Mystery of Bigfoot

image Is Bigfoot a creature of breeding? Is Bigfoot some other form of life that is unknown to us?
If you think about all the news reports and sightings that have occurred as of late, you have to believe that there is something roaming around out there, but what is it?
The reports find larger than normal human footprints and they are larger and different shapes than that of a bear. The only logical explanation is that there is indeed a Bigfoot or even a few of them. Bigfoot sightings have occurred in Wisconsin, Canada and other parts of the world. The sightings have continued through the years and people that report the sightings are very believable. It seems that not everyone can be seeing things or even making the stories up.

Although there are no known attacks on people to date, people have reported being followed and felt that something was watching them when they were in wooded areas. The sightings that have occurred are not science fiction as once thought. They are real and real people from all walks of life are reporting the sightings. The Bigfoot mystery may never be solved since the people that see this creature are usually too afraid to approach it or even talk to it. The one thing that everyone can agree on is the footprints and in some areas the coloring and cowlick.

Is Bigfoot a creature of breeding? Is Bigfoot some other form of life that is unknown to us? The questions are ones that many believers are trying to answer. The problem is that the stories and sightings happen in so many different areas and are not very common. How can something this big, hide from humans for as long as it has. Where does it get it food and where does it sleep or live. Many people say that the creature can run very fast. Where does it disappear to when people are looking for it? The Bigfoot clubs are constantly seeking answers. They follow up on sightings trying to get a glimpse of the creature. 

The real question to answer is if Bigfoot is real or not. The answer has to be yes. However, more research and information is needed to determine who Bigfoot is and how long has he been on earth. With the way scientists experiment with different cloning techniques and everything else, who can say that someone did not create this creature or more than one? Is it possible that Bigfoot is the product of a scientific experiment gone bad? Would you admit it, if you created a monster?

There are many pictures and videos circulating showing a creature running away, but you never see one running towards someone. The pictures are always from a distance and not close up. If someone could produce a clear and sharp picture with a high tech camera, it might be easier to see who Bigfoot really is. Until more evidence other than footprints, one can only speculate as to what the creature is or if Bigfoot really exists. The people who search for Bigfoot have not found conclusive evidence to say whether Bigfoot is an unexplained mystery or something of a paranormal sighting.

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