10 places you should not visit

Can say this place is weird, creepy, perhaps even unique .... 

he Great Pacific Garbage Patch, or commonly referred to as the Pacific Trash Vortex, a sea of garbage collection in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean. Pools of marine trash is filled by the concentration of highly toxic materials of plastics, chemical sludge and other waste that has been trapped by the flow of the North Pacific. Most of the content terendap below sea level. This is not where the average normal human being would like to visit. And the smell would turn - this must be..

Izu Islands are a group of volcanic islands that lie south and east of Izu Peninsula, Honshu, Japan. Izu Islands continually filled with the smell of sulfur. Residents were evacuated from the islands in 1953 and 2000 due to volcanic activity and a dangerous threat from high levels of sulfur gases. People are finally back in the year 2005, but is now required to carry gas masks at all times to prevent gas levels rose unexpectedly. coz in the island's population is so like the devil all. Agan want to come here? 

While carrying out drilling in the Derweze Turkmenistan in 1971, geologists accidentally found an underground cavern filled with natural gas. To avoid the disposal of toxic gases, the scientists decided to burn the hole. Geologists hope the fire will be extinguished within a few days but the fire still had not stopped since then. Locals have named this spot the cave door to Hell. As can be Agan see from the picture above, this is one hell of a satu places, but of course only I think this place tidak you want to visit it?

7.Alnwick Poison Garden

Alnwick Garden is a garden plant that is fully filled by poisonous plants that can kill. Many plants that grow because the experiment was weird - a strange and terrible in the back garden, some plants grow in the remote English countryside, and many more varieties that are not commonly seen outside. The Alnwick Garden has licensed the Home Office to grow plants very special and that is illegal, marijuana and cocaine found behind bars in a giant cage - for obvious reasons of course (so that drug addicts do not necessarily pick them at random).

Asbestos is a series of six silicate minerals naturally very terkanal compatible with fire and resistance to the sound absorption capability. On the negative side, these minerals cause cancer and other diseases. This is very dangerous to the European Union has banned all mining and use of asbestos in Europe. In Canada in Thetford Mines, you can visit a very large hole in the asbestos open pit mine which is still fully operational. Free tickets (I still have to pay a dangerous period, anyway?). If you decide to visit, do not forget to fill your body with bio-hazard suit complete.

5.Pulau Ramree

Ramree Island in Burma is a large swamp which is home to saltwater crocodiles around 1000, the deadliest in the world. Also home to mosquitoes, and poisonous scorpions. During the Second World War, this island is the location of the battle for six weeks in the Burma campaign. Here is a picture of one terrible night: "That night [February 19, 1945] is the most terrible night ever experienced by crew members of the war. Shot guns scattered around the swamp of darkness replaced by the screams of the wounded were destroyed in giant reptile's jaw, and a voice that was swimming alligator looking for prey makes a very clear picture of hell in our lives. From about 1000 the Japanese army which entered the swamp Ramree, only about 20 who was found alive. "

4.Jalan Yungas

North Yungas Road is 69 km long road linking La Paz and Coroico. This road is legendary because it has been estimated to kill around 200-300 tourists per year. This is one of the few routes that connects the Amazon rainforest region, to the provincial capital. What makes this street is the extreme position of the road which is located 600 meters from the mainland, a very narrow line width to pass - most of the roads no wider than 3.2 meters and a lack of protective rails. Furthermore, rain, fog and dust can create reduced visibility. In many parts, the road surface muddy, and landslides occurred.

3.Gunung mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan

Mud volcanoes in Ajerbaizan is not the same as ordinary volcano. Every twenty years or more, the mountain of mud exploded with great force, shooting flames hundreds of feet into the air, and spilling several tonnes of mud in the surrounding area. In an explosion, fire could easily be seen from 15 miles away, and still burning.

2.The Zone of Aleniation

Isolation Zone is a remote area located about 19 km from the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster area and has a special administration under the Ministry that handles the emergency situation in Ukraine. Thousands of people refused to be evacuated from this zone and illegally ketersaingan back there. Approximately half of these illegal transmigrants living in the city of Chernobyl others scattered in villages throughout the zone. Since the looting, in this place a lot of aggressive police - so be careful, if you come here, you may be dead shot or hit by nuclear radiation.

1.Pulau Snakes

Off the coast of Brazil, south of São Paulo, there was an island called Ilha de Queimada Grande (Snake Island). This island was untouched by humans, and for very good reasons. The researchers estimate that the island's life between 1-5 snakes per square meter. That number may not be so terrible if the snake was, say, two inches long and is not venomous. The problem, Snakes on Queimada Grande is a species of pit viper, lancehead gold. Lancehead snake is responsible for 90% of deaths in Brazil is derived from snake bites. Worse yet, Lancehead gold that occupies the island of snakes grow to more than half a meter long, and they have a strong poison which can melt the flesh around the bite them. This place is so dangerous until the necessary permission from local government to visit the island.

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