legend of mermaid

According to legend, the daughter of a mermaid is a creature of water which has a head and body like a woman and a tail resembling a fish. Mermaid living in the seabed and is a daughter who is said to have been sworn in paras settled some of its members rather than the waist down to the foot of a fish.
Princess mermaid is a legendary creature whose story has been circulating for centuries ago. They include one of the legendary creature half human half animal. The story of the mermaid form in almost all societies in the world. In Greek mythology, the mermaid is always tempting to say the sailors are negligent. Sesiapa who are tempted to meet his end. Communities also worship the Babylonian god of the sea as a mermaid princess, known as Ea or Oannes. Oannes depicted

as a male mermaid.
The story of the mermaid or princess mermaid was first discovered in Assyria. The story tells about the goddess Atargatis, the mother of Assyrian queen, Semiramis. Atargatis goddess fell in love with a shepherd, who then killed him. Embarrassed, he plunged into the lake to transform themselves into fish. However, water can not change him completely because he still has power as a Goddess. Finally, only half of her body which became fish.
The famous Greek legend tells that the mermaid is Thessalonike daughter, sister of Alexander the Great who transformed into mermaids after death. He is a life after death as a mermaid princess in the Aegean sea, and always asking about the fate of his brother.
He only asks one thing when there is passing sailors. He always asks:
- Ζει ο βασιλιάς Αλέξανδρος? (Zi basiliás Alexandros o?)
(Did Alexander the Great was still alive?).

If she asks Thus, the correct answer is:
- Ζει και βασιλεύει (Zi to basileúi)
(He's still alive and still ruling).
If no answer as such, then it gradually turned into a Gorgon and injure a passing sailor. The story about a mermaid princess is now a universal, worldwide, and does not belong to a region or country. Many people from different countries created the character of a mermaid princess of the present or the past according to his imagination.

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