Legendary swords In History

Saladin Sword

Saladin sword / Saladin, the Kurdish Muslim general and warrior from Tikrit. This sword made from Damascus steel very hard but flexible because it has a content of CNTs (carbon nanotubes). He said this is very sharp sword, sharp enough to easily pierce armor renald de chatilon. Salahuddin famous Muslim and Christian world because of leadership, military strength, and nature of the knights and forgiving when he fought against the crusaders. Ayyubid Sultan Salahuddin Al is also a cleric. He provides footnotes and a variety of explanations in the book of hadeeth of Abu Dawud. Now this sword is a private collection in the UAE.Harganya Shahhi family about $ 555,000

The Sword of King Goujian

This sword is a state treasure and has charisma Excaliburnya equivalent to King Arthur's sword. When found, this sword has more than 2000 years old, but still very sharp and not rusty. Moreover, there is a rhombic pattern of concentric circles and 11 which is only 0.2 millimeters away from hiltnya. Material: bronze. Length: 55.6 cm (including handle) and width: 5 cm.

Swords made of copper, making it more flexible and less likely to destroyed; side of the sword has a tin content, makes it harder and was able to maintain a sharp edge; sulfur reduces the possibility of erosion patterns.

The sword of King Goujian is one of the most exquisite examples of early Metallurgy in China. Even today, the sword would be very Difficult to replicate.


Zulfiqar, the legendary sword of Ali ibn Abu Talib. Narrated, in the Battle of Uhud (625 AD) The Apostle Muhammad Zulfiqar presented to Ali, son in law, and with the sword of Ali conquered the toughest enemies, Amr ibn Abdawud, destroying both the helmet and shield. Zulfiqar Ali ibn Husayn then used, the grandson of the Apostle, who died in
Karbala War.

Honjo Masamune

Honjo Masamune, a symbol of the Tokugawa shogunate swords made by Masamune, the famous sword maker in Japan in the early 14th century. Artificial sword Masamune often compared with an artificial sword Muramasa, which allegedly is a former pupil. Masamune sword symbolizes peace, while Muramasa sword symbolizes the blood thirsty.


Muramasa Sengo (千 子 村 正 Sengo Muramasa) was a famous swordsmith who founded the Muramasa school and lived during the Muromachi period (16th century) in Japan. Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook said that Muramasa "was a good swordsmith but cruel and ill-thought, which tercemin on homemade swords ... The sword was believed to be blood thirsty and to encourage their soldiers to commit murder or suicide."

When Tokugawa Ieyasu became shogun, artificial Muramasa sword is no longer popular because it was believed killed many people near Ieyasu.

The Wallace Sword

This sword is owned Sir William Wallace (1270 - 1305), A knight and Scottish patriot who perform resistance terhadapan British rule. Stated that this sword used in the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 and the Battle of Falkirk (1298).

The blade of the sword measures 4 feet 4 inches in length (132cm) and including the handle 5 feet 6 inches (168cm) [1]. The Breadth of the blade Varies from 2:25 inches at the guard to 0.75 inches before the point. The sword weighs 6 lb (2.7 Kg)

Tippu Sultan's Sword

Sword of Tipu Sultan Fateh Ali (Urdu: فتۃ الی تیپو) November, 1750, Devanahalli - May 4, 1799, Srirangapattana), also known as the Tiger of Mysore, is the de facto ruler of the Sultanate of Mysore in India from the year 1782 (in when his father's death) until his death in 1799.

In mythology

Who would know at the Excalibur ga. This legendary sword is the sword belongs to the King Arthur.Dan according to legend, this sword has magical powers that gave him the right of British rule. In the language of the sword was named Caledfwlch Wales.

Excalibur's name comes from the ancient French Excalibor, which comes from the Latin Caliburnus. In the legend of Arthur, there are two stories about the origin of this sword. The first is the legendary "Sword in the Stone", first appeared in Robert de Boron Merlin poem, in which Excalibur from the stone may be withdrawn only by persons who are entitled to become king, which is Arthur. In the second version, which appeared in the suite du Merlin, Arthur receives Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake after his first sword broken in battle against King Pellinore.

Similar to Excalibur, no one knows the form of his sword.

version 3, Naruto

For the people of Japan, the legendary sword Kusanagi is the equivalent of Excalibur. His full name is Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi ("Grass Cutting Sword"). According to legend, the sword is obtainable by a god named Susanoo cut the tail while it is the fourth of a dragon-headed monsters and eight-tailed, Yamato-No-Orochi. Then dedicated to the goddess Ameterasu. He says the sword is kept at Atsuta Shrine, but until now nobody blm people outside the temple, except the emperor, who had seen this sword.

Legendary Keris
Keris Mpu Gandring
Keris famous legendary heritage in the history of the establishment Singashari. The sword was forged by mpu Gandring, a blacksmith who is so powerful for Ken Arok's orders. Ken Arok requested that the keris is completed in one night. Because kesaktiaannya, kris successfully completed in one night. But when Mpu Gandring middle to make sarong keris, Ken Arok suddenly come because he thought the time had one day. Mpu Gandring stabbed Ken Arok it is considered not keep their promises to resolve a dagger in the night time. In a dying state, issued a curse that Mpu Gandring Kris will ask the victim lives of seven generations from Ken Arok. In a way, this dagger was involved in an altercation and the murder victim's elite with stumps Singashari Ametung, Kebo Ijo, Ken Arok, Anusapati, Tohjaya.

Keris Kyai Lean Mix
Lean Mix is one of the keris Majapahit kingdom's heritage which is mentioned in many legends and folklore. Kris is known by the name of Kyai Kanjeng Lean Mix.

This is one of the Keris kris kitchen straight. Blade length is the flower of nuts, one lambe elephants, one in front and size of bribes in length until the end of the bar, no rear bribes. In addition, a dagger is also using gusen and lis-lis's.

This heirloom kris reputedly created by the rollicking hundred people mpu. Kris material taken from various places. And eventually it became kris kris a powerful heritage but has an evil character.

Keris Kyai Kober Satan.
This is the same legendary kris by kris Mpu Gandring. Luk how much is still unknown, but if by kula is straight with no luk kris, kris typical spent in the war. The author is not clearly known because of superstition mixed dg who do not clear. The holder of this dagger is Duke of the Duchy Jipang Panolang which is also very legendary, Arya Penangsang.
This keris is said, when deprived of warangkanya will cause a great suggestion orang2 surround. Suggestions have turned hurricane like setan2 who chased. Arya Penangsang science itself is known to have immune. Kris is commensurate enemy spears Plered kyai who is also legend.
While the conflict against Penangsang, Duke Hadiwijaya (joko Tingkir) sent Danang Sutowijoyo to challenge in the hills Penangsang Menoreh and sacred spear membekalinya dg TSB.

Hadiwijaya also known as a strategist. He knew that if Penangsang has genius stallion named Crow Riman. This horse was like having a mental connection Penangsang dg. Wherever the driver thinks, there is also Crow Riman. Without having to be controlled by the reins. To overcome this problem, Hadiwijaya sent Danang challenging Penangsang kimpoi season when horse and told Danang wearing mare. Another strategy, Danang was told to come first and take a position on the hill.

On D-day, Danang who was the peak of the top first. When Penangsang come, the horse who naturally is dipuncak desire to see a mount mare Danang. This makes the horse out of control so easily Danang dg Kyai Plered spear thrust to the stomach Arya Penangsang. This magical spear successfully ripped body caused his intestines spilled Penangsang immune. Despite the critical injured like this, Arya Penangsang back upright and menguntaikan own intestines to the hilt of the keris and ran up to Danang. When close, Aryo Penangsang draw his blade. Unfortunately, Aryo Penangsang forgot his own intestines if there is there, when it cut the intestines ripped kris TSB. And ended the history of this gallant duke dg way rara avis.
Hadiwijaya who saw all this to be amazed, and told Danang when married later imitate Aryo Penangsang gallant attitude. Danang Sutowijoyo do these discourses and strands of keris handles replaced intestine in with garlands of jasmine flowers. Tradition that was preserved until now.

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