Black holes

Unique facts of black hole black holeSo in the light curve near the black hole, so if you are nearby and stand back, you will be able to see various shadows of every star in the universe, and can see the back of the head of your own.

On the inside of a black hole, the provisions about the distance and time applies the reverse: just as today you can not avoid the trip into the future, inside a black hole you can not dodge the central singularity.

If you stand at a safe distance from the black hole and saw a friend fall into it, he will look to move slow and almost stopped when he reached the edge of event horizon. The image of friends that will fade very quickly. Unfortunately, from his own perspective he will cross the event horizon with a safe, and will meet his end at the singularity.

Black holes are objects that are the simplest in the universe. You can describe it in full with just knowing the mass, eddy, and electrical charge. Instead, to describe the whole grain of dust, you should explain the position and condition of all atomic.

As found in Hawking, black holes can evaporate, but very slowly. Even for a mountain-sized masses will last for ten billion years, and for the same mass with the solar evaporation process will be completed after 10 ^ 67.

Black holes do not radiate light, and an object that fell into it will not be able to again emit light. All that makes the effort to detect black holes will be very challenging. Only when a black hole is in his form of twins and the effect of gravity causes it to produce gas partner, we can detect X-rays. Rays originating from discs around black holes look very similar to the light coming from discs around neutron stars.

You can also expect the existence of a black hole at the center of some galaxies where stars are moving very fast around a number of objects that are not visible.

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