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We've probably all seen a movie on TV, or a series where someone is abducted by aliens. We laugh

, But then, when we look deeper into it, we begin to realize that it may not really comedy, but based on events that really happened.

UFO or unidentified flying objects have been observed for centuries, some famous cases in history. As in the David Bowie song, that's life on Mars, it is actually wrong to think that we are the only planet that is inhabited. Where are the other planets, ignoring us, inhabited by what we have come to be known as aliens and UFOs is their mode of transport.

Of course, scientists, like all paranormal activity, find a scientific explanation for everything, or try to, until they exhaust all the possibilities, already a clear indication that the other planets of our solar system is due to make a living atmosphere , but if you do not really exist, have no right to tell us about this?

After the huge success in 1980 film ET the general public was more interested in the possibility of life on other planets, some have dedicated their lives to research on the subject. Religious sects have been trained and thousands of sites dedicated to UFOs, with forums and the opportunity for you to give your own UFO sightings or alien abductions. These places are frequented by many hoaxes, and the observations of serious people who really think they have seen UFOs, aliens or other paranormal behavior.

A case of alien abduction was the most famous back in 1961, when Betty and Barry Hill were abducted by aliens while driving along the car, sees a bright light ahead, and then be deposited back the next day. In separate interviews, describing the couple what they had seen, and there were striking similarities, as well as physical signs of a struggle, with the strap of cases for binoculars Hill who have been displaced.

There are many cases where people who believe they have been abducted by aliens from a UFO landing and take, and instead they have physical scars, which can not be explained as physical self-harm. The Roswell incident is also high on the list of physical observation of UFOs, unexplained debris was found to be a UFO, however, the scientists explain that the distance that remains of a high-altitude surveillance balloon.

There are also many cases of unexplained cattle mutilations, and visual observation and photographic evidence of UFOs. Even if a scientist always find an explanation of the photo is not enough evidence there to leave us with a lingering thought of the existence of UFOs and aliens. Perhaps you are one of the many who have already seen a UFO or paranormal seeing the behavior, or perhaps could be the next ..
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