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humans will be immortal in 20years ago? Really?

Scientists rya Kurzweil claimed humans could become immortal within 20 years into the future using nanotechnology and the challenge of understanding the body's performance.

Ray Kurzweil says human beings can become robotic cyborg in the next 20 years. 61-year-old American man was predicting the discovery will come and say understanding us about genes and computer technology has increased so rapidly.

Theoretically, he says, as our understanding increases, nano technology will be able to replace many vital organs of humans and can be available within the next 20 years. Kurzweil add though his statement sounded hard to reach, an artificial pancreas and neural implants already exist today.

Kurzweil called his theory as the Law of Accelerating Returns. He also said, "I and many other scientists believe that if in 20 years in the future we can reprogram the software older our bodies, and reverse aging. Nanotechnology will make us live forever. "

He menambahan nanobot will eventually replace the blood cells and work more effectively. "Within 25 years, we can do a sprint at the Olympics for 15 minutes without taking breath, or diving for four hours without oxygen," he said.

"Patients with heart attacks, which have not fully benefit from bionic heart of technology that already exists, with the calm will drive myself to the doctor for minor surgery assisted by bots blood that keeps them alive," he added.

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Genetically Modified Fish Weird!

Genetic Engineering is a series of techniques to isolate, modify, reproduce, and recombining genes from different organisms. According to scientists in molecular biology, Mae Wan Hoo, in his book, this technique allows the transfer of genes between different species that can not mate with each other naturally, such as fish genes inserted into tomatoes and human genes transferred to the sheep.

This technology is designed to break the barriers between species and weaken the defense mechanisms of the species. Genetic engineering of plants and animals began in the mid-1970s that triggered the discovery of several key techniques in molecular genetics.

Mutant fish is the result of research Professor at the University of Rhode Island, Mr. Terry Bradley. By genetically modifying trout, fish of this mutant has a muscle mass between 15-20% higher than the standard fish.

Connects again to the mutant fish that, as for the study of them by blocking myostatin, a protein that slows growth. They inject thousands of trout eggs with various types of DNA that inhibit myostatin workrate.

The positive effects of the results of this research is commercially, with the result that more fish meat, but without adding the cost of fish feed.

America is very diligent research on GMOs, from the plant until the animal. Sure commercially, the results of GMO products is very profitable. However, in health, remains a question mark whether it is safe to consume GMO products? Agan still remember it as the case of soybeans imported from America which was the transgenic soybeans?

Sure, as long as there has been no scientific reports in Indonesia that prove the dangers of GMO products, in addition to allergic reactions (This product has been withdrawn from the market). Thus, until recently, GMO products are still suitable for consumption. However, it is recognized that the publicity about the risks of transgenic food products to humans, is still very small. And may actually negatively impact the consumption of transgenic products has been a lot happening in the community just is not much data to prove it.

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The faces on the Floor House Ghosts in Belmez "Spain"

Only a few people who had horrible experiences like family Maria Gomez Pereira. The phenomenon of the sudden appearance of an image on the kitchen floor of their home. A terrible human-like facial appearance!
This extraordinary phenomenon occurred at a house in the village of Belmez near Cordoba, Spain. After occupying a house in the area of Street Real 5, Belmez, Spain, the incident had begun. Maria Gomez Pereira's family never thought that in their home the most thrilling paranormal activity occurs.

On August 23, 1971, in a hot and dry day, the son of Mary who was sitting with his grandmother in the kitchen, the house was suddenly startled. He saw an image that suddenly appeared on the marble floor. He told the grandmother who immediately gasped at the sight of a little piece of the face was grim. Excitement grew when all inhabitants of the house to see images of human faces with sad and mournful expression on the kitchen floor of their home. No one can guess where that image appears, all happened suddenly.

Husband of Mary who did not want her to be of gossip in the village, then tried to erase the image of the picture by all means. But something scary just happened. The picture on the ceramic floor instead of disappearing, but instead alter expression. The face grew sad and her eyes growing wide open!

In a period of time, the picture was blurred and disappeared, but then appears again. This process occurs in the interval of time and when that is not predictable. Fear and panic struck, so the husband decided to destroy the tiles on the kitchen floor and covering it with cement.

A week later, a second face image would appear on the new layer of cement. This time more clearly than the first. With a sense of desperation and fear rising, the family of Mary and then contact local government officials to conduct an investigation.

Half believe half-no, an inspection team sent. They perform detailed examination during the week. Suggestions to explore the floor of the building is approved. Far below ground, they discovered something surprising. A slit with a human skeleton is caught. Buried in the crush stone and cement. The framework of the Middle Ages.

The skeleton was then evacuated and the former quarry closed and sealed with cement. But a few weeks later, another face appeared in the same place. Then came again the next face, until finally some of the faces seen around the cement floor of the kitchen! The pictures show the face clearly, then slowly disappearing and reappearing. The pattern is very random and can not be certain when the picture appears or disappears.

How big was the family business Pereira to remove them, the faces of the creepy melancholy always comes back and back ... This incident lasted for so long.

Local authorities then sealed the kitchen of the house. But shortly after sealing and a ban imposed to enter the kitchen, the faces of ghosts that just appeared in another room in the house. There are four faces of men and one woman's face. Her expression looked so pitiful. As currently suffer extremely.

Maria Gomez Pereira family home at Belmez, has become a house that was creepy. Filled with terror fears. Everyone who was there could feel their chilling shudder with fear that stung!

This strange phenomenon provoked a number of experts and researchers are curious. They in turn do the research from the kitchen floor until the entire house. But until now no theory and a satisfactory answer. What really happened in Belmez? The faces on the floor who tercitra house?

Appears Over 30 Years

The faces ghost in Belmez become a hot topic. The phenomenon that occurs on the kitchen floor and Maria Gomez Pereira's house, causing much controversy.

For 30 years, the faces of ghosts in Belmez, since his first appearance, was also seen in the house. For 30 years, still no conclusion (conclusion) that is really satisfying.

Tourists are attracted to visit the region Street Real 5, Belmez, Spain wanted to see first hand that there are peculiarities in the house of Mary. While a number of psychics and scientists remain continuous review the incident. Even doing a recording with a special tape recorder and test equipment in the vicinity of the location of the temperature phenomena appear. Since Mary died at age 85 in February 2004, faces the ghost had disappeared for so long. But the faces are reported back to haunt the house in Belmez Maria Gomes Pereira. Although anyone can be proved as a scientific hoax, until now the debate still continues. (Various sources)

Poltergeist phenomena?
The image of a face that appears on the home floor of Maria Gomez Pereira claimed as a phenomenon Poltergeist most gripping in the 20th century! Being a greatest mysteries associated with paranormal activity. Is this true embodiment of curious souls?

The appearance of the faces in Belmez known as The Faces of Belmez or some call it as The Belmez's Faces.

This is a scientific study and the paranormal are interesting at the end of the 20th century. Many believe this is a phenomenon Poltergeist, the activity of a ghost, spirit or ghost that appeared to directly or indirectly in humans, for unknown.

A number of scientific and paranormal research suggests a number of theories about this. Of all who ever published, there are two theories are almost unbelievable. That projection appearance due to thinking (thoughtographic hypothesis) and the image that deliberately (the forgery hypothesis). Two of these hypotheses is the most controversial discussed in many scientific journals and parapsychology (the study of psychic phenomena.)

Thoughtographic hypothesis
This is one hypothesis that explains the phenomenon of the faces of ghosts in Belmez that flourished in England and Spain. This hypothesis is the result of detailed research of Hans Bender and Germany de Argumosa.

But Bender is only ever write in the journal Zeitschrift f├╝r Parapsychologie (a scientific journal parapsychology) about The Faces of Belmez which is the imaging Poltergeist. While Argumosa sure that research over the past two years by the Spanish parapsychology experts prove that the faces in Belmez was evidence of activity of "magic" that mysterious relics of the Gothic.

Many residents Belmez and Europe who believe that the two researchers were true. They believe that the image of the face was not made by human hands, but due to paranormal activity.

This conclusion is similar with a group of researchers who believe that imaging the mind of the owner of the house through the ability psikokinetis was (a kind of telepathy) that causes the face images. That is, the power of thought Maria Gomez Pereira intentionally or unintentionally have prompted a "natural" to do something.

Hypothesis forgery
Contrary to previous hypotheses, a number of other experts believe that the facial image of a ghost in Belmez is man-made. It's published in an article in July 1993 in the Journal of the Society for psychical Research.

Luis Ruiz-Noguez (the author) notes that based on the findings and test samples, it is believed some of which involve artificial chemicals such as zinc, lead and chromium or a mixture of resin substance and imaging techniques photographic materials are sensitive to light.

These chemicals can create dramatic visual effects and the use of a particular kind of painting technology. Utilization of image effects with this chemical is often used by magicians to convince people that this is a supernatural phenomenon.

Ceramics and cement samples used in the home of Mary in Belmez and a number of photographs of photographer captured the image of the house becomes an interesting study materials. But the controversy about the sighting was not yet over.

Until the early 21st century, The Faces of Belmez remain relatively insoluble mystery. There is no explanation that can really prove whether the face image is a fake one hundred percent man-made result, or indeed the phenomenon Poltergeist.

All still require further study and clarification. The result of research conducted by official institutions of scientific or informal institutions, but it still not satisfactory. Not all samples under investigation refers to a definite conclusion. The Faces of Belmez also remains a mystery.

Methodology and laboratory research on ceramics and cement as well as photographic analysis of the phenomenon in Belmez remains in doubt. There is a study that found chemical residues from the sample, there is not. There are photographs which are categorized false, there is not. This is what raises doubts.

There is a great mystery that raises doubts about the results of this research, especially the two findings are truly unexplained. The first, the analytical framework and tipelogi rocks found under the kitchen floor of Maria Gomez Pereira's house. The second, a tape recording that captured the sound at certain frequencies (the human inaudible) which is similar to the gothic and rapalan mantra softly screams in pain.

Many have concluded that the framework and rocks found beneath the house are the remnants of the torture and massacre of witches in the Middle Ages. The massacre by burning and burying alive.

The recording tape can be assumed as Poltergeist activity is recorded as the voice projection of the incident when the massacre of the witches. Both of these ask the public to the conclusion that the faces in Belmez is a message that many curious spirit that demands a proper burial and forgiveness. You may believe, can not!

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14 years in the grave, burial, and bodies are still intact
BANTUL - Residents Kembangsari hamlet, village Srimartani, Piyungan District, Bantul District, Yogyakarta Special Region, on Saturday (26/12/2009), were surprised by the findings remains a figure who has died for 14 years, but the condition of the bodies and fabric kafannya still intact.

The body is deceased Mrs Paerah who died and was buried on October 12, 1995. Inadvertently the residents found the body, when residents were digging grave for Paerah family, right next to the grave Paerah.

When the diggers to dredge soil depth of approximately 1.5 meters, they found the body shroud and Paerah in intact condition no defects whatsoever.

Although these findings had horrendous local residents around the village cemetery, residents returning directly bury the corpse Paerah.

"Previously, residents decided to dig graves for the burial of the late Paerah is one of the brothers," said Ani, a local resident.

Not wanting to cause a prolonged polemic, because the condition shroud still intact not broken like other bodies, said Ani, the deceased decided to diuruk back.

According to Yani, from some village elders stories, Paerah deceased during his lifetime is known to be very kind and did not hesitate to help others in need.(

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