Eternal Love "Wife Corpse on under table"

Her husband, Jeff Green, 32 years old, an American who lives in Arizona. Jeff's wife died and made her husband very very miserable. To overcome the pain, Jeff did something really unusual. Lucy, the name of his wife who died, had heart disease who died at the age of 29 makes. Final sentence, "We'll meet again in heaven." But the sentence was not enough to convince Jeff.

Second last second burial, Jeff decided he could not let Lucy leave. Upon approval of the government, allowed to bring Jeff in his wife's body home. Because of Lucy during his lifetime love of humor, Jeff thought his wife would not mind if in making a coffee table. Jeff then ordered a special glass table who can stop the process of decomposition. Price U.S. $ 6,000 table.

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  1. Ini palsu. Tadi baru lepas keluar dalam Ripley's. TV3 6pm. 26/5/2010. Spot the NOT.


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