UFO = Vimana and Vailixi Aircraft?

According to the explanation of ancient Indian manuscripts, their communities when it has a flying machine called the "Vimanas". From the few studies conducted, there are several types of aircraft of ancient india (Vimana), which are Rukma Vimana (shape like the picture above) Many UFO investigators want to know some important facts. When called as a vehicle owned by UFO aliens, or maybe it's from tentera kingdom, appeared one more possibility that might be about UFOs that it originated from India and Ancient Atlantis. What do we know about ancient Indian aircraft than the arrival of the ancient Indian sources that include the writing of the text that comes from a hereditary. Without much prejudice we can say that most of these texts are valid and genuine look at most of the languages translated yet again the old Sanskrit. Indian Maharaja Ashoka has built an organization "Nine Lelakis Mysterious" which is a famous Indian scientists say cataloging various types of science resources. Ashoka's work has kept them all because he felt that the most recent scientific discoveries that will terpasung from ancient Indian sources themselves and it will be misused for the purposes of a cruel war which is not desired by Ashoka himself. "Nine mystery man" has written nine books related to each one lain.Buku titled "Secrets of Gravity" very recognizable among historians but not considered by them as something that relates to earth's gravity. He is considered to still exist, stored in a secret library in India, Tibet or elsewhere (perhaps also in some of North America). Just a few years ago, the people of China have met several Sanskrit documents in Lhasa, Tibet and has been brought to the University Chandrigargh to be translated. Dr. Ruth Reyna of the University explained that the document contains instructions for creating a spaceship! Ways of making them, is anti-gravity and berasaskan to an analog system that is "laghima", one source of energy unknown to modern man. According to Hindu Yoga expert, "laghima" This makes a person that has the ability to fly. Dr.Reyna explained that on board these machines that are recognized as "Astras", said to have been used by the ancient Indian society to bring a group of humans to another planet, as indicated on the document, which is said to have been a thousand years old. The manuscript was also said to have explained the secret of "antima" (ways to be missing) and "gerima" (how to become heavy as a mountain).
At first, Indian scientists are not so serious with the content of these manuscripts, but then they will menyedari nature of these valuable manuscripts when China announced bahawa
They will enter certain parts of the manuscript data into their space studies program! This is one of the first examples of the kingdom to confess to conduct studies about the anti-gravity.

Although these manuscripts are clearly explained about rancanganpenjelajahan between planets and exploration to the moon but did not explain whether all perjalananan space was actually performed.
However one of the famous Indian epic of Ramayana, has a detailed story about one of exploration to the moon by using a Vimana (or "Astra"). In fact, the epic Ramayana tells the detailed notice one battle on the moon with a plane "Asvin" (or Atlantean). This is an evidence of anti-gravity and space ship technology has been used by the ancient Indian society. To really understand the technology, we must revisit the past, into the kingdom of Rama in North India and Pakistan was formed at the time about 15,000 years ago.

At that time it is mentioned that has emerged a sophisticated city that is systematically organized everything from landscapes to the arrangement of water channels.
Remember how the story of the charming Queen Solomon Queen of Sheba? What is the shape of his court, thus described when we walked on the floor of the palace, as if we walked on the surface of the water! Maybe this has something to do. While in the Quran there is mention of the miracle of the Prophet Solomon who could drive a wind. It may be closely related to the technology developed in that era.
Proof of Rama's existence can still be found in the deserts of northern Pakistan and western India. Rama estimated to live coeval with the nations of the Continent of Atlantis. Seven of the greatest cities in the kingdom of Rama is known as the "Seven Rishi Cities' in classical Hindu texts.
According to ancient Indian texts, the public when it has a flying machine called the "Vimanas!" Epiks ancient India have described a Vimana as a single aircraft has two decks and the presence of sphere-shaped holes on the bottom portion of the plane and the tower at the top.
According to the information we might associate with the alias UFO flying saucer. Vimana is said to have the ability to fly with the wind speed and bermelodi wheezes. There are at least four types of Vimana aircraft, some other form of plates and cylinders of length (cone-shaped space ship). Ancient Indian society who produces his own ship, the flight manual has been written about various types Vimanas, most of the manuscript is still sought by scientists. While the manuscript was discovered instead bgaian
has been translated into English. Samara director is the one scientific literature related to the success of space travel by using a Vimana. There are 230
related poetry I create, travel as far as a thousand rocks, landing normally, anxiety, and the story of flight among the birds!
In 1875, a book titled Vaimanika Letters written by the scientist called Bhara Dewaji written by scientists who use the books much longer as the source. The book found in a temple in India and in the particulars contained therein relating to the way driving a Vimana, rescue measures, long flight, and protection of aircraft from the threat of storms, lightning, and lightning. We had explained how to absorb solar energy. Vaimanika Literature (or Vymaanika-Shaastra) has eight ranked by drawing sketches
describes three types of aircraft, including the types that can be easily
burned or destroyed.
He also explained about the 31 types of specific parts for these vehicles and 16 raw materials as a source of energy which can also absorb light and heat energy that is suitable for moving the Vimana.
This document has been translated into English and can be obtained by sending a letter to the publisher Vymaani Dashaastra Bharadwaaja Aeronotics to Maharishi.

Translated into English and edited, printed and published by En. GR Josyer, Mysore, India, 1979. En. Josyer is a director of Inter-academy Technics Sanskrit Nation, located in Mysore. Indeed there is no doubt that the Vimana has been driven by the energy source of "anti-gravity."
Vimana takeoff transversely, and is said to be able to fly in the sky like a helicopter Modern. Bharadvajy refer that person not less than 70 government and 10 experts of air flight is involved.
This energy source has now been lost. Has been kept in a Vimana Vimana griha, like penyangkut, and it is said sometimes painted with white paint similar to the kind of yellowish and sometimes mercury materials. Yellowish white paint looks suspiciously like gaselin and may have Vimana
count of the different energy sources including the engine and jet engine even nervous. It is interesting to note that the Nazis also made the first practical jet engines for the rocket nerve v.8 them.
Kakitangan Hitler and the Nazis are also said to interested in ancient India and Tibet so that at the beginning of the year 30 - has led an expedition to a team two places each year, in an effort to get solid evidence and not impossible to suggest the Nazi party may obtain them from their scientific guidance These two ancient sources.
Referring to Dranaparva epiks representing part of the Mahabharata and Ramayana, Vimana described as shaped like an oblong shape and has great speed, such as strong winds, which have produced by mercury. He moved like a UFO, up and down, backwards and forwards as the pilot desired.
Inside another source other that is Samaranganasutradhara India has explained how the vehicles were formed. In the time it has been known to use mercury as a fuel ingredient Vimana, see the picture described by the book.
Many Russian scientists surprised when he found a note in the form of guides who drive the vehicles listed in the bebeperapa walls of caves in Turkey and the Gobi Desert. From the carvings and reliefs contained in clay and glass pieces described how a cosmic vehicle drove away. The plane flew across the planet is denoted by a triangle in which there is a symbol of mercury.

This clearly shows that the ancient Indian people have been able to send a messenger with this kendaraaan and explore the Asian region, Atlantis, to South America.
In Mohenjodaro (Pakistan) there was a manuscript that describes the battle of Ramayana which uses all forms of weaponry and vehicles, such flying.
Imagine how the laser technology, jets, and rockets have been there since the ancient kingdom of Ramayana and the crush of civilization at that time. Let's look at the verses written in the book and Bhawabhuti Mahawira derived from the 8th century: "An air vehicle, Pushpaka bring more people into the capital of Ayodhya. The sky was full of flying vehicles. Dark as night, but they are visible from the light yellowish. "
Vimana Unfortunately, like most other scientific creation, has been used for war purposes. The people of Atlantis used to fly their vehicles, "Vailixi" to attack other countries and dominate the world. In ancient Indian texts known as the nation Aswins them. Although there is no record of the aircraft from the nation's Atlantic Vailixi own but their arrival to India by air a lot to tell. Description Vailixi long cylindrical and in addition may also be able to fly
moving under the water like a modern submarine. Other vehicles, such as Vimana shaped like a plate and may also be able to move under water. According Eklal Kuehshana, author of "The Ultimate Frontier," in an article he wrote in 1966, states that the earliest Vailixi made in
Atlantis is approximately 20.000 years ago and the most common form is the form of a plate with three engine room underneath. "" They use a mechanical device using an anti-gravitational force of 80.000 horse power engine, "
In the text of the Mahabharata, one of the sources that describe the Vimana, there is explained about a great plague which shows the impression of the war: "...( the weapon was) a tool that contains all of the available energy in the world. One puff of smoke big and bright light like the radiation from the sun for thousands of ... One beam generated lightning, a powerful messenger of death, which caused havoc throughout descent .. Andhaka Vrishni and their bodies charred and so can not definitely known . The hair and nail them apart; broken without cause, and the birds switch to white .. after several hours of turu contaminated food ingredients to back away .. dairpada fire, the soldiers jumped into the
the river to clean themselves and their equipment .. "From this explanation, as if the Mahabharata is describing a state of war using atomic bombs!
Now the West has been able to uncover some of the secrets of gravity .. they have been able to create anti-gravity machine from energy-producing field elektromagnetasi which they named as levitation, but has not practiced anymore .. whether we are from Southeast Asia should be indifferent
with this? Get a grip. Reference like this instead of just one; warfare weapons and vehicles are fascinating picture of flying is common in the epic Indian books. There is a war epic depicting the Vimana-Vailixi in months! Battle depicted in the above action describes precisely about one impression and the impression of radioactive atomic explosion over the population.
When the big city Rishi at Mohenjodaro (Pakistan) were found by archaeologists at the end of last century, they saw the skeletons are strewn in the streets, some holding hands, as if they had been hit by a catastrophe that is suddenly very dasyhat arrived. In these frameworks have a high residual radioactive, similar to those found at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. From the ancient cities made of bricks and rocks that have changed shape, namely in India, Ireland, Scotland, France, Turkey and some other places, there is no logical explanation about the change but due to the atomic explosion.
In addition, at Mohenjo-daro, a large town in terancang in grids, with a better system of channels than there are in Pakistan and India, the streets are filled with bits of "black glass". Flakes was later known as the land must-have liquid clay
due to overheating of the transgressors. After the sinking of Atlantis and Rama havoc caused by atomic weapons, the world for a moment back to the stone age like a few thousand years earlier. However, it seems not all the Vimana and Vailixi owned Rama and Atlantis is lost. Because it was created to work for thousands of years, most can still be used, such as those found in karyatulis "Nine Unknown Men", Ashoka, and the Lhasa manuscript.
What is interesting is that there is a passage history which states that when Alexander the Great attacked India more than two thousand years ago, troops have been attacked by "flying shields and shining" frightening forces and troops riding tentera. However "flying plates" did not use any atomic bombs or other weapons onto
Iskandar soldiers.
In those days India also Iskandar Winners captivating. authors stating that most secret societies have been saving some of Vimana and Vailixi them in secret caverns in Tibet or elsewhere in Central Asia and the Lop Nor Desert in western China which until now known as the center of a great UFO mystery. Maybe that's where most of the space ship is saved, on base
underground, built by the Americans, British, and Russia a few decades ago. But the appearance of UFOs in the present that so often still leaves many questions about their activities.

Some concept art from the types of Indian Vimana Kuno.Salah there are only
Vimana type shaped like a UFO!

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