Star Gate (Gate of Earth and Space Liaison)

Those of you who diligently follow the news in the newspaper or TV, of course know that the battle was still raging in Iraq. Although many countries in the world opposed the invasion to the Land of 1001 Nights (Arabian Night), the American troops remain master megeri producer of oil (oil fields) that. Why did they stay there? Apparently, Lenny had a theory that really excited. The theory comes from an internet site www.Abovetopsecret. Com, like what hebohnya? According to one forum on the site, the invasion of American troops in Iraq,
just a mere disguise. That said, among the thousands of U.S. troops occupying Iraq, there is a special forces unit that is very confidential. They are in charge of finding treasure, which is priceless. The treasure was not gold jewels, but a Stargate (star gates). The equipment is believed to be a peningalan aliens, who once landed in Iraq. For the uninitiated, Stargate is a giant ring-shaped device, which could open the door dimensions. With through the door that dimension, one can migrate to distant places, in the blink of an eye. Once upon a time (once upon a time), on the ancient Sumerian empire thousands of years ago, Iraq often gets requests aliens. It is estimated, the City of Uruk the center of the activities of such aliens. The aliens were known by the people of Sumer as the Annunaki (Gods of Heaven). The "god" is to build the Stargate, as a means of transportation between Earth and their home planet. An expert on UFOs and alien named Dan Burisch sure, that the American government trying to find the Stargate, before 2012. Why? Because the American government believes, will be the major events that changed the world, last year.

The truth of the existence of "star gate"in the country of Mesopotamia are still needed to find the evidence clearly.
This Slama Brita "international publishing reasons" America menginflasi iraq because of oil, politics, power, and even peace, but on the other hand her some analysts released their opinion that the main purpose of American menginflasi iraq because its issues "Star Gate" in the country.
The following quotation:
William Henry Believes there is a Connection Between Saddam and Planet X, the alleged "12th Planet." This phantom planet, Nibiru, maintains Zecharia Sitchin in his many books on the subject, was the home of the Elohim - the Gods of antiquity and Genesis - Who created humanity through genetic manipulation.
"Saddam controls an asset infinitely more Important and Powerful Than Oil, or even, nuclear weapons," writes Henry. "He controls access to the Temples That housed the history [of] humanity's Origins, and Potentially, the secrets of stargates. Buried Deep Beneath The Sands of Iraq are the secrets of the Shining Ones of Planet X. Saddam's actions reveal That he knows the political value of these secrets. "'
Iraq's Roswell Event
The war in Iraq Is not about Iraqi freedom, eliminating weapons of mass destruction or even oil, say Some UFO Researchers. It's Because Saddam Possessed alien technology from a crashed UFO, and the U.S. Did not Want uterus to have it.
So in other words, not just the rational reasons that underlie the causes of America menginflasi iraq, but for some specific purpose, which the U.S. intends to trace the existence of "Star Gate" is
Star Gate?
STAR GATE is a kind of portal owned by the Anunnaki to come and see our civilization. Because it has advanced technology, and created man, then the Anunnaki positioned as a god by the Sumerians.
And can connect us with life outside the boundaries of our space without we know its limits.

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