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Banshee in the modern world often present with a ghostly figure of othermalignant . Picture of scary, so scary and spooky legend was apparently caused by the Irish or the Scots who came from Banshee who haunts the spirit of murdered women, or women who die during this made depiction . but This is contrary to the history of the role they are actually far from being a sadist.

Banshee word allegedly comes from the Irish bean sidhe or the bean, which means "woman of the fairy world." Whereas in the Scottish Gaelic language, Banshee has a meaning as a people of peace "or" the people who brings peace ". In Irish mythology, female spirits known as Banshee, indicating that death was imminent. Therefore, these creatures are also known with the nickname of a messenger of death. Some theolopist and adherent Celtic Christians even believe that Banshee figure is the angels who fell and was trapped in the earth. Which causes Banshee is raised as a scary figure might be related to its role as the goddess of death. Many kinds of stories that describe how to proclaim the death of Banshee. The simplest example is if a figure Banshee appears in a house so a family member at home is going to die. There is also a belief that the Banshee presage death by singing a song containing the lyrics of melancholy at the death of the family, whether performed by himself or penetrate a female family member.
This creature is believed to have strong links with some Irish noble families like the O'Gradys, O'Neills, O'Briens, O'Connors, and Kavanagh. If there are family members of those who went away to duty or to war and died, the banshee

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10 Location Treasure Fully Mystery and Amazing

10. Yamashita Treasure, PhilippinesYamashita treasure, is a treasure that was plundered by Japanese troops during World War II, this location was in a Bay in the Philippines, there are many who believe he will treasure this place, but because the terrain has changed, wealth is increasingly difficult to find source.

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" Ningen " Antarctica The Resembling Human Creatures

Over the last few years, rumors have been circulating in Japan about the existence of life forms giant humanoid that inhabit the Antarctic ice waters. Reportedly observed several times by members of the crew of the ship that the government conduct "whale research", is called "Ningen"(lit." man ") is said to completely white, with a length of about 20 to 30 meters.

Witnesses described them as having a form such as humans, often with legs, arms, and even the five fingers of the hand. Sometimes they are described as having large fins or mermaid-like tail rather than legs. The only visible part of the face are like the eyes and mouth.

According to sources, members of the crew on deck observing an object they thought was initially a foreign submarine in the distance. As they approached, however, become clear from the irregular shape it is not man-made - is still alive. The creature quickly disappeared under the water.


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The World's Most Strange Phenomena "human combustion In a sudden"

One of the oddest phenomena in the world is spontaneous human combustion (commonly abbreviated as SHC). What is SHC? SHC who literally can mean "human combustion suddenly" is an event where a person's body was suddenly on fire while around him there was no fire or something like whole hog who started fires. What is more awkward, is often the victim's body could burn up so badly, but the things around him who lies so close even no damage seems completely untouched by fire. SHC phenomenon according to records can occur anywhere and at any time, whether in a crowd or when the victim was his own.

The study of the SHC was first considered by Jonas Dupont published in 1763 in a book entitled "De Humani Corporis Incendiis Spontaneis" which the contents of a collection of SHC cases in that period. Other scientists then began to study seriously about SHC & collect various kinds of SHC cases who happened to be researched further and found the cause. Quite surprising because there are phenomena SHC-been relatively much & it does not include cases of SHC are not publicly known who and who goes beyond them (they are generally limited to data collection in the western, mainly U.S.)

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This is face of storm from the space

During this storm that occurred on earth sometimes terrible, and it turns out when we see it from space storms that occurred during the more terrible, hopefully the picture shown below can add  our insights and more appreciative of all the universe.

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Who is dajjal?

Dajjal is a man of Jewish descent. He's not a genie or apajua other creatures as human beings than he was suspended death "Minal Munzharin" as the Prophet 'Isa who host by Allah Almighty in the heavens and deferred to his death so he will go down initially on the face of this earth, then he would be dead and in buried in Madinah Al Munawwarah. Similarly with the devil who suspended his death so that Judgement.
Dajjal; father was an eminence and fat. Part of his nose like a bird. While the mother is also a fat woman and a lot of meat. Al litany MenurutImam no opinion says bahawa origin father was a descendant of Jews in Shaman identify with "syaqq" when his mother is from Jin nation. He lived in the time of the Prophet Sulayman and has relationships with supernatural beings. Then the Prophet Sulaiman he eventually was arrested and thrown into prison. However the birth and early life keciltidak prominently known.
His properties:
Ra Huzaifah Hadith he said: Messenger of Allah has said: Dajjal is the people who are blind eye to the left, a thick (long) hair and she has a heaven and hell. It is a heaven and hell also Syurganya is Hell (Hadith Sahih Muslim)
There are several characteristics of the Antichrist figure who is mentioned in the Hadith Rasulullahsaw, among others:

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Unique creations

Existing objects used at home can make a decorative creations 

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10th ignored place is really spectacular

Soviet Underground Nuclear Submarine Base

Until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Balaklava is the most secret cities in Russia. Located 10 km north of the Black Sea Coast Sevastapol, this small town is home to a nuclear submarine base. Almost the entire population of Balaklava was not able to visit the town of Balaklava without a reason and a clear identification. These bases remain operational after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 until 1993 when the decommissioning process started and the warheads and low-explosive torpedoes moved. Then in 1996, the last Russian submarine left the base, and now agan2 can visit this place with the help of a guide to surround Cannel System, Base and small museum, which is now stationed at the former weapons storage area deep inside the slope of the hill.

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mysterious hole with a Thousands bats ..

This is at once sinister mysterious hole .... he said thousands of bats live in this horrible hole .. online magazine yet know precisely the existence of this hole because of the online magazine of get this picture ... Our search for the existence of this hole in the wait .. yes in the next article

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Legendary swords In History

Saladin Sword

Saladin sword / Saladin, the Kurdish Muslim general and warrior from Tikrit. This sword made from Damascus steel very hard but flexible because it has a content of CNTs (carbon nanotubes). He said this is very sharp sword, sharp enough to easily pierce armor renald de chatilon. Salahuddin famous Muslim and Christian world because of leadership, military strength, and nature of the knights and forgiving when he fought against the crusaders. Ayyubid Sultan Salahuddin Al is also a cleric. He provides footnotes and a variety of explanations in the book of hadeeth of Abu Dawud. Now this sword is a private collection in the UAE.Harganya Shahhi family about $ 555,000

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