Shag Harbor UFO Incident

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The Shag Harbour UFO Incident is one of most bizarre UFO cases of all time. In Oct. 1967, a unidentified flying object crashed in Nova Scotia.
Shag Harbor, a small fishing village, was the location of the crash as well as the controversy resulting from it.  This village was so small that it was never even drawn on maps before the incident!  the locals of the village always had their tales of ghost ships and giant sea monsters, but the UFO incident of 1967 undoubtedly gave them something that they would truly never forget!  And the rest of the world would remember with them.
The night of Oct. 4, 1967 is when it all started.  Witnesses in the area saw four bright lights in the sky.  Five young adults watched the lights flashing in a strange sequence.  And then, out of nowhere, the lights dived down toward the water.  Instead of going through the water, the lights seemed to have floated on the surface, approximately a half a mile off shore.  At first, witnesses thought they were witnessing a plane crash, and immediately called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for help.
What they didn’t know was that the RCMP Constable, Ron Pound, had witnessed the lights himself.  He was already on his way down to the shore.  He thought he saw four lights all attached to a flying craft, which he estimated to be around 60 ft. long.  He made his way to shore with Police Corporal Victor Werbieki and other locals, where everyone witnessed a yellow light floating on the water.  As it moved, a yellow foam was left in its wake.  eventually,  it either drifted too far away for anyone to see or went under water.
The RCMP contacted the Rescue Coordination Center in Halifax and ran a traffic check with NORAD radar in Baccaro, Nova Scotia.  They were told that there were no missing planes being reported missing.  All civilian and military craft were accounted for.  The next day, the Rescue Coordination Center filed a report in Ottawa with the Canadian Force Headquarters.  The report stated that an object of “unknown origin” hit the water at Shag Harbor.
The area was searched by divers for several days, yet nothing was reported to have been found.  Some people, however, believed that something was indeed found.  Allegedly, an object was spotted on a sonar at a nearby submarine detection base, and the military was said to have been planning on salvaging whatever was there.  Before they could, however, a second object appeared out of nowhere right next to the first. 
The military then decided to sit and watch before acting.  At some point during the military’s waiting, a Russian submarine was witnessed in the Canadian waters.  When the military went to check it out, the two unidentified objects disappeared.  Supposedly, the two crafts shot out into the sky, never to be seen again. 
Whether or not there is any truth to this scenario, nobody knows.  None of the military or civilian witness reports were recorded, and were given “off the record”.  Therefore, there is no actual evidence to support the claims that there really were objects discovered on the sonar.  Something really did crash into the water near Shag Harbor in 1967, but whether it was an actual alien craft, Russian craft, or anything else, we’ll probably never know.

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