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Mystery of " Lengser Wengi " the song to called kuntilanak ghost

Unsolved mystery - The way calling jaelangkung, there is also a way of calling kuntilanak. And how to call kuntilanak is with melatunkan a Javanese song. Not the same as jaelangkung way calling, which can be done by anyone, it is different with kuntilanak.

How to call kuntilanak can only be done by someone who has the ability to "more" than the average person. This capability is not yet certain how to get it because there is some myth that this ability obtained from the ancestors or descendants, and still others say it is coincidence or she was the one factor that was chosen without any cause.

If the caller java kuntilanak song is sung, will make the victim a nosebleed, after that the "penembang" will vomit maggot (a type of caterpillar that feed on corpses or organs that have been rotten), and the victim a nosebleed after that eventually the victim will die horribly with the head twisted. The same ritual is said to occur when the song is sung Java, singing - nosebleeds - maggots - die horribly.
This is the lyric of song 
"Lingsir wengi sliramu tumeking sirno
Ojo Tangi nggonmu guling
awas jo ngetoro
aku lagi bang wingo wingo
jin setan kang tak utusi
jin setan kang tak utusi
dadyo sebarang
Wojo lelayu sebet..."

u can download this song from google just type " lingsir wengi "

Friendly spirits or here with kuntilanak, refers to someone who tie of friendship with the spirits or kuntilanak. In this case maintaining kuntilanak goal is to get something whether it be revenge, get pesugian which is closely related to how "smooth" the business or business that is being undertaken.

Friendship with this fine creature also known as saka Those who are friends with these spirits need to comply with certain conditions such as exist are requesting the food offerings, there is a need to burn incense every time, and there is no requirement to wear anything, or to perform rituals particular.

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Mystery about voodoo dool

Unsolved mystery - When best bodies apprehend the chat Voodoo, there are a few images that pop in their head. Aboriginal they anticipate of New Orleans, again Voodoo dolls, animal sacrifices, blame and the angry eye. These are a few of the misconceptions that beleaguer Voodoo. Here, the belief that beleaguer Voodoo will be dispelled.
The aboriginal allegory is that Voodoo originated in New Orleans. The accuracy is that it started in Haiti, and there are cogent differences amid Haitian Voodoo and American or New Orleans Voodoo. A primary aberration amid Haitian Voodoo and New Orleans Voodoo is that in New Orleans Voodoo there is both white and atramentous magic. The purpose actuality is to awning New Orleans Voodoo.
The additional allegory is that Voodoo uses animal sacrifice. This allegory started in the backward 1800s, back abounding bodies believed that a allotment of the accepted convenance of those that accomplished Voodoo sacrificed bodies in their rituals, abounding assertive that accouchement were the best accepted "offerings." These misconceptions were added abstract by the writings of Sir Spenser St. John, a delegate to Haiti. This allegory is absolutely false. Interestingly enough, animal cede is absolutely adjoin the moral cipher of Voodoo, the moral cipher includes the account of "not harming others."
The use of Voodoo dolls is addition myth. A baby is fabricated in the affinity of a being that one would like to "work Voodoo" on. They are about depicted with pins and all-overs ashore through them to account abuse to the victim.
First, the agent of the Voodoo baby absolutely stems from the "poppet," which was acclimated in abracadabra in Europe. The absolute appellation of Voodoo baby was invented by an American biographer who wrote a fabulous adventure about Voodoo afterwards he was told that it was witchcraft.
Secondly, a Voodoo baby that is acclimated to account affliction to addition is additionally adjoin the moral code. The accuracy is that the alone dolls that are acclimated in Voodoo are the dolls that are acclimated on Voodoo alters which are meant to represent loas.
What again is the accuracy about Voodoo, if it is not the glamorized Hollywood adaptation abounding accept that it is? The primary elements of Voodoo are actual agnate to added faiths, including Christianity. Voodooists accept in a axial god who is amenable for the conception of the universe. Voodooists additionally accept in a cardinal of bottom gods and alcohol which they alarm either orishas or loa and anniversary is the adept of their own apple of influence, agnate to the saints in Christianity. The axial god is alleged Oloddumare.
Voodoo requires an admission ritual, which is taken affliction of by a Voodoo priest. Best about it is due to some issues a being is accepting in their life. If the priest determines that these issues are acquired from loa, the admission again will allay loa and the issues will cease. Voodoo admission will additionally accomplish any asleep ancestors of the victim blessed who may be addictive him/her because they feel she/he is crumbling their potential. The admission is absolutely a apish afterlife of the victim (which could be the foundation of the allegory of animal sacrifice.)
Finally, there is white and atramentous abracadabra absorb in Voodoo. Anniversary blazon of abracadabra is acclimated for both awful and almsman reasons. A Voodoo priest will about accept a alive ability of both.
So there you accept some of the better belief about Voodoo absolutely debunked. It's a acceptable acumen to not consistently accept legends that you apprehend or apprehend about.

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Seven Methods of Releasing Evils to Clean Your Soul

UNsolved mystery - Recently, one bunch aggregation in Gurgaon (India) asked their advisers to act like hooligans and breach the appliance and equipments of the office. The advisers bankrupt the appointment in abounding appearance of the employer and media cameras which was telecasted on television. The employer told the media that the exercise was done to abate the astriction from the apperception of the employees. The advisers too were attractive absolutely airy and blessed afterwards accomplishing the annihilative activities. The adventure of annexation and abolition of accessible backdrop are absolutely accepted in best countries. The bodies aperture their annoyance adjoin the government and the arrangement by agreeable themselves in such illegal, bent and annihilative activities and alike ache imprisonment for their outbursts.
The abolition of acreage is not the alone agency of the affectation of the abrogating affections by the man. Men in every affable association accept affianced in activities which are advised sinful, evil, and bent in the avant-garde apple alive absolutely able-bodied the consequences.
Good and Evil: Two abandon of the aforementioned Coin
The affable men accept disconnected all accomplishments as either acceptable or evil. They accept absolutely authentic alone "good" which includes love, compassion, justice, equality, alms etc. Yet the adverse of acceptable i.e. angry was consistently present in every man and in every society.
We can conceivably analyze acceptable and angry with absolute and abrogating accuse of proton and electrons, the basal particles of all materials. They are created in according cardinal and consistently antithesis anniversary other. In the aforementioned way, it seems that acceptable and angry attributes are created in man simultaneously. Acceptable and angry are appropriately the two abandon of the aforementioned coin.
Yet the association welcomes alone acceptable and does not acquiesce angry to be bidding as freely. Hence the angry keeps on accumulating in the actuality who tries to do alone acceptable accomplishments and anticipate alone god thoughts. The aftereffect is accession of angry in his apperception and anatomy which creates astriction and burden in the man. Such a burden accomplish the activity of the man afflicted and he gets abatement alone back he allows some of the angry to escape in such annihilative acts.
Seven Methods to acquiesce Angry to Escape
The alarm of the absolution of angry had been consistently accustomed by men. Man has created abounding methods which acquiesce absolution of the evil. If one follows these methods, he can conceivably alive a blessed activity after accepting suffocated from the accession of evil. These methods are declared as following
(1) Sports:
Gone are the canicule back men accept to activity wars and annihilate bags of bodies to adore defeat and abasement of enemies. Today the aforementioned achievement can be accomplished by acquisition the adversary country in the bold of sport. This is the acumen why the sports amid adversary countries are apparent by their countrymen with so abundant interest. The anniversary of the achievement in bold is no beneath than that of acceptable a war. It is accepted to see the football admirers angry in the amphitheater as if there is war activity on. Bill Shankley bidding this activity in the afterward words:
Some bodies accept football is a amount of activity and is much, abundant added important than that.
Man has devised amateur to amuse his appetite to defeat his enemies in a anesthetic war. Every country tries to get as abounding medals as accessible in the Olympic and gets abundant achievement back they defeat their enemies. Millions of bodies see these amateur to acquire the achievement of victory.
(2) Competitions
The man has cleverly invented the "survival of the fittest" approach to absolve the ascendancy of one animal actuality by others. The Europeans acclimated this approach to aggrandize their empires and aphorism in the world. Alike in the avant-garde era, all colleges and companies accredit bodies who account aerial in the competitions conducted by them. A antagonism provides a acknowledged adjustment to defeat millions of bodies and appear victorious.
Competition kills benevolence as you can not win a antagonism after acquisition others. The apple worships the winners. Alike in democracies, the parliamentarians and Presidents are alleged alone back they defeat all their rivals.
(3) Pornography
The affable apple has fabricated lot of restrictions on the animal relationships. A man and woman are not declared to accept any sex afore marriage. They are additionally declared to accept no accord alfresco their marriage. The scriptures agreement affair and one of the better sin which is generally punished with death. Best countries corruption affair by imprisonment and in some cases alike by death. Yet corruption consistently existed in the apple and it is accurately alleged the oldest profession. Best countries still amusement corruption as actionable and abandoned and fabricated it a amiss offence.
The men devised addition agency to let the angry of affair appear from him. This is done by advice of chicanery which allows men to abate his animal fantasies after harming any one. No admiration chicanery is a multi-billion dollar industry today and one of the better business in the avant-garde world.
(4) Intoxicants
The use of drugs and added intoxicants like Alcohol, Cigarette has developed absolutely rapidly in aftermost few decades. The access had been added accelerated in the developed countries admitting of accretion acquaintance of their adverse furnishings on the anatomy and apperception and able measures to accomplish the acrimonious laws. Best countries accolade afterlife sentences to the biologic peddlers. Still biologic trafficking has emerged as the better claiming afore the world.
It is able-bodied accepted actuality that intoxicants abort anatomy and mind. Their use not alone causes several diseases in the anatomy but additionally base the mind. It is no abruptness that best crimes are committed in the apple beneath the access of intoxicants.
Yet men abort to abstain intoxicants, as they acquisition this as the safest way to absolution their evil. There is no country in the apple which prohibits all intoxicants. The assistant anatomy of intoxicants like Alcohol, smokings are accustomed in best countries. Abounding of the non-alcoholic drinks like tea, coffee and soft-drinks accommodate caffeine and added intoxicants material. It is about absurd to acquisition a sane man who does not absorb any intoxicants at all.
The burning of intoxicants makes them feel chargeless and allows the angry thoughts and accomplishments to appear out. If their angry is provided added safer outlets, they can leave relying on intoxicants to absolution their evils. Intoxicants accomplish the annihilative charge of the person. It does not account conflicts with added animal beings and the actuality destroys himself and not others.
(5) Abuse
Abuses are accepted in all cultures. An corruption is meant to abase others by casting corruption on his characters and calling him by names and adjectives that are anathema and abhorable in the society. It is by corruption that a man releases some of his abysmal hidden affections that can not be bidding in the affable manner.
(6) Criticism
Mahatma Gandhi acclimated to accept statues of three monkeys with him who adumbrated his aesthetics of life. One monkey covered his aperture with his hands; additional covered his eyes and the third covered his ears. The bulletin conveyed by the monkeys was "do not say evil", "do not see evil" and "do not apprehend evil". A acceptable man charge chase these three rules as any acquaintance of angry is advised bad.
Criticism is appropriately advised a abundant angry act as one speaks angry adjoin others that creates abhorrence amidst the animal beings. Yet newspapers and media are abounding of criticism of others. Criticism of able bodies seems to be the prime assignment of the media. Yet they would not appearance angry unless bodies like to see them as these media channels and bi-weekly advance on the acceptance of their account reports. They can not appearance angry unless bodies appetite to see and apprehend evil.
Therefore, criticism is not advised angry by the association and every actuality seems to adore criticizing others. It provides a abundant abatement to the bodies as the angry of abhorrence accumulated in them get a safe outlet.
(7) Accession of Wealth
Wealth is advised to be the better albatross in actuality good. A affluent man is universally envied and awful by bodies as he acquires abundant pleasures and ability due to his wealth. Jesus denounced abundance back he said,
"It is easier for a biscuit to go through the eye of a needle, than for a affluent man to access into the commonwealth of God" (Mark 10:25).
However, anybody wants to accrue as abundant abundance as one can. The acumen for earning abundance is not meekly amusement of senses but additionally to get a faculty of ahead over adolescent animal beings. Accession of abundance is almighty not accessible by honest and moral means. A affluent man extracts best amount for his appurtenances and casework so that he makes best accession in his business. He additionally exploits his advisers by advantageous them beneath than their fair share. Appropriately a affluent man follows all tricks of the barter to become rich. Appropriately a actuality whose ambition of activity has become accession of money can bankrupt abounding evils in the activity of earning wealth.
Release the Evil
The angry thoughts are created in every man as anon as a acceptable anticipation is built-in in his mind. Hence it would not be safe to let alone the acceptable anticipation appear while the angry thoughts abide to pent-up. Bodies like Hitler became angry embodied as they larboard no escape avenue for their angry thoughts. He approved to become idealist, teetotaler, vegetarian and abhorred affiliated life. He provided no escape for his angry thoughts which were built-in artlessly in him. The aftereffect was that all his angry thoughts got accumulated and access in the anatomy of acute abhorrence for Jews, Russians, French and about every one except German. The abhorrence was translated into activity that resulted in the accident of millions of animal lives. The added abundant leaders of his time like Roosevelt and Churchill had acceptable outlets of angry so hey maintained their acumen and they remained humane. It is, therefore, advisable, to acquiesce angry to escape by afterward simple methods like sports, competitions and lighter intoxicants rather than acceptance the angry to booty over your thoughts and account immeasurable accident to the association and the world.
Life is a abstruseness which can not be explained either by science or by scriptures. Truth has a anatomy and a anatomy which we alarm science and religion. Contrary to accepted perception, they are not against to anniversary added but accompaniment anniversary added like anatomy and soul. In fact, they can not abide after anniversary other.

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Pocong oath

Unsolved mystery from indonesia : Pocong oath is an oath taken by someone in a state of the shroud swathed like a person who has died (pocong). This pledge was rarely practiced in a manner different from, for example, actors do not swear but only dikerudungi dipocongi shroud with a sitting position.

Pocong oath is usually done by followers of Islam and is equipped with a witness and do in the house of worship (mosques). In Islamic law does not actually exist oath wearing a shroud like this. This pledge is a local tradition that is still thick to apply customary norms. Oath was conducted to prove the allegations or cases that have little or no evidence at all. Consequently, if the untrue statement or promise, that oath is believed to be a punishment or curse from God.

Pulpit Pledge
In the Indonesian court system, known as the oath was sworn pulpit and is one which is run by a court of proof in civil matters examined, although pocong own form of oath is not regulated in the Civil Code and Civil Procedure. Oath of the pulpit was born because of a dispute between a person as a plaintiff against another person as a defendant, usually in the form of struggles over inheritance, land rights, debts, and so forth.

In a civil case there is some reasonable level of evidence presented, the first and second letter is proof of evidence witnesses. There are times when both sides is difficult to provide such evidence, such as about heritage, down-temurunnya property, or debts that the deceased parent made between the two sides a few decades ago. When this happens the third evidence is the evidence put forward by examining the presupposition that sequence of events in the past. This evidence is somewhat prone to do. If the three kinds of evidence is still not enough for the judge to decide a case, the requested evidence is the recognition fourth. Because it is the most recent, the oath was to be the only tool to decide the dispute. So the oath they provide immediate impact to the termination by the judge.

Oath Pocong: Psychological Encouragement

There are two types of Oaths Oath and the Oath Decisoir Suppletoir. Supletoir oath or pledge is made for any additional existing evidence has not been able to convince the beginning but the truth of the facts, and therefore need to be added oath. In the absence of evidence at all, the judge will give the oath or oath breaker decisoir exhaustive nature, completing the case. By using the tool decisoir oath, judge's decision will be solely dependent on sound speakers swear an oath and courage. In order to obtain the essential truth, because a decision based solely on the sound of the oath, the oath was associated with pocong oath. Pocong oath made to provide a psychological boost to the speakers oath not to lie.

I swear to God

In connection with the Almighty God had sworn an oath known pulpit. That is, those who bear the oath will be taken to face the pulpit house of worship. Once set the day to take an oath, the offender will be brought to the front of the pulpit who embraced religious house of worship. After purification, in front of the pulpit he would like someone died diupacarakan, accompanied by prayers. Before a kyai and surrounded by the witnesses which consists of all assemblies, clerks, defense lawyers, the clergy, he took the oath of judges whose contents result justifies the formulation of a lawsuit or sangkalannya. After the ceremony will be made an official report by the clerk of the court, assembly, and the judge who witnessed, which explains everything about the execution of the oath.

Soon the news event that has received the court being processed to formulate a decision. By proving using the pulpit who dare swear oath is a win.

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Pocong The scared ghost from Indonesia

Unsolved mystery - Pocong is a kind of tangible ghost pocong. In Malaysia, the specter of this kind is also known as ghost packs.


Pocong Depictions vary. It is said, has a face berwarnah pocong green with empty eyes. Depictions of other states, pocong flat-faced and has a hole or hollow eyes closed, his face pale white cotton. Those who believe in the existence of ghosts is assumed, pocong is a form of protest from the dead are forgotten before the grave was opened kafannya bond closed.

Although often portrayed in the film pocong jumping moves, the myth of pocong instead declare floating pocong moves. This is understandable, because in the movies starring pocong can not move his legs so that the passage should be jumping up and down. This situation also raises a claim that is usually used to distinguish between genuine and pocong pocong false in the community:
"Watch me limping. When running jumping, throwing rocks at it, there would be screaming. "

Belief in the existence of ghosts pocong develop only in Indonesia, especially in Java and Sumatra. Although his depiction follow Muslim tradition, other religious communities were apparently able to recognize the existence of this ghost.
[Edit] Pocong in the arts

Pocong often coloring the mystery themed short stories or novels. In Indonesia's national cinema horror genre, even pocong often presented. Some even use it as a title.

In ogoh-ogoh parade before the Nyepi celebrations in Bali, for instance, often manifested pocong form, usually by non-Hindu communities.

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Mystery as Indonesian Doctors Pull 25 Nails from Toddler's Legs

Indonesian doctors have extracted a total of 25 10-centimeter-long rusty nails mysteriously inserted into the legs of three-year-old Safiral sometime in the last six months. (Antara Photo) 
 Indonesian doctors have extracted a total of 25 10-centimeter-long rusty nails mysteriously inserted into the legs of three-year-old Safiral sometime in the last six months. (Antara Photo)

Unsolved mystery from Indonesia Indonesian doctors have extracted a total of 25 10-centimeter-long rusty nails mysteriously inserted into the legs of a three-year-old girl sometime in the last six months, according to a report by TVRI.

Kamaruddin, a doctor from the Andi Makassau Hospital in Pare-Pare, South Sulawesi, said they had also been able to remove a broken syringe needle but were yet to attempt to remove one final nail located dangerously close to the girl’s spine.

The girl was identified as Safira, 3.

Kamaruddin said on Wednesday that doctors had no idea how the nails were inserted, with no clear incision marks.

Safira was admitted to the hospital on Friday but doctors had to wait for five days until they believed she was stable enough for the surgery to go ahead.

The girl’s mother, Syarifa, told reporters that her daughter had never complained about pain, saying she was clueless as to how it could have happened.

There are no plans to move Safira to a larger hospital.


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David cox

David Cox


Skeleton was discovered 5 miles away
Audiences lined up to see Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise in the hit movie, “A Few Good Men”.  But not many were aware that it was based on a true story, one that may have led to the murder of a courageous former Marine. 
David Cox joined the Marine Corps straight out of high school and was stationed at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  One day, while on duty, David became aware of a problem.  Another platoon member, PFC William Alvarado, had written to his senator complaining about Marine misconduct.
David’s former squad leader, Christopher Valdez, explains how Alvarado was targeted for a “Code Red,” or hazing:
“We didn't actually decide to have a Code Red for Alvarado on our own. Our platoon commander had given us an implied order that if we were good Marines, something should happen. Saturday night we went into Alvarado's room. We blindfolded him and gagged him and then dragged him off of his bed. Dave (Cox) started shaving his head, and within five minutes, he had stopped struggling.”

Theory: murder
David Cox convinced his platoon to stop the hazing. When they removed the gag and untied Alvarado, he was unconsciousness.
Alvarado was rushed to the hospital. He recovered, but his 10 attackers, including David Cox, were brought up on charges.  Cox was going to be charged with attempted murder. But he said he was just following orders.
Don Marcari was appointed to defend David Cox:
“I told David, that this was a defense – obedience to orders - that had not been successful at Nuremberg, had not been successful for Lt. Calley at My Lai. And plus, we had a colonel denying he ever gave an order.”
David claimed the Code Red started with implied orders from his superior officers.
For Don Marcari, that meant an even more uphill battle loomed:
“We had the additional burden of now saying he was following an implied order. And it was a very difficult case to win, and I told David that. He decided he wanted to fight it because he believed in his heart that he didn't do anything wrong. “
At his trial, David was convicted of simple assault.  He was sentenced to time already served in the brig.  He then completed his duty and received an honorable discharge.  He returned to civilian life in his hometown near Boston.
Years later, “A Few Good Men” was released.  David felt that the filmmakers had stolen his story.  David Cox’s girlfriend, Elaine Tinsley, recalls at the time:
“He was stunned.  Here was this movie company that was making tons of money off of his story, and if it weren't for him, the story never would have existed in the first place.”
David and some of the other Marines involved in the Code Red, sued the movie production company.  While they waited for a ruling, David spoke out about his case on radio talk shows.
By January 1994, David was living with Elaine and hoping his temporary job with UPS would become permanent.  The night before he was supposed to get the good news, David’s back was giving him trouble, so he spent the night on the couch.  The next morning, Elaine left at about 8:30, and then called home at about noon.  David didn't answer, but there was a message for him on the machine: UPS wanted to hire him. Elaine was happy David would be getting his wish:
“I was like, cool, Dave's gonna get this job and he's gonna be so excited. Then I called back again at 1:00 to check the messages, and that message was still there, and the UPS guy had called again, too.”
At 5:30 pm, Elaine returned home:
“When I came into the house that night after work, I realized right away that the doors to all the rooms were open, and our rabbit, who we usually just kept in the kitchen, was hopping all over the place.”
David's truck was still in the driveway, with the keys in the ignition.  His un-cashed paycheck was on the dashboard and his 9-millimeter gun was in the glove box.  But David was gone.  Elaine didn’t know what to make of the situation:
“As the days went on and there was no news from him-- we checked his bank account.  There was no activity on his bank account.  You start to believe that, you know, maybe something did happen, but why?”
The answer came with the spring thaw.  The body of David Cox was discovered on the banks of a river in Medfield, Massachusetts, about five miles from his apartment.
Sgt. Kevin Shea of Massachusetts State Police, describes the manner of death:
“He was shot, according to the ME, four times-- once at the base of the rear of the neck and three times in the left side torso area.”
It was clear that robbery was not the motive.  David’s cash and his credit cards were still in his wallet.  And police ruled out a random attack.
Sgt. Shea believes David left home with someone he knew:
“It's our belief that he got in the car willingly, that he knew who was coming to pick him up, and that he went to this area and walked into the woods with this person.  I think that if it was somebody that was just holding a gun on him or something like that, that they would do it within the first 30 or 40 yards into the woods. David was found almost three-quarters-to-a-mile walk into the woods.”
David’s attorney, Donald Marcari, thinks the murder was somehow related to the military:
“I don't know why David was killed. I personally believe it had something to do with the military. He was taken out of his house without signs of struggle, he was wearing his Marine Corps jacket, which he never wore. He was found between two hunting ranges where gunshots would not be unusual, and he was murdered execution style.”
But what was the motive?
After the release of “A Few Good Men,” David gave an interview on the radio. He was quite vocal about his story and the U.S. activities in Cuba.  David’s mother worried that he had been too outspoken:
“After I heard that interview on the radio, I spoke to him, and I said, ‘I don't like what you're doing. I think what you're doing is dangerous’ I think he felt far too free to just speak his mind.”
David's brother, Steve, had a different theory suggesting another possible scenario.  He thought that perhaps the murder was connected to David’s job at UPS:
“A couple of months before Dave disappeared, he'd mentioned to me that he had come upon a supervisor and one of the drivers involved in some type of activity, what he believed to be was theft.”
According to Sgt. Kevin Shea, nothing has been ruled out and the investigation is still open:
“It'll remain open until we solve it. Again, we'll follow any leads that come through vigorously, and do that until it is solved.”

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mystery of amtrak crash

Sabotage causes the derailment of an Amtrak passenger train.

Four cars plunged 30 feet

Michael Bates was killed in the crash
On October 9, 1995, 60 miles southwest of Phoenix, Arizona, Amtrak’s “Sunset Limited” passenger train jumped the track going 50 mph. Four cars plunged more than 30 feet off a trestle into a dry riverbed. One person was killed and scores injured. The cause of the wreck:  sabotage. 

Who removed the 29 spikes?

According to Bruce Gebhardt, special agent in charge with the F.B.I., agents on the scene found rails that had been tampered with:
“The investigation determined that 29 spikes were removed, purposely removed. And not only were the spikes removed, but someone had pushed the rail inside so that the two rails were not connected.”
Additional evidence convinced authorities that the saboteurs knew a lot about railroads.  The signal circuits, the electrical wires that run through the track, had been kept intact. According to Agent Gebhardt, that meant the train crew had no warning that there was a problem with the rails:
“The FBI believes that they picked that particular spot in order to create the most damage and possibly cause the most injuries or death. The train was going about 50 miles per hour.  It’s on a curve and it occurred right before a trestle.”

Similar crash in 1939

Investigators soon discovered many similarities to another act of sabotage, more than a half century before. According to historian Kevin Bunker, in 1939, 24 people were killed and 117 injured in another suspicious train wreck in the Nevada desert:
“The most mysterious connection between the accidents is the fact that the sabotage was done ahead of a bridge in a desert country of remote location. There was definitely care in advance, you know, that the wires were intact at all times. Merely moving one piece of metal, in this case, one rail, a matter of less than four inches, allowed both trains to careen off on the curve as they crossed the river and the damage occurred.”
Curiously, the story of the 1939 crash had been published in a journal for train buffs shortly before the Amtrak accident. Federal agents questioned many of the readers, but came up empty-handed.

Did this article trigger the sabotage?

Investigators have just one other concrete clue.  Near the accident site, FBI agents found four copies of a computer-printed letter attacking the federal government. It was signed, “Sons of the Gestapo.” FBI Agent Bruce Gebhardt said the group’s existence has never been verified:
“We’re still trying to investigate to determine whether or not that is a red herring to try to throw us off the investigation or whether or not that particular group exists.”
The one person killed in the crash was a sleeping car attendant named Mitchell Bates.  Whoever is responsible for the wreck will be charged with murder, as well as sabotage.

source :

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mystery of Fertility Statues

From Unsolved mystery - African statues seems to have an effect on the fertility of women who touch them.

Fertility Statues

Women who touched them got pregnant

Anyone could come and touch the statues
They came from a small village on the Ivory Coast, north of the Gulf of Guinea. They stand five feet tall, male and female, carved from solid ebony.  To a local tribe called the Baule, the rare statues possess an amazing and awe-inspiring force: it is the power of fertility.
In 1994, Edward Muier was searching the world for artifacts bizarre enough to add to the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.  He found the statues in a small curio shop. According to the owner, once the village shaman blesses the statues, they’re placed in a doorway facing each other. When a woman walks through and touches them, she’ll become pregnant.
Muier brought the statues back to the United States and, as a joke, put them in a doorway where they could do their best work.  But what began as a joke quickly took on a life of its own. According to Muier:
“Within a few weeks, our receptionist was pregnant. And she is the person closest to them, and basically had to pass them more than anybody else. And she got teased unmercifully. I mean, ‘Oh, Lucy touched the statues.’  You know, ‘It must work. It must work.’  And then along came Kimberli.”
Kimberli Martin was the Ripley’s accounting clerk:
“I had just recently gotten married, so my husband and I had made the decision that we didn't want to start a family for about three or four years. Once I was told the history of the statues, I had made the decision myself that I wanted to stay as far away from them as possible.”
But for Kimberli, there was no escaping the statues' seductive powers:
“I was walking down the hall and I tripped along the base of the female statue, looked down and my hand was resting on it. Thought at the time that the damage had been done. Couldn't do anything about it then, so I just went on about my business. A month and a half later, I found out I was pregnant. I should not have gotten pregnant. Definitely, I was practicing birth control at the time. That was definitely a surprise, but it was a wonderful surprise.”
In 13 months, 13 women who came in contact with the statues became pregnant, including three of the 10 women who worked in the office. Edward Muier said that
as the word spread, strangers came in off the street to touch the statues:
“We just weren't prepared for people phoning at all hours of the day, wanting to come and touch a statue. We decided to put them in our local museum in Orlando and let people come for free.”
Nancy McCaffrey gave it a try:
“It was just funny. I got a little nervous. Didn't know exactly where to touch the statue or how to touch the statue. So we giggled our way through it, but I was really hoping it would work.”
Two weeks later, Nancy was pregnant:
“I really think it did have something to do with it. I don't know how. I don't know why. But it's just a little too ironic for me.”
According to Edward Muier, Ripley’s has received postcards confirming nearly a thousand pregnancies:
“I think you'll find if you talk to any one of those people, you'll find that they believe these statues had something to do with their pregnancy. Maybe that's the power of suggestion, but it's their power. They believe it.”

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