Lizzie Borden

image Lizzie Borden faced trial for killing her father and stepmother with an ax.
Who really bludgeoned to death Andrew and Abby Borden? Was the crime planned so well that authorities had no physical evidence linking anyone including Lizzie Borden to the crimes?
Why is it that the maid, Bridgette, never heard anything and claimed to have been washing windows outside? Since the murders happened during the day, how could she have missed a murder that must have made some commotion? Was this murder so well calculated that no one would ever be convicted of the gruesome murders? Did Lizzie Borden kill her father and step mother?

August 4, 1892 was a day in the history of Fall River that no one will ever forget. Andrew Borden was found on the sofa in the sitting room of the house, bludgeoned to death. Lizzie came in from the barn she said, and found her father. She called Bridgette in the house and asked her to call Dr. Bowen from down the road. She also told her to call the neighbor Adelaide Churchill. The arrival of the police prompted a search of the house for Abby Borden. Abby was found upstairs in a sewing room. Abby had been bludgeoned to death as well.

Lizzie Borden did say that she went to her room with some clothes after Andrew returned home. She was in her room long enough to sew some tape on one of her garments. Was that long enough to bludgeon Abby to death? Why was there no blood on her clothes?

Lizzie returned downstairs and found out that her fire had died out for her flats that she was using to iron, so she was waiting for it to heat up and went to the barn to find a lead sinker for fishing that she planned to do the following Monday. Was she gone long enough for someone to come into the home and kill Andrew and search out Abby and kill her? Lizzie was only gone for twenty minutes she told authorities. That would be twenty minutes for someone to enter the home, find Andrew, kill him and search out Abby in an upstairs sewing room, then kill her and leave.

Wouldn't someone, such as a neighbor or a child outside playing have seen a person leaving the home covered in blood? Where was Bridgette all this time? Surely, she would have seen or heard something. Where were the bloody clothes that Lizzie Borden would have been wearing? If she had done this grizzly crime, she should have had some blood on her clothes, in her hair or on her body somewhere. Why was there no blood anywhere on Lizzie or anywhere else in the house?

Emma was out of town visiting friends, so she was not suspected in the murders of her parents. Still, one must look at Bridgette also. What was she doing and where was she doing it? Abby Borden did not treat Bridgette very nice, could she have been the one to take care of Abby and Andrew because of her caring and love for Lizzie? Maybe there were two people involved in the crime and cover up. Maybe Bridgette and Lizzie did the killings. What happened to Bridgette after the killings and trail? 

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