Ghostly and Phantom Hitchhikers

image A strange lady or girl standing next to the road have been reported by many.
One recurring ghost story throughout history is of the “phantom hitchhiker” or “road ghost”. These stories even go back centuries when wagon drivers claimed to have given rides to strange entities.
No two stories are exactly the same, although they all do have recurring themes.  Some people view road ghosts just to be urban legends and myths, while others believe that at least some stories have a bit of truth behind them.
Perhaps the most well known version of the story is that a driver, upon coming across a strange lady or girl standing next to the road, will offer her a ride.  The girl usually seems quiet and polite, and gives the driver directions to her home.  The driver will drop her off, and then sometime later will find out that the girl living at the home had died months or even years ago.
Other versions of the story will say that the girl disappears completely as soon as the driver stops at her “house!”  Most of these stories are probably just urban legends, although it doesn’t account for every single phantom hitchhiker or road ghost account.    Some theorize that perhaps, if a story like this one ever really did happen, perhaps the driver simply mistook the hitchhiker’s home with another home.  After all, these stories all seem to happen at night time, so maybe the driver really didn’t get a good look at the “ghost’s” house after all.
There are other types of ghost encounters that reportedly occur on roads.  These are referred to as “spectral jaywalkers”.  In this type of scenario, motorists come across a human figure running or walking right out in front of the vehicle!  The driver will usually try to slam the brakes on, only to find that the figure disappeared. 
One possible explanation, of course, would be that the drivers are simply seeing things.  That perhaps shadows only look like human-figures.  Some also theorize that some motorists could be under the influence of alcohol or even drugs.  Still, there are many who claim to have truly experienced such a phenomenon. 
Paranormalists believe that such cases are possible.  Many, many people have died on or near roads over the centuries, whether from highwaymen, auto accidents, or other reasons.  Perhaps some of the individuals who lost their lives are still hanging around the roads.  One sadder theory is that perhaps some of the phantom hitchhikers were killed on their way to someplace special, to perhaps meet someone.  And now, they spend eternity trying to get there, but never will.

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