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legend of mermaid

According to legend, the daughter of a mermaid is a creature of water which has a head and body like a woman and a tail resembling a fish. Mermaid living in the seabed and is a daughter who is said to have been sworn in paras settled some of its members rather than the waist down to the foot of a fish.
Princess mermaid is a legendary creature whose story has been circulating for centuries ago. They include one of the legendary creature half human half animal. The story of the mermaid form in almost all societies in the world. In Greek mythology, the mermaid is always tempting to say the sailors are negligent. Sesiapa who are tempted to meet his end. Communities also worship the Babylonian god of the sea as a mermaid princess, known as Ea or Oannes. Oannes depicted

as a male mermaid.

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5 People Dead Survive From Execution

Usually when someone in a death sentence, then the age of the suspect can be said to already be in the hands of the executioner. However, there are some people who managed to survive the process of lifting the lives of legalized by that law. The way they can survive is also mixed.

Anne Green

Executed by hanging when he was 22 years old. At that time, carried out by hanging, the prisoner sent up the ladder and put his own rope to his neck.
After hanging slama half an hour, Anne's body was taken down and given to the university as an anatomy lecture materials. However, once on campus, the ark is opened and the doctor heard a voice from her throat to breathe.

They immediately gave him a drink. Twelve hours after the execution, Anne was able to speak a few words. Several years later she finally married and have three children, and can live 15 years longer after the event

execution that made him famous.

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seven Demons representing sins

1. Lucifer (Pride / proud)

In Latin, the word "Lucifer" which means "Bearer of Light" (from lux, lucis, "light", and "Ferre", "carry") is a name for the "Morning Star" (the planet Venus when it appears in the very early days) . According to the stories of Lucifer was once an angel, but eventually lowered to the ground for opposing the Lord, that when it started to create Adam.

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Eternal Love "Wife Corpse on under table"

Her husband, Jeff Green, 32 years old, an American who lives in Arizona. Jeff's wife died and made her husband very very miserable. To overcome the pain, Jeff did something really unusual. Lucy, the name of his wife who died, had heart disease who died at the age of 29 makes. Final sentence, "We'll meet again in heaven." But the sentence was not enough to convince Jeff.

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Devil Sea

Actually, there is a Japanese waters in a very dangerous for shipping and aviation activities, the same danger with the Bermuda Triangle / Bermuda Triangle of Japan Devil's Sea / Sea of Satan.

Devil's Sea of Japan Map

These waters is an area of calm seas in the Pacific Ocean, 100 KM south of Tokyo, which lies between the island and Ivojima Miyake Island, but less so than the famous Bermuda Triangle, perhaps because of the remoteness from mainland Japan.
Meanwhile, the Bermuda Triangle is very familiar to the American sailors, who in turn claimed many ships and planes.

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Prophet Sulaiman Palace

Is said to him: "Come into the palace. And when he saw the floor of the palace, which she thought was a large pool of water, and the second  calves." He said: "This is but a palace paved smooth with slabs of glass" Queen of Sheba said: "My Lord, I have done wrong to me and I surrender with Solomon to Allah, Lord of the Worlds." (Surat an Naml 44)

Historical records reveal the meeting between Solomon with the Queen of Saba based on research conducted Saba in the old country of South Yemen. A study of the ruins revealed that a "queen" who had been living in this region between 1000 s / d 950 BC and do journey to the North (to Jerusalem).

For more details about what happened between the two rulers, political and economic power of these two countries, their governments and other more detailed things everything is explained in the letter an-Naml.
Story that includes most of the letters an-Naml, began his statement about the queen of Saba was based on the news brought by a bird Hud, one of the army of the prophet Sulaiman him:

And soon thereafter (the hoopoe came), then he said: "I already know something that you have not yet knowed; and I took thee from the land of Saba, who is believed to be an important news.

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Discovery Women corpse aged 500 Years

Aged Female Corpse Found 500 years with Clothing and Bags .. They are traditionally buried with their prized possession of goods to bring them to the afterlife. And for the mummies of women, his favorite items is her handbag. Korean woman's corpse, estimated to be 500 years old, was found with the best clothes and bags and ornaments.
Researchers at the Cultural Properties Seogyeong Research Institute in Seoul believe the woman was the wife of high-level government official during the Joseon Dynasty and died during the 16th century. Preliminary analysis of the crate where he was buried has demonstrated the character that shows she is a woman is important.

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