Human corpses ice in ITALIA

Named Otzi the ice man's body found in the Alps, Italy in 1991 was always just made the investigators and archaeologists interested, but also scared. For those who never made contact with Otzi, including inventors, excavators, transporters, cameraman and 7 other people have been killed in a row is not fair since the bodies were discovered. There are speculating about the "curse of man ice", so it can not but make people more convinced than doubt.

Not also the mystery of Otzi that are kept in a museum of antiquities in Italy is complete, one more recent news that the discovery of the oldest mummy Otzi and his body was preserved intact. The archeologists said the findings can not be compared with all of any research in the past. Many new things are revealed by the discovery of this second Otzi.

Italian researchers who analyzed luggage Otzi was unexpected to find that 2 pieces of the wooden arrows in the bag he was carrying arrows and arrow 12 pieces that have not been so already 7,000 years of history, while similar weapons like axes is the product of the year 27 BC-476 BC is used for torture during the Roman Empire first. The coat she wore was the sheepskin coat of the Chinese species. The result of the determination of the year by scientists with carbon 14 more surprisingly, it turns out Otzi itself is of ancient men who live in stone age at more than 5,300 years ago, and he was about 45 years.

Separate the distance thousands of years, across mainland Europe and Asia, even coat he was wearing leather goods turned out to be Chinese products, and how to explain the human relationship with it? How did ancient men in the stone age at 5,300 years ago it made an arrow in the year 7000? After all axes are the goods during the Roman Empire in 27 BC-476 BC. After all scientists can not explain it! But the sad them, science can determine the age of humans and goods bawaanya ice it.

According to a report in The Trust Russia and other media reports, the results of DNA tests to explain, that Otzi genes similar to the generation of European descent in the Alps, perhaps his birthplace in a small village in the mountains on the border trajectory Italy with Austria. Surprisingly, luggage Otzi all come from different time space with him.

In addition, archaeologists also never see the tattoo on his body that concluded that some professions may be a witch. This fits with his ability to turn off people who bother her. Scientists can not believe that supernatural powers are so great sorcerer hinga able to cross the space of time, however, if the authorities do not recognize this hypothesis can not explain the occurrence of this phenomenon.

These findings not only increase the sense of mystery to the archaeologists to identity Otzi, after all, proving with this material has been fully deny Darwin's theory of evolution that is still believed to some people. Apparently, things strange and odd that found when this would encourage and urge people to observe the man and the universe with a completely new outlook.

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