2012 Still in mystery

The Mayan Calendar. It stops on 21st of December 2012. Will the world end or were they just lazy?  For the second time this weeks time, an asteroid has gone through the orbit of the Soil and celestial satellite. And I keep in mind one doing the same element, last 30 days I think it was. What if that's how the community ends? What if those asteroids are lesser parts arriving off a larger one on a impact course with earth and the lesser ones (one was the dimension a bus) are just filter misses. However, NASA says they will burn up if they enter our atmosphere. But what about a bigger one? Every few million years there has been a giant extinction only leaving the strong after the dust settles. And the human race seems long overdue for an extinction event. The Permian extinction event wiped out most of the mammal based life forms on the planet, leaving the door wide open for dinosaurs who were repeatedly hit with asteroids and seem to survive, but in the end, they were wiped out in the cretaceous era and humans took over.
Also, another theory I have is what if that date is our official first contact with aliens? The Mayans and most ancient civilisations seemed like they knew the aliens very well. What if they were told a date and to wait until then. They could have marked it down on a calendar? 

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