John Titor Explorers of Time (the time traveler)

Someone claiming to be from year 2036 to year 2000 came to post in internet forums, claiming to be an American soldier in the year 2036 to year 1975 on a mission to retrieve the world's first portable computer that is IBM 5100, and stopped in the year 2000 to 2001 to see his family.
As for the pros and cons of this person in the forum became a hot topic at that time, because he can prove the things that will happen in the DPN, she also upload a photo of his time machine, how it works, and also disseminate scientific formula is a time machine in the forum .
Some people in the forum began to strafe John Titor with a variety of questions, the conclusions may be that John Titor is a man who possessed intelligence and science of science fixation, although John claimed to specialize in History is not on the field of computers and science.
Who is John Titor? She confessed born in 1998 in Florida, he assumed duties from year 2036 to year 1975 for the IBM PC 5100 tuk to take, who according to him where the pc that there is language to solve a variety of interchangeable unix unix language. according to him the technology was only seglintir org pc ibm knowledgeable and technology alone is never again the tide in his pc next generation until 2036.
According to him all the unix system time error will face in the years 2036, 5100 IBM therefore very important.
This is directly recognized by the IBM, and they were shocked, because only five is someone that knows it, and it will happen in 1975.
The concept of a time machine, John claimed the life of a time machine who he is C204 Interchangeable seat up to three machines org is owned by the American military in 2036, and not the good time machine contraption at the time he was there again who is larger, ie the type who C206 made by GE (General Electric) can be up to seven people. This machine is only able to bring them to the maximum of 60tahun past 10 years per hour at top speed.
The theory, according to John Titor time machine,
  1. No matter what I do with going to the past will not change my future, because we live in a different dimension. So according to him that the future is a decision. any decision-made, in future it is no answer.
  2. Time machine is very heavy its shape like a box of ammunition with a long reach 500kg load, he must put the device in the car with suspension forte, and if in turn will terbentu a small black hole similar to the donut. and when it was all black holes will be exploited into it, including his car toward the destination in the travel process will be very hot, difficult to breathe, and if your goal later turned out to have the object or wall inhibitory your presence at the point the same point then the engine automatically time will switch off. so you do not move from one point to other, but who you move to another dimension.
  3. Quantum Physics Law Everett-Wheeler theory of who is right for the time machine, the model can also be called "Many-Worlds Interpretation" or i.e. a lot of results likelihood that will happen in the future based on current decisions, for example, if I go back to year 1975 to kill my grandfather, then I go back to 2036, I will still exist, as well as my parents. but the dimension of the future in 1975 and its my parents and I did not exist. This is who called many worlds interpretation.
John was never going to give predictions for sports related tips, or to enrich themselves
John was never going to give predictions to the org to avoid death, accident, tragedy.
John would never appoint / full name someone who will take effect later in the future.
Ok John in his posts have never given predictions directly, the following is a summary of predicted results dariapa who has been the subject of discussion John for five months from November 2000 - March 2001.
  1. John mentions the initial Tipler and Kerr, a scientist who will be influential with time machine. The second name on the track this person kebenerannya and apparently they exist and they are a professor of physics.
  2. The basic concept of time machine will be put forward by CERN in 2001, reality in the years 2000-2001 Blom who has learned a lot about the organization of CERN, and it turns out Bener PD in 2001 at CERN invented the concept of black hole states, where this will be the basis of a time machine.
  3. John Titor gave details of a time machine he used to blindly we, who contain Magnetic housing units for dual microsignularities, Electron injection manifold to alter mass and gravity of microsingularities, Cooling and x-ray venting system, Gravity sensors (VGL system), the Main clocks ( 4 cesium units), the Main computer units (3). Scientists with current state machinery and who delivered John's way of operating makes it possible to do timetravel.
  4. Quick predictions about the American John bahwah, starting in 2004 USA will start a civil war, which occurred between the years 2004-2008 of demonstrations and unrest in the USA, in 2008-2015 was the culmination of the civil war.
  5. Third world war will start in 2015, he declared Russia will attack America with nuclear in 2015, automatically stopped the civil war in America and they are united against Russia and later America will only be formed into five states with the president every state with capital masing2 move to Nebraska. According to him kota2 big in America will be destroyed begitun in europe, China, Middle East. While negara2 who was not involved to a third world war is South America and Australia, NZ. This war will eliminate 3 billion world population.
  6. Mad cow disease will become an epidemic and getting worse in the year 2036, because this disease can dwell in the human body during 30tahun more and started to act when we are approaching parents, there is no cure AIDS, cancer can be overcome with using viruses to fight cancer itself (theory of cancer has been proven in our times).
  7. Food and clean water is very difficult to obtain due to nuclear radiation, in the year 2036 everyone will be very berhati2 with food / drink that will be in its consumption, John says he is very scared at the years 2000 to 2001 which saw the admissible ordering food at fast food such as he pleases without a health check on the food.
  8. Future life will return to farming, religion will become very strong, many people who deplore PD3 only because of political games.
  9. John has stated in NY there will be a skyscraper that will disappear in the near future (9 / 11) and it was not found weapons of mass destruction in the middle east (Iraq) continue to make American politics to the war.
  10. IT developments will be highly developed, he said that would be a lot of people simply will create their own video and upload to the Internet (youtube) and Internet systems will be independent with only using a small tool with solar energy can emit signals the extent to 60mil (wi-max)
  11. In the year 2036 hydrogen energy and solar thermal energy plays a very important and more efficient
  12. You-you are now just past the disaster who daunting, try again andi mind what was feared from 1 to 1.5 years ago (taon 1999), by mailing in the forum who are intent on Y2K disaster, they claim that John has come back to year 1975 to notify the imuwan about Y2K disasters.
  13. According to John, the social life of society today is very serious, because we're all very lazy, selfish, individualistic, indifferent to socialize like a sheep and is someone that spends a lot of time to hal2 wastrel. Try to wake up and see the state tuks around us, the more natural condition of damaged, dying planet.
  14. In the year 2036 there is no organization that will protect your health, so if you are seriously ill, siap2 dig his own grave. (Klo currently have health insurance tuk entire American population)
  15. Temperature and the temperature in the world will get colder.
  16. I know about the prediction of a virtual nation about the year 2012, well do something unique things that will happen, kira2 like a story about the red sea and egypt org. but that does not make the world end.
  17. Yahoo and Microsoft is no longer exist in 2036.
  18. MARS INTERNATIONAL UFO, until the year 2036 we still have not found apa2 on mars, and so did about a UFO is still a mystery, although scientists in the year 2036 has stated that the UFO / alien also is timetraveler from future human and alien is the nation who have evolved due to natural changes / radiation / war, the aliens have their body structure and internal organ2 same with humans.
John Titor last post date 21 March 2001 to say goodbye, and she came back to the year 2036.
John Titor never asked his father to record proses time machine when he use to go back to the year 2036 dan uploaded to the internet melalui keluarganya attorney Larry Harber, but somehow the video did not upload, there is a tape bilang been taken by the parties American intelligence.

When john back to 2036, not long titor family moved to Nebraska, a week after the storm struck the Florida hurricanes and destroy malignant residence titor in florida.
Currently Titor family secret existence, and for the public who want to make contact with his family can go through his lawyer Larry Harber.
Several things are suggested John tells us,
  • Do not eat or use products from animals who feed on carrion or eat each other.
  • Jgn kiss or have sex with your org who do not know (meaning, klo ga sungkem need to kiss the left cheek right spt org American habit)
  • Learn is basic sanitation and water purification
  • Make a habit is to use a firearm, learn to shoot and clean guns.
  • Always provide P3K box and learn to use it tuk
  • Find a friend who is 5 org you believe in a radius of 100mil and is always in contact.
  • Take a copy of U.S. law and read is
  • Kurangin eat
  • Look for a bike and two sets of spare tires, bersepedalah 10 miles per week
  • Think about what you should take if you must leave the house within 10 minutes and never come back again.

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