Prophet Sulaiman Palace

Is said to him: "Come into the palace. And when he saw the floor of the palace, which she thought was a large pool of water, and the second  calves." He said: "This is but a palace paved smooth with slabs of glass" Queen of Sheba said: "My Lord, I have done wrong to me and I surrender with Solomon to Allah, Lord of the Worlds." (Surat an Naml 44)

Historical records reveal the meeting between Solomon with the Queen of Saba based on research conducted Saba in the old country of South Yemen. A study of the ruins revealed that a "queen" who had been living in this region between 1000 s / d 950 BC and do journey to the North (to Jerusalem).

For more details about what happened between the two rulers, political and economic power of these two countries, their governments and other more detailed things everything is explained in the letter an-Naml.
Story that includes most of the letters an-Naml, began his statement about the queen of Saba was based on the news brought by a bird Hud, one of the army of the prophet Sulaiman him:

And soon thereafter (the hoopoe came), then he said: "I already know something that you have not yet knowed; and I took thee from the land of Saba, who is believed to be an important news.

Actually I found a woman ruling over them, and he was awarded all things and has a great throne.

I found him and his people worship the sun, besides Allah, and Satan made them look beautiful their deeds, then blocking them from the road (God), so they are not guided, so they do not worship Allah, the issue of what hidden in the heavens and on earth and who knows what ye hide and what ye reveal.

God, there is no god that is worshiped except Him, Lord of the Throne that big. "Solomon said:" We'll see, what you really or are you one of those who lie. "(Surat an Naml 22-27).

After receiving news of the bird this hud, Sulaimanpun giving orders as follows:

Go to (bring) this letter, then jump to them and then turn away from them and see what they're talking about ". (Surat an-Naml: 28).

After this, the Koran suggests the events that developed after the Queen of Saba received the letter:

Said he (the Queen of Sheba): "O chiefs, actually have dropped me a letter that noble. Truly this letter from Solomon and the actual (content): 'In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. That ye be not applicable to me arrogant and come to me as those who surrender.

Said she (Queen of Sheba); "O rulers to grant me the consideration in my case (was) something I never decided the issue before you are in the assembly (I)."

They said: "We are people who have power and (also) have the courage that is (in war), and the decision is in your hands, so consider what you command."

He said: "Truly the kings when entering a country, they would destroy it, and make noble citizens who are so despicable, and thus also the what and what they would do. And truly, I will send envoys to them to (take) a gift, and ( I'll) wait what was brought back by the messenger's messenger.

And when the messenger came to Solomon, Sulaimanpun said: Do (should) you help me with wealth? So what was given by God to me is better than what was given unto him: but you feel proud of your present.

They returned it We will come to them with armies that they will be unable to fight it, and certainly we will send them out of it (Saba) the humiliation and they (prisoners) are untouchable. "

Sulaiman said: "O chiefs who among you who sanggp bring her throne to me as those who surrender. Said the Ifrit (the clever) from among the jinn: "I will come unto thee to bring it before you stand up from your seat; I really really strong to take him longer be trusted."

Said one who has knowledge of the Scripture: "I will bring it to you before your eyes flashing." Then when Sulaiman saw the throne was located in front of him, he said: This is the Grace of my Lord to test me whether I am grateful or deny (will ni'mat Him). And whoever is grateful he's actually grateful for (goodness) themselves and those who disbelieve, surely my Lord is Rich of Glory ".

He said: "Robahlah her throne; the kia will see if he knew or was he among those who do not recognize (it)".

And when the Queen of Sheba came, ditanyakanlah to him: "throne like this?". He replied: "As if this throne throne, we have been given the knowledge before and we are the ones who have surrendered."

And what the worship of others besides Allah, stop it (to give birth to Islamannya), because in fact he used to be among those who disbelieve. Dikatakanlah to him: "Come into the palace." And when he saw the floor of the palace, he thought the pool of water large and disingkapkannya two legs ". Said:" This is but a palace paved smooth with slabs dai glass. "Said Queen of Sheba: ¼ a, my Lord, behold, I have done wrong to me and I surrender himself with Solomon to Allah, Lord of the Worlds ". (QS An Naml 29-44).

A map showing the route two queen of Saba.

Sulaiman Palace

In the letter and the paragraph that explains about the queen of Saba, the Prophet Sulayman was also mentioned. In the Qur'an we are told that Solomon had a royal and magnificent palaces and many other details are given.

Based on this, Solomon may be said to have the advanced technology of his day. In the palace there are various works of art and precious objects, which is impressive for all that menyaksikanya. The gate of the palace made of glass. Reference to the Qur'an and the effect on the queen of Saba is mentioned in the following paragraph:

. Dikatakanlah to him: "Come into the palace." And when he saw the floor of the palace, he thought the pool of water large and disingkapkannya two legs ". Said:" This is but a palace paved smooth with slabs dai glass. "Said Queen of Sheba: ¼ a, my Lord, behold, I have done wrong to me and I surrender himself with Solomon to Allah, Lord of the Worlds ". (Surat an Naml 44).
After Solomon's temple was destroyed, only one wall / tembol left temple converted into a "wall of lamentation" by Jews. After the conquest of Jerusalem in the seventh century, Muslims built the Dome of the Rock Mosque Ummah and where the temple was formerly located. In the image on the right looks Dome of the Rock.

Solomon's palace was called "Solomon Temple / Temple of Solomon" in Jewish literature. Currently, only the "western wall" remained of the building temples or palaces that still stand, and at the same time this place is called the "Wailing Wall / Wailing Wall" by the Jews. The reason why this court, as so many other places in Jerusalem and destroyed is because of evil actions and arrogance of the Jewish nation. This was informed by the Qur'an as follows:

And We decreed for the Children of Israel in the book: "Verily, ye will do mischief in the earth twice and you would have bragged with great pride." So when comes the time for (crime) The first of the two (crimes) that, We bring to you Our servants who have enormous power, then they are rampant in the villages, and that's a word that must be done.

Then We have given a turn to beat them back and we help you with wealth and children, and We made you a larger group. If you do good (that) you do good for yourself and if you do evil, then the (evil) it for yourself, and when comes the time for (crimes), the second one, (we bring other people) to make gloomy your faces, and they enter into the mosque, as your enemies and entered it in the first time to the utmost to destroy everything in their power. (Surat al-Isra 4-7).

Solomon's Temple has the most advanced technology at the time and a superior understanding of aesthetics. In the picture above shows downtown Jerusalem during the reign of Solomon.
1) Doors Southwest
2) Queen's Palace
3) Solomon's Palace
4) The gate with 32 pillars
5) The courthouse
6) Forest of Lebanon
7) high-level minister's residence
8) The entrance to the temple
9) The square temple
10) Temple of Solomon

All the people mentioned in previous chapters deserve punishment for their rebellion and disorder bersyukuran them for the gift of God, and therefore they adversity. After moving from one place to another without the state and region, and finally found a home, sat in the Holy Land at the time of Solomon, the Jews were once again destroyed because their behavior is beyond the limit, and because their actions are destructive and disobedient. Modern Jews who have settled in the same region to region in the past, again causing damage and "heartened by the incredible arrogance" as they did before the first warning.

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