Pocong oath

Unsolved mystery from indonesia : Pocong oath is an oath taken by someone in a state of the shroud swathed like a person who has died (pocong). This pledge was rarely practiced in a manner different from, for example, actors do not swear but only dikerudungi dipocongi shroud with a sitting position.

Pocong oath is usually done by followers of Islam and is equipped with a witness and do in the house of worship (mosques). In Islamic law does not actually exist oath wearing a shroud like this. This pledge is a local tradition that is still thick to apply customary norms. Oath was conducted to prove the allegations or cases that have little or no evidence at all. Consequently, if the untrue statement or promise, that oath is believed to be a punishment or curse from God.

Pulpit Pledge
In the Indonesian court system, known as the oath was sworn pulpit and is one which is run by a court of proof in civil matters examined, although pocong own form of oath is not regulated in the Civil Code and Civil Procedure. Oath of the pulpit was born because of a dispute between a person as a plaintiff against another person as a defendant, usually in the form of struggles over inheritance, land rights, debts, and so forth.

In a civil case there is some reasonable level of evidence presented, the first and second letter is proof of evidence witnesses. There are times when both sides is difficult to provide such evidence, such as about heritage, down-temurunnya property, or debts that the deceased parent made between the two sides a few decades ago. When this happens the third evidence is the evidence put forward by examining the presupposition that sequence of events in the past. This evidence is somewhat prone to do. If the three kinds of evidence is still not enough for the judge to decide a case, the requested evidence is the recognition fourth. Because it is the most recent, the oath was to be the only tool to decide the dispute. So the oath they provide immediate impact to the termination by the judge.

Oath Pocong: Psychological Encouragement

There are two types of Oaths Oath and the Oath Decisoir Suppletoir. Supletoir oath or pledge is made for any additional existing evidence has not been able to convince the beginning but the truth of the facts, and therefore need to be added oath. In the absence of evidence at all, the judge will give the oath or oath breaker decisoir exhaustive nature, completing the case. By using the tool decisoir oath, judge's decision will be solely dependent on sound speakers swear an oath and courage. In order to obtain the essential truth, because a decision based solely on the sound of the oath, the oath was associated with pocong oath. Pocong oath made to provide a psychological boost to the speakers oath not to lie.

I swear to God

In connection with the Almighty God had sworn an oath known pulpit. That is, those who bear the oath will be taken to face the pulpit house of worship. Once set the day to take an oath, the offender will be brought to the front of the pulpit who embraced religious house of worship. After purification, in front of the pulpit he would like someone died diupacarakan, accompanied by prayers. Before a kyai and surrounded by the witnesses which consists of all assemblies, clerks, defense lawyers, the clergy, he took the oath of judges whose contents result justifies the formulation of a lawsuit or sangkalannya. After the ceremony will be made an official report by the clerk of the court, assembly, and the judge who witnessed, which explains everything about the execution of the oath.

Soon the news event that has received the court being processed to formulate a decision. By proving using the pulpit who dare swear oath is a win.

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