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unsolved mysteries : AREA 51

The research center is a place where scientists conduct research activities that are equipped with various facilities and devices needed to support the achievement of goals and objectives of a study. In general, each country developed or are developing very concerned to have a research center.
Advances in science and technology in a country, is also determined by the results of research developed by the country concerned. Like the Research Center for Science and Technology (Puspitek) Serpong, is a research center owned by Indonesia. Within this area there are numerous research facilities in the shade of government institutions, such as LIPI, BATAN, BPPT, LAPAN, which continues to research and develop science and technology to peaceful purposes.

Of the many research centers are internationally renowned, is Area 51, a military testing facility and the development of a highly secret (top secret), which is operated by the United States Air Force. Area 51 is located in the area of ​​training and testing in Nevada. Location Area 51 is located in Lincoln Country 115.5 km north of Las Vegas with an area ranging from 103 square kilometers.

Area 51 was founded in 1955 that was originally intended to test the development of spy planes the United States U-2 Series is newly created. U-2 planes can fly to an altitude of 70,000 feet. During the U-2 operations have been freely fly over the territory of the Soviet Union until the end of the U-2 plane shot down in 1960. Finally, U-2 painted black in the 1960s. As for the fool as if the apparition of an unknown celestial body commonly called UFOs (Unditified Flying Object), some U-2 painted with a shiny silver color. Since then, Area 51 continues to evolve and be used for a variety of developing a project called Project Black (Black Project) consisting of series Blackbird aircraft, serial Stealth Fighter and Stealth series Boomber. Blackbird series is a continuation of the U-2 series that began in 1962 with the design type A-12 and SR-71. For example, type SR-71 has reached cruising speed 3500 km / h with an effective cruising altitude of 4830 km.

Stealth Fighter series is the first stealth fighter aircraft designed in the late 1970s. The aircraft was operating very well at night. Well-known type is the F-117 Nighthawk. Stealth or Stealth Series is an idea that the aircraft free of radar. Aircraft cruising speed is around 1040 km / h with good height as far as 2110 km. Achievement of operation has been demonstrated in the Gulf War and was commissioned to carry out the targets that have been cooked.

Stealth Series Boomber stealth aircraft is a continuation of the Stealth Fighter Series that have been developed extensively. Series of stealth aircraft known this is the type of Black Manta and B2. Cruising faster and more elusive on the radar of the Stealth Fighter series. Although even so, the strategy of attack still depends on information from the target.

Currently ditujukkan future projects to develop anti-radar technology (Stealth Technology), unmanned surveillance aircraft (UAVs or Unmanned Aerial vehicles) and aircraft (UCAVs, Unmanned combat aerial vehicles), allows to surf with high speed cruising area very high, known as "AURORA". Because the planes are unmanned, the plane is believed to be driven with tremendous speed. In other words, men that can really make a celestial body is unknown. Along with it came again the idea of ​​developing the X-33 spacecraft that technology has not done testing. However, X-33 spacecraft was believed to be a version of Aurora that is WHITE (for the sake of peace).

In line with the research of advanced fighter aircraft, also obtained data on the presence of celestial beings to the Earth, which is better known as the Alien. Finally we come to a question how likely is the existence of aliens in this universe. For that matter, Area 51 has been involved in the investigation of alien technology. Based on the issues that was widely and is believed by many experts, that a team of Area 51 has been found and secretly investigate UFO wreckage found in the Roswell area, the state of New Mexico, USA, 1947. Although there was not yet clear evidence, some outside experts have suspected that Area 51 scientists claimed to have and maintain an alien creature in a very secret place. The claim is reinforced by the recognition of a physicist Bob Lazar, in 1989 that he had worked at one research site located on the south Area 51 and Area 51 has been claimed that testing aircraft extraordinary sophistication and has also been in communication with aliens.

The existence of aliens in Area 51 has led a conspiracy theory that is the result of collecting data from the ruins of the plane that crashed in Roswell Alien and recognition of Bob Lazar has been involved in these activities, such as meetings or contacts with the state in space with adequate equipment, the development of highly-energy weapons high and the activities that are widespread throughout the world. Based on the outstanding issues of this conspiracy theory of the activities carried out at Groom Lake is located in the vicinity of Area 51. But so far there has not been a scientific explanation explicit in explaining the existence of a real alien. Enterprises that can be done is to collect data in the form of reports and photos snapped by amateur.

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u.f.o story


We've probably all seen a movie on TV, or a series where someone is abducted by aliens. We laugh

, But then, when we look deeper into it, we begin to realize that it may not really comedy, but based on events that really happened.

UFO or unidentified flying objects have been observed for centuries, some famous cases in history. As in the David Bowie song, that's life on Mars, it is actually wrong to think that we are the only planet that is inhabited. Where are the other planets, ignoring us, inhabited by what we have come to be known as aliens and UFOs is their mode of transport.

Of course, scientists, like all paranormal activity, find a scientific explanation for everything, or try to, until they exhaust all the possibilities, already a clear indication that the other planets of our solar system is due to make a living atmosphere , but if you do not really exist, have no right to tell us about this?

After the huge success in 1980 film ET the general public was more interested in the possibility of life on other planets, some have dedicated their lives to research on the subject. Religious sects have been trained and thousands of sites dedicated to UFOs, with forums and the opportunity for you to give your own UFO sightings or alien abductions. These places are frequented by many hoaxes, and the observations of serious people who really think they have seen UFOs, aliens or other paranormal behavior.

A case of alien abduction was the most famous back in 1961, when Betty and Barry Hill were abducted by aliens while driving along the car, sees a bright light ahead, and then be deposited back the next day. In separate interviews, describing the couple what they had seen, and there were striking similarities, as well as physical signs of a struggle, with the strap of cases for binoculars Hill who have been displaced.

There are many cases where people who believe they have been abducted by aliens from a UFO landing and take, and instead they have physical scars, which can not be explained as physical self-harm. The Roswell incident is also high on the list of physical observation of UFOs, unexplained debris was found to be a UFO, however, the scientists explain that the distance that remains of a high-altitude surveillance balloon.

There are also many cases of unexplained cattle mutilations, and visual observation and photographic evidence of UFOs. Even if a scientist always find an explanation of the photo is not enough evidence there to leave us with a lingering thought of the existence of UFOs and aliens. Perhaps you are one of the many who have already seen a UFO or paranormal seeing the behavior, or perhaps could be the next ..
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House Of Nightmares

Built in the 19th century, this Victorian Gothic building in ruins is the cornerstone of the quiet village of Bangs, Ohio. The solid brick building with several floors, briefly claimed the title of tallest building in the state of Ohio. Although not able to claim this title for some time, this building is still in contrast to some surrounding buildings on the strip - a group of houses on one floor and a couple of churches. This juxtaposition between the old building and the low surrounding landscape, rural place feels like a Stephen King novel.

The strange, disturbing the character of Knox County workhouse extends beyond just a feeling rampant. His property has changed several times, which is in the downward spiral of his state of decadence today. As the name suggests, the original purpose of this building to house the poor and needy in the county, and sparsely populated Knox in central Ohio. Later he was again seen as an infirmary, before being abandoned for the first several times in his history of neglect.

In the 20 Century Media Century, the Bible, the County of Knox College took over the operation of the old brick building and repair. The building was abandoned once more, however, when left to stand Bible Institute in Virginia. Since the building was inactive, its emptiness and ruin a reputation loss in the region. Capitalizing on this, a haunted house scene began operating the plant with the name "House of Nightmares." Although considerable work has been represented in construction kits, has paid little attention to maintenance. A partial collapse of the internal structure of 2006 the facility was finally closed to the public and the property passes to a private owner, who now holds the field.

For the curious and brave enough to come, this building is filled with relics of the intestine at all stages of its use. No previous tenant that is completely cleared. Medical equipment, including (but cheap) sets, paintings and more fill in all the dusty corridors.
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The Mysterious Rods


After hearing of numerous UFO sightings in his local area of Monterrey, Mexico, a man called Santiago Ytturia decided to set up his camera equipment to see if he could catch one of these unusual objects on film. After waiting for more than an hour on the day of 19th of March, 1994, Ytturia started to become restless, but just as he was about to give up hope, his patience was rewarded. Suddenly, he spotted a flashing light and began filming. Unfortunately the light disappeared quickly and after waiting in vain for further activity, Ytturia decided to dismantle his camera and replay the video to see what he had captured on film. On reviewing the film he could see the strange light of the UFO, but then a few frames further on, Ytturia saw something else that puzzled him even more.

After the UFO had disappeared on the film, Yturria noticed the brief appearance of a long spear-like object, which darted across the screen at an incredible speed. After constantly replaying the footage he realised that this object could not be a bird or insect. In fact this object was moving so fast that it could only be spotted when the film was viewed frame by frame. Ytturia knew instantly that he had captured something new on film, but was it linked to the UFO or was it a completely new phenomena?

Since then, many more ‘rods’ have been captured on film from all over the world. One of the key investigators into the ‘rods’ phenomenon is video production company owner Jose’ Escamilla. So far, Escamilla, who is in charge of a team of independent investigators, has obtained spectacular footage and photographs from a wide range of countries, including the UK, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Mexico and the USA. He even has footage of rods underwater. What is generally agreed is that these strange objects are organic. In other words, they are living creatures and not just some new form of flying saucer. Some people have suggested that they maybe a form of extraterrestrial life form because they are occasionally encountered with UFO activity. Some sceptics would have us believe that what we are seeing is nothing more than birds, insects or camera trickery, but as you can see from the film footage on this page, this does not seem to be a conclusive explanation.

Despite the difference of opinion on the nature of rods, close examination of the video footage has uncovered a number of consistent features. Analysis reveals that the rods seem to be cylinder-shaped ‘creatures’ that range in length from about 10 centimetres to 3 metres, and can travel at speeds of up to 300 kmh. They appear to fly through the air by using an undulating solid membrane which vibrates extremely rapidly on each side of its body (similar to how a squid propels itself through water).

Because of the speed that they move, it can be difficult to capture rods on film. Even with 30 frames per second (fps), good video cameras still have problems capturing detailed pictures of rods. With rods moving up to speeds of 300 kmh, the video is only capable of capturing a few frames of footage before they disappear.  Also, because of the fast movement, the video images of rods generally lack resolution, meaning that it is hard to see fine details, such as if these ‘creatures’ possess eyes or even a head.

What seems to be the best footage taken so far of rods was filmed by Mark Lichtle who is a professional cameraman for US television. He was making a film of parachutists jumping into a deep, vertical cave near San Luis Potosi, Mexico. As in most cases, the rods were only noticed when the film was reviewed later. On observing the slow-motion video, Lichtle saw numerous rods darting in and out of the frame and flying around the base jumpers as they fell through the air (see picture left). In one shot, a rod avoids colliding with one of the jumpers by veering sharply away at the last second.

Optical expert Bruce Maccabee, better known for his analysis of UFO footage, has viewed the film and confirms that the objects are between 2 and 4 metres in length, therefore ruling out the possibility of birds or insects. In 1997, Escamilla attempted to gain scientific recognition of the phenomena by taking a selection of his footage to zoologists and entomologists from the University of Colorado. ‘They were totally baffled,’ states Escamilla. ‘All they could say was that it was unlike anything they had ever seen and that it deserved further study’.

Biologist Ken Swartz has been investigating the rods phenomenon since 1998 and says ‘Rods appear to be biological, but without a physical specimen it is difficult to say anything conclusively.  They seem to be amphibious, as they have been seen entering and leaving water. Perhaps they are born in the sea and emerge into the air?’ Speculating from the eyewitness testimony of people who have seen them, Swartz maintains that they appear to have some similarities to the family of creatures known as cephalopods, such as squids. ‘There have been descriptions of them expanding like a balloon and rapidly deflating,’ he states ’so they could be using a mechanism similar to a squid which sucks in water and jets it out for propulsion.’

If rods are biological entities, why has no one, so far, found the body of a dead rod? If they are flying around us all the time as is commonly believed, then how is it possible that not a single body has been discovered on the ground? Swartz explains that if the rods are indeed similar to squid, they will not have any hard body parts and so could decompose without a trace. Swartz points out ‘If you look at the fossil record, there is only one creature that ever lived that had the rod mode of locomotion, and this was the dominant predator of the time called anamalocaris, which lived in the sea during the Cambrian evolutionary expansion 400 million years ago.’ According to Swartz ‘the creature propelled itself by a row of plates or fins that vibrated in a similar manner to the membranes seen on rods, it is possible that anamalocaris is the evolutionary ancestor of rods.’

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