is actually called SIX SENSE? From biology lessons at school we receive people only have five senses, namely: seer senses (eyes), listener senses (ear), sense of smell (nose), the sense of taste (tongue) and taste (skin). The five senses is a tool we use to ensure that something is really there and we can verify and identify it scientifically. For example, we say that sugar is sweet, and we know through the senses of taste, and this can be scientifically verified and identified, and so on.

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    Mystery Black Stone ( Hajar aswad)

    Neil Armstrong has proven that Mecca is the center of the planet Earth. This fact has been examined through a scientific study.
    When Neil Armstrong for the first time to travel into space and take pictures of the planet Earth, in saying: "Planet Earth was hung in a very dark area, who hung it?."

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    Near Death Experience

    Believe it or not ... anyone who has had near-death ... many say when a dead faint .. they were like walking in the hallway filled with light, the brighter the more remote and bring them to light again in real life ... Mysteries Unsolved Story at this time .. we'll find out what exactly it dormant?
    Dormant , might have heard and read the experience of someone who had experienced near-death (Near Death Experience). So what actually happened during those near-death? Or there's only chemical changes in the brain and sensory organs before death?
    Average torpor have certain common characteristics, but there also have different patterns. As quoted from HowStuffWorks, Friday (3/19/2010) there are some features in common when someone is dead faint, namely:

    1. Feelings of serenity, the feeling is likely to include peace, acceptance of death, emotional and physical rilaxation.
    2. Pure intensity of light

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    U.F.O ... believes or not ??

    U.F.O .... one of the numerous unsolved mysteries until now, a lot of people who do not believe in the existence of allien ... but there are also people who really want to know the truth about UFOs, a lot of Mystery Online site talk about allien, but until now this news I made, the writer has not known the truth about UFOs, but i believe of their existence ..

    Talking about "what's behind the UFO" of course we will discuss the so-called "alien". Alien is clearly a foreigner and non-human creatures. Many questions raised about the problem alien (UFO), for example:
    1. Where did they come?
    2. There are aliens of any kind?
    3. Are they good or bad?
    4. Why do they often kidnap human?
    5. What is their purpose to humans?
    6. Is there an alien connection with human history?
    7. How the prophets foretold this alien problem?

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    7 People Killed Historic The Very Difficult! And how they died.

    Edward Teach aka Blackbeard

    Edward Teach or also known as Blackbeard the pirate captain of the British. He was known to have 16 wives. 
    How He Finally Dead

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    Queen of South ( Indonesian hystorical)

    Who's the real Queen of South? Is there really a in his sincerity, or are only known in a fairy tale?

    This question deserves arise, because the Queen of South, including spirits. Invisibility of his life in nature (supernatural), evidenced by dansukar for real. Oarang generally known only from the words said and from all the story or this guy said, man, when collected shall be as follows:
    According to the general story, Queen of South in his youth named Dewi Retna Suwida, a daughter of Pajajaran, son of King Mundhingsari, from his wife who called Goddess Sarwedi, Sang Hyang Saranadi grandchildren, great-grandson of King invisible in Sigaluh.

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    Astral Projection

    From one of the news Mysteries Unsolved ... Mystery lifted from one online site .. This incredible story is now circulating throughout the Mysteries online site in the world ... 
    Astral Projection, out of body experience, lucid dreaming
    Don't you want to know what the other side will be like?
    We all leave our physical bodies when we go to sleep at night. You may have thought you were dreaming when actually you out of body traveling 'round the astral planes. For instance if you were dreaming in full blown color and maybe flying or falling. In these scenarios you would be actually be astral projecting. You can learn to consciously leave the body by using my porthole device or you can use my dream control method, or maybe this method here. Just so you know... there are many different methods to induce an out of body experience. There is no best method. The best method is whatever works best for you. Here is one simple method that is easy to learn...

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