Human will Eternal in 20 years into the future

one of more Mysteries Unsolved story in the world,  Scientists rya Kurzweil claimed humans can become immortal within 20 years into the future using nanotechnology and the challenge of understanding the performance of the body.

Ray Kurzweil says human beings can become robotic cyborg in the next 20 years. 61-year-old American man predicts the discovery will come and say understanding us about genes and computer technology increases so quickly.

Theoretically, he says, as our understanding increases, nano technology will be able to replace many vital organs of humans and could be available within 20 years into the future. Kurzweil add though his statement sounded hard to reach, the artificial pancreas and neural implants already exist today.

Kurzweil called his theory as the Law of Accelerating Return. He also said, "I and the many other scientists believe that if in 20 years in the future we can reprogram the software older our bodies, and reverse aging. Nano technology will make us live forever. "

He say nanobot will eventually replace the blood cells and work more effectively. "In a period of 25 years, we can do a sprint at the Olympics for 15 minutes without taking breath, or diving for four hours without oxygen," he said.

"Patients with heart attacks, which have not fully benefit from bionic heart of technology that already exists, with the calm will drive myself to the doctor for minor surgery assisted by bots blood that keeps them alive," he added. 

an Mysteries Unsolved, is it possible this could happen? we'll see it goes on Mysteries Unsolved story ... an online site that talked about the mystery ..

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