Men Live Again As Doctors Get Lift organ!

Paris - The Miracle 45-year-old man experienced this. In fact, the case raises debate in France about when a person was declared dead. 
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How not, his heart had stopped beating for 1.5 hours. Every effort to restore his heartbeat to no avail. Until finally the doctors prepared to remove her organs to the donor. But before that happens, he miraculously came to life!

Initially he suffered a massive heart attack. Before being taken to hospital, paramedics had to make efforts to revive him. But these efforts failed. Arriving at the hospital, rescue work was performed.

But her heart still was not responding. After 1.5 hours, his heart had not come back. At that moment, the doctors started preparations to remove organs.

But what surprised the surgeons. They saw the man began to breathe without the help of tools. Both her pupils were active. The man gives a sign if he can feel pain. Until finally, his heart beating again.

Several weeks later, the man could walk and talk. Similarly as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper on Wednesday (11/06/2008).

The case has caused debate among medical professionals about when should a person declared dead. Even the newspaper Le Monde wrote a full page about the case with the title "was not dead organ donors."
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