14 years in the grave, burial, and bodies are still intact

BANTUL - Residents Kembangsari hamlet, village Srimartani, Piyungan District, Bantul District, Yogyakarta Special Region, on Saturday (26/12/2009), were surprised by the findings remains a figure who has died for 14 years, but the condition of the bodies and fabric kafannya still intact.

The body is deceased Mrs Paerah who died and was buried on October 12, 1995. Inadvertently the residents found the body, when residents were digging grave for Paerah family, right next to the grave Paerah.

When the diggers to dredge soil depth of approximately 1.5 meters, they found the body shroud and Paerah in intact condition no defects whatsoever.

Although these findings had horrendous local residents around the village cemetery, residents returning directly bury the corpse Paerah.

"Previously, residents decided to dig graves for the burial of the late Paerah is one of the brothers," said Ani, a local resident.

Not wanting to cause a prolonged polemic, because the condition shroud still intact not broken like other bodies, said Ani, the deceased decided to diuruk back.

According to Yani, from some village elders stories, Paerah deceased during his lifetime is known to be very kind and did not hesitate to help others in need.(

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