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6 Viruses Most Deadly For Man in the World

1. Ebola Virus

Ebola (virus Congo) is a type of virus of the genus Ebolavirus, family Filoviridae, and also the name of a disease caused by a virus. Very deadly Ebola disease.

Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, body ache, bleeding inside and outside the anus, and fever. The mortality rate to 90%. Originally he is from the Ebola River in Congo. Ebola disease can be transmitted through direct contact with body fluids or skin.

This virus started to spread from one species of ape in the Congo and then began to spread to humans, humans began a period of this virus until his death about 1 week because of this virus was so ferociously.

The virus is still on the plains of Africa and reportedly also has come to the Philippines. One time the European Affairs to import monkeys from the Congo, when it knows the virus is eventually destroyed all these monkeys in order not to spread everywhere, and until now has not been found vaccine that can cure this disease.

2. SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome)

Pneumonia disease that emerged in China. After China to silence news SARS outbreak both internally and internationally, SARS spread rapidly, reaching the neighboring countries Hong Kong and Vietnam in late February 2003, then to other countries via international travelers.

The last case of this epidemic occurred in June 2003. In that outbreak, 8069 cases arise which killed 775 people. There is speculation that this disease is Man-Made SARS, SARS has symptoms of flu and may include: fever, cough, sore throat and other non-specific symptoms.

The only symptom that is common to all patients are fever above 38 degrees Celsius. Shortness of breath may occur later. The disease is no vaccine, so overcome only assisted breathing apparatus course. The virus is said to be considered as a Virus End time

3. Enterovirus (Brain Inflammation)

Entero virus disease is hand, foot, and mouth, if neglected it could be a brain inflammation. Enterovirus attack symptoms very similar to ordinary flu symptoms so difficult to detect, such as fever are sometimes accompanied by dizziness and weakness and pain.

Next will come the small bumps on the palms of the hands red and watery following foot sores in the mouth. In severe conditions, enterovirus can attack nerves and brain tissue to result in death.

The virus is easily transmitted through direct contact with patients. Children are main victims of the spread of enterovirus in China. Since the first victim was found but reporting was delayed until several weeks later.

Already 24 thousand people infected with enterovirus. More than 30 of them died most of the children. The virus is reported to have entered Indonesia and spread 3 People in Sumatra

4. Hepatitis B virus (HBV)

Hepatitis B is a liver disease caused by the "Hepatitis B virus" (HBV), a family member Hepadnavirus which can cause acute liver inflammation partly sirosi cases may progress to liver or liver cancer.

Hepatitis B virus is a form of Hepatitis is more serious than other types of hepatitis. Patients with Hepatitis B can happen to everyone from all age groups.

There are several things that can cause hepatitis B virus occurs:
1. Sleeping too late
2. Not in the morning CHAPTER
3. Not eating breakfast
4. The pattern of overeating
5. Eat raw foods and berpengawet
6. Using a toothbrush with someone else

Each year approximately 1800 people diagnosed with liver cancer and more than half were men.

Symptoms of liver cancer
• The skin becomes yellow in color and overall eye to white
• Fever
• Shivering
• Feeling tired extraordinary
• Nausea
• Pain in abdomen
• Loss of desire to eat
• Weight loss is down dramatically
• Pain in the back and shoulders
• dark-colored urine
• There is bleeding inside the body

5. H5N1 Virus (Bird Flu)

Bird flu is a type A influenza virus that spreads among birds. This virus was later found to be able to also spread to other species such as pigs, cats, dogs, tigers, and humans.

Common symptoms that may occur is high fever, respiratory complaints. Viral replication in the body to run fast so that the patient needs immediate medical attention.

• Indonesia - 99 cases with 79 deaths.
• Vietnam - 93 cases with 42 deaths.
• Egypt - 34 cases with 14 deaths.
• Thailand - 25 cases with 17 deaths.
• People's Republic of China - 25 cases with 16 deaths.
• Turkey - 12 cases with 4 deaths.
• Azerbaijan - 8 cases with 5 deaths.
• Cambodia - 7 cases with 7 deaths.
• Iraq - 3 cases with 2 deaths.
• Laos - 2 cases with 2 deaths.
• Nigeria - 1 case with 1 death.
• Djibouti - 1 cases with no deaths.

Earlier this outbreak in poultry in the world that have been confirmed since December 2003. Outbreaks of bird flu was also plagued the African continent. On February 8, 2006, the OIE declared Nigeria as the first country to have a positive case of bird flu on the continent.

Two weeks later, the H5N1 virus was found in a small village in Niger, about 72 km from its border with Nigeria. This virus also spread to Egypt and Cameroon.

6. Virus HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

HIV is a virus that infects the human immune system cells. The term HIV has been used since 1986 as a name for the retrovirus that was first proposed as cause of AIDS by Luc Montagnier of France, who originally named it LAV.

HIV is transmitted through sexual intercourse and oral sex, or through the anus, blood transfusions, shared use of contaminated needles through drug injection and in health care, and between mothers and their babies during pregnancy, birth and lactation.

It is estimated that between 36 to 44 million people living with HIV, 25 million of whom are residents of sub-Saharan Africa. Estimated number of people infected with HIV worldwide in 2004 was 6.4 million people, Indonesia has reached 130,000 people, the lives of people affected by HIV around 6-12 years.
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