Headed Snake Man

in Mysteries journal  todays we get news from indonesia ... with Headed snake Man ...

Human-headed serpent that had dried into a byword for appearing on the internet. It was said that the snake was found in the Watu Limo Trenggelek of East Java. Strange snake-like recording was quoted by k0pl4x jenglot on youtube.

Picture above shows the human-headed snake, but already hundreds tahun.Ular it dries basin placed on the table and become a spectacle. Observations detiksurabaya.com, the snake was in a position circle and head up like a cobra snake in a state ready for attacking the head that resembles the man who had graying hair that hung long and up to the rear. Even in the mouth can also grow a mustache had turned white with
the color too. More weirdness is on display is the presence of arms in the body of the snake. When these snakes are indeed back into the conversation after the video appeared on Youtube, but the snake had been destroyed by burning their owners. Mysterious snake extermination was conducted on 2008 mid year ago in order to avoid the emergence of slander and problems. Exactly after the statue had entrusted to her sister, who lived in the Village Wiji Beji, District Boyolangu.
"When I Leave that many residents who see and regard it as human-headed serpent, and the severity of some regard it as blorong pesugihan me," said Suyono, owners who inherited the gift of a shaman Mbah Tohir. The decision to burn the snake was recognized by Suyono carried out after doing some consideration. Mbah Tohir known as the shaman's magic during his lifetime had admitted him to hesitate to continue with determination.
"Well before I burn challenged, if it do not want to bother other people, but enough to me. But the fact is, until now we do not have a problem at all," said Suyono moment met at his home.
With reason did not want to bother too, claimed to have cast Suyono all things related to the snake. "Starting from the box until my winding sheet was burned. Even in the HP photo of my child I also wasted, I do not want to bother," she says firmly.

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