10 Location Treasure Fully Mystery and Amazing

10. Yamashita Treasure, PhilippinesYamashita treasure, is a treasure that was plundered by Japanese troops during World War II, this location was in a Bay in the Philippines, there are many who believe he will treasure this place, but because the terrain has changed, wealth is increasingly difficult to find source.

9. VOC Treasure, IndonesiaVOC mystery treasure on the island of Onrust was invited so many people are curious. because supposedly he said, the amount of this treasure could repay all the debts of Indonesia.Onrust Island is located in the Bay of Jakarta. 3 hours from Muara Karang using motor boats, where this time the Dutch had always been a most busy place, where the entry of the vessel after the traverse of two other Indonesian cities. VOC Myths treasure on the island of Onrust was originated from the peculiarity of history, how an institution as large and as strong trade VOC sudden bankruptcy of a sudden. source

8. Treasure of Lima, Peru In the year 1820, in Lima (Peru) was a war of revolution. As a precaution, the city of Lima decided to move their assets TSB to Mexico City, to be safe. Property include the batu2 precious jewels, tempat2 candles and two statues of Mary holding Jesus was human-sized. Overall, property valued at U $ 60 million TSB consists of 11 ships and commanded by Captain William Thompson, who menahkodai Dear Mary Ship. But unfortunately ill Lima city government know that the real William Thompson is a former pirate. Once the property had already boarded the ship, he immediately killed orang2 TSB Peruvian who guard the treasure, and threw his body into the sea. Thompson ran into the Cocos TSB property, in the Indian Ocean, then bury it. Then the gang split up and hide until it feels safe to take back the property who Mk grave. But the ship Mary Dear finally caught. All of the conspirators were hanged on charges of piracy, but William Thompson and his mate. Both the TSB agreed to show the location of treasure concealment TSB. Mark brings to the Cocos Islands orang2 TSB, but in the middle of the road Mark fled into the forest. Until sekrg TSB ill treasure never found again. Since then, he has more than 300 search expeditions are held, but failed. Lately orang2 TSB suspects they are treasures hidden off the Cocos Islands, but in an unknown island in Central America. source Onrust Island is located in the Bay of Jakarta. 3 hours from Muara Karang using motor boats, where this time the Dutch had always been a most busy place, where the entry of the vessel after the traverse of two other Indonesian cities. VOC Myths treasure on the island of Onrust was originated from the peculiarity of history, how an institution as large and as strong trade VOC sudden bankruptcy of a sudden. source

 7th. The Ark of The Convenant (Ark of the Covenant), JerusalemArk of the covenant in the Bible is a container made of gold that reads "10th Commandment" in addition to Moses reputedly said rod also being in the box.This picture is just a replica.

6. Pharaohs' Missing Treasure, Egypt When Howard Carter discovered in 1922 thn eat Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings (Valley of the Kings), Egypt, he was enchanted by the greatness of who artefak2 terdpt at the tomb of the young king TSB. TSB around eating there are many gems and artefak2 batu2. Saking number, sampai2 Carter took 10 years to make its catalog. However, when excavation makam2 other pharaohs in the late 19th century found in the fact that the TSB makam2 het empty. Almost everyone knows that the pirates sdh tomb (to mention orang2 who steal property inside the cemetery) has run its action over centuries ago. But when Mark to thrash out the treasure of the Fir-Aun TSB, then it is very unreasonable. Next question: where is the treasure of the pharaohs hidden TSB? Some experts believe that the assets of TSB was deliberately taken by the priests who conduct the funeral of dynastic Egyptian Kings to 20 and to 21 (years 425-343 BC) in the Valley of the Kings. Pharaoh-Pharaoh at that time banned for supposedly not taking the treasure there in the ancestral tomb to be reused Mark at Mark's funeral. One of the officials who were named Herihor be an example. Herihor is a high court officer at the time of Ramses XI. At the time of Ramses died, Herihor TSB seized power and then divided into two kingdoms with the law, Piankh. Herihor then placed himself as a person in charge for funerals in the Valley of the Kings, allows for she had plenty of opportunity to rob the tomb of the kings of old. Herihor own tomb until sekrg not found. However, experts believe that when the mystery disappearance of a treasure in the tomb of the Pharaoh will unfold over time who berjalan.source Illustration ..

5. Montezuma's Treasure, MexicoSlaughter of the Aztecs in Mexico who people the Spaniards carried out by the attention on the date July 1, 1520. Setlh kill the Emperor Montezuma, Hernando Corts and his troops were surrounded by Aztec warriors who get angry, in the capital Tenochtitln. After several days of fierce fighting, ordered his troops to collect Corts Montezuma's most valuable treasures and carried them away. But yet so far away, Mark forces caught up with the Aztec and Spanish troops massacred at the lake Tezcuco. Time remaining troops who promptly cast spoils Mark then ran away. A year later Corts came back with his army to take back the property failed to Mark who first stripped. But residents have hidden treasures Tenochtitln TSB, allows for a pile of gold, gems and other precious stones TSB. never found again until now. Until sekrg treasure seekers still busy looking for relics of the Aztecs Around town Tenochtitln TSB sekrg who has been renamed Mexico City.

4. King Solomon's Treasure, JerusalemSacred artefacts looted artefacts by the Romans from the Temple of Jerusalem and is suspected in kubah2 hidden in the Vatican, this artifact is considered as the greatest treasure the Bible as the silver trumpets that would indicate arrival of the Messiah, the horns, gold candle etc..After a decade, archaeologists have merekontruksikan Kensley Dr treasure route for the first time, he thought the treasure was meniggalkan Rome in the 5th century to Carthage, Constantinople and Algeria before its final goal in the wilderness of Judea source

3. Blackbeard's Treasure, caribbean islandFamous pirates, Blackbeard aka the Black Beard, is actually just over two years traveling (1716-1718). But during that time she allegedly had collected lots of loot. When Spain SDG busy looking for gold and silver in Mexico and South America region, Blackbeard and his accomplice waited patiently and then merompak kapal2 carrying gold and silver TSB. when Mark returned to Spain.
Vicious pirate known as Blackbeard who smart to take advantage. Operating area is around the West Indies and the coast of Atlantis in North America, with its main headquarters in the Bahamas and North Carolina. History is completed in the month of November 1718, when British Lieutenant Robert Maynard caught him and hanged him. But the treasure was not discovered until sekrg loot.It is said that drowning ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, was discovered in 1996 near the PD thn Beaufort, North Carolina. But the ship was discovered off the treasure TSB. Many people believe that Black Beard's treasure is hidden in the Caribbean, Chesapeake Bay, and in caves who terdpt in the Cayman Islands.

 2. The Lost City - Atlantis (Coordinates: 31 15'15 .53 N 24 15'30 .53 W)Ocean Goggle connection technology of Google Earth has been discovered that ordinary humans can not find the Lost City of Atlantis. The town is located about 620 miles off the coast of northwest Africa, near the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.According to the Greek philosopher, a very advanced city of Atlantis was disebuah island about 9,000 years ago. Region covers the Asian region to Libya, with lavish palaces, abundant gold and silver, and is a place of his land and the best climate in the World. But then, Plato wrote of Atlantis was defeated in war by other tribes. And the city was also destroyed.


1. The Amber Room, RussiaDescribed as the 8th wonder of the world by orang2 who never saw it. Amber Room treasure mrpk most unique in history.
Is a room measuring 11 square feet, consisting of large wall panel2 several tons of stone encrusted Amber rara avis, a large cermin2 antecedent sisi2nya terdpt who leaves made of gold, and four Florentine who Mozaic extraordinarily beautiful. Structured in three levels, the room who TSB studded permata2 priceless. In it are stored the various collections of art objects made in Prussia and Russia's most valuable.Created by King Frederick I of Prussia to be given blindly. Russian Czar Peter the Great War in 1716. Amber Room is located in Katherine's Palace, near St. Petersburg. Currently possible values of this room more than U.S. $ 142 million (approximately more than USD 1.5 trillion).When Hitler with his Nazi-Russian attacks, guard Amber Room misgivings. Mark tried to move it, but started to crumble dinding2nya allows for possible move dinding2 TSB. Finally cover it with wallpaper Mk.TSB failed effort to hide the Amber Room. When the Nazis devastated Leningrad (now named St. Petersburg) in late October 1941, Mark took it and moved it to Königsberg Castle during the war.When Königsberg surrendered in April 1945, the Amber Room disappeared, and until sekrg never found again. Would have been destroyed by Soviet bombs themselves? Was hidden in one of the adjoining bunker outside the city? Neither knows about the fate of the room would TSB.We have created a replica of the Amber Room, nailed a very thorough, in Catherine Palace.


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