" Ningen " Antarctica The Resembling Human Creatures

Over the last few years, rumors have been circulating in Japan about the existence of life forms giant humanoid that inhabit the Antarctic ice waters. Reportedly observed several times by members of the crew of the ship that the government conduct "whale research", is called "Ningen"(lit." man ") is said to completely white, with a length of about 20 to 30 meters.

Witnesses described them as having a form such as humans, often with legs, arms, and even the five fingers of the hand. Sometimes they are described as having large fins or mermaid-like tail rather than legs. The only visible part of the face are like the eyes and mouth.

According to sources, members of the crew on deck observing an object they thought was initially a foreign submarine in the distance. As they approached, however, become clear from the irregular shape it is not man-made - is still alive. The creature quickly disappeared under the water.


For most, the existence Fighter regarded as a legend. Much information about this rumored creatures can be traced back to a series of posts on 2channel forums, written by someone described the experience of a friend who worked for the government on a whale research vessel.

A popular thread to attract many readers from outside the community of 2channel, and MU magazine November 2007 edition, the Japanese publication devoted to studying paranormal phenomena, featuring articles about Antarctic humanoids.

Image at Google Maps

This article speculates about the possibility of unknown creatures that inhabit the southern ocean, and this includes a screenshot of Google Maps that shows what looks like a Ningen in the South Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Namibia.

Until now, there is no strong evidence has been presented to confirm the presence of Ningen. The government is believed to keep detailed records of sightings, but they have released no information to the public and has been reported eyewitnesses told to keep quiet.

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