There are many strange and mysterious events that can not be explained by common sense. Scientifically difficult to disentangle, perhaps only through supranatura. This article is not intended to discuss the things occult, but these events really happened, and until now could not be explained because musababnya. Even the FBI has stepped in was 'surrender' and enter the 'X Files'.

Here are 10 strange and mysterious events from all over the world, a strange thing happened in the world:

A. The Amityville Haunted House

You ever watch a horror film Amityville House? Did film is lifted from horror novel written by George and Kathy Lutz, so scary when it aired on the big screen. But do you know if in fact any event that is the true story of horror. George and Kathy wrote the novel based on actual events which later was appointed to the big screen. People actually believed that authors are people who experienced these events.

Haunted house story was revealed in 1975 when the couple moved into a house in Amityville, New York. The couple recently moved is not know if the house was on average 13 years earlier had horrible massacre. Homeowner's son had been shot to death all the family of six people. When arrested, he admitted, because the messenger killing the buzzing sound in his head.

But strangely, the six victims were found face down in their beds. They seem to sleep quietly, there is no sign that they were previously taking tranquilizers. This is indeed a strange mystery. While Ronald DeFeo offender sent to prison in New York and served there until death.

Returning to the new family moved into the horror house. During 28 days there, a lot of mysterious and terrible events experienced by this couple. Not just about the stench which comes suddenly, or the sound of a loud thumps, but also physical attacks is not known who was responsible. In fact, one family member to see the appearance of hideous figure with glowing red eyes. Kathy discovered a small room, the dog did not come close to it. There is?

2. Mystery death of Mary Reeser

This extraordinary event that until now could not be explained by common sense. Mary Reeser, born in 1881, was found burned almost the entire body engulfed in flames at his home in Florida in 1951. But strangely, even though his whole body burned, his left leg smoothly without the slightest flaw. It would be impossible.

Stranger still, the fire seemed to target only the body of Mary Reseer only. Because space in the vicinity where he was found, did not burn .. Though such a high flame temperature is estimated to equal the body cremated, and should have grabbed the whole room not just the woman's body ..
The FBI has come to conduct the investigation, forensic also took part in the case, but it can not just solve what could have happened to you.

"I find it hard to believe this. Human body in flames and high temperatures, leaving feet smooth can not burn at all. What really happened on the night of July 1, 1951 is it? This is really a mystery. Should have burned the whole room. This is most incredible thing I've ever seen. hair was short with a face like a frightened very much. I feel like living in medieval times, where people talk about witchcraft and black magic, "said Professor Krogman from the University of Pennsylvania's School of Medicine. He admitted to not able to explain this mystery.

3. Traces of Satan mystery haunts in Devon

The Devil's Footprints is the name given to a strange phenomenon occurred in Devon, England on February 8, 1855. After snowfall at night, next day appeared the traces in the snow measuring 1.5 inc (4 cm) wide and 2.5 inc (6.35 cm). The traces were scattered throughout the village. Not only that traces of it also was on the roof even in the high walls of the building. The villagers become rippled and do not understand the phenomenon of what it is. Because it is not clear, people started thinking about the strange creature that haunts even the devil in their village. That is why the term Devil's Footprint. **

4. Zana mystery 'Ancient Man'

These strange events happening in the Middle Ages, around the 18th century. Ochamchir, a hunter in the area of ​​Georgia when it was entered in one of the provinces in Russia. These hunters captured a wild woman in which the arms, legs and fingers covered with thick hair. This strange woman named Zana. Because the wild, to tame at first he had to be locked up for years with food that is thrown to him. After he was tame, Zana was released and then taught to do things lightly. Such as grinding corn, etc..

Interestingly, Zana has a high endurance more than human. He was resistant to cold weather superb, but he can not stand on the warm air in the room. She loves to eat grapes and vines. He was a heavy drinker and can sleep for hours. Which oddly enough, he could have a lot of kids with different fathers. But most children died due to Zana washing them in cold, almost frozen river.

Villagers worry about the odd tantrum Zana, and they take their children away from her mother. Zana kids do not like her mother, they grow as human beings and they have also been adopted by some villagers. Zana died in the village 1890.Sedang youngest child died in 1954.

This story is the result of research Professor Porchnev who interviewed the parents in the village. Zana also has many grandchildren. They are dark skinned. One is Shalikula, it has a strong mouth so that he can lift a chair with a man sitting on it.

Zana produce research on allegations that the strange woman is a form of human evolution that have not been fully transformed into modern humans. ***

5. Gas Spreader mystery woman

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon is the name given to the person behind a series of gas attacks that occurred in Botetourt County, Virginia, in the early 1930s, and in Mattoon, Illinois, in mid-1940 occurred at home first an.Kejadian Cal Huffman , in Haymakertown, Botetourt County, where there were three attacks were reported during the night.

Around 10:00 on December 22, 1933, Ms. Huffman reported the smell unusual odors, and to overcome the nausea. The smell that nausea and back again around 10:30 pm, Cal Huffman then contacted police. The third attack occurred about 1:00, when it fills the entire house gas attack. Eight members of the family of the victim along with Huffman Ashby Henderson, a guest staying at home.

Next are listed in Cloverdale incident occurred on December 24. Clarence Hall, his wife and their two children came home from church 9:00 They were limp. Police investigating the case, find a nail taken from a rear window, where the smell of gas is very hard. Allegedly, the hole was used to put gas into the house.

The third incident on December 27, in which residents of Troutville, A. Kelly and her mother reportedly had similar symptoms as the case of Huffman and Hall. The fourth and fifth incident occurred on January 10, when Mrs. Moore, a guest house residents Haymakertown Homer Hylton reported hearing voices outside, before the gas entered their home through a broken window. The second night attack reported in Troutville, G. Kinzie house.

At least 10 other cases reported in Botetourt and in 10 years later, more than 20 new cases were reported in Mattoon. One witness said he saw the perpetrator ity gas is spreading like a tall thin woman, dressed like a man but footprints belonged to a woman. **

6. Ghosts of mystery lights in Bridgewater Triangle

Bridgewater Triangle is an area of ​​approximately 200 square miles (520 km2) in southeastern Massachusetts, United States. Since the colonial period, the area was known as an area that has a mysterious power that is difficult to explain. Various reports of the area was recorded in the conduction of the phenomena Poltergeists and orbs, balls of fire fell suddenly there is also the phenomenon of ghosts.

Rumors are circulating about the appearance of 'bigfoot', a giant snake, giant birds, and found many pieces of remains of animals, etc.. Police also journalists have tried to unravel the strange events there.
Area into a very, very mysterious and untouchable so called Hockomock Swamp, which means "soul dwell", or as locals call it "The Devil's Swamp".

One well-known phenomenon that occurs in that area is the appearance of light flickering from the marshes in the vicinity. People call it the flashing lights flickering ghosts that usually seen in marshy areas.
The phenomenon of phantom lights u keep it up around the Bridgewater Triangle. Strange lights that appeared every January in which the railway crosses the area. ***

7. The Clapham Wood Mystery

The Clapham Wood Mystery is the name given related to the strange events that occurred in Clapham Wood, West Sussex, England. Those events are reported from local residents who experienced the strange phenomenon. For example, a lost family pet suddenly or people who suddenly died for no reason.

Since 1960 the region had been reported seen any unidentified flying object (UFO?), Also people who suddenly feel a strange and supernatural. Reported mysterious path is the path into the woods. From the research results that the region has high radiation levels.

This report is surprising, because the area is a limestone area which is usually low radiation.

In the photo, at first it still looks tall trees and large. However, due to 'depression' trees were dead. Now it is very difficult to find a tree big tree over there.

There are four mysterious deaths were reported near the woods. First in June 1972 in which a police officer, Peter Goldsmith disappeared while hiking in the area. His body was found six months later. The second death was from Leon Foster, the body has been found in August 1975, after three months away.

The third was the death of the Reverend Harry Neil Snelling, a former representative from Clapham. He disappeared in October 1978 and his body was not discovered until three years later. The cases in Clapham is not revealed until now.

8. Summerwind Ghost House mystery

Summerwind Mansion, formerly known as Lamont Mansion, a warehouse on the West coast of the Gulf of Vilas in Lake County, North East Wisconsin. Area is one of the most haunted areas in Wisconsin. His condition is now rundown and neglected. This is because it never happened in the great fire that almost destroyed all the buildings there.

Summerwind was originally built at the beginning of the 20th century as a mess of the fishermen. In 1916 was bought by Robert P. Lamont, who worked as an architect in the company of Tallmadge and Watson. Then he renovated the building and stay there. But before he had been warned that the building was haunted.

But he did not believe it until then he himself met with the 'gatekeepers' of the house. It happened the 1930s, Lamont saw ghosts in his home kitchen, make him leave his ass ran it.
After Lamont's departure, the house was left empty and abandoned.

In the 1970s, the couple, Arnold and Ginger Hinshaw bought a house and lived with four children. Since Mulau residence, the family is often disturbed many strange things.

Hinshaws reported a number of strange events, ranging from the shadow that moves from the ground up in a low voice, and stopped when they came into the room, or windows that suddenly open themselves. They reported seeing a ghost woman several times around the dining room.

Perhaps because of stress, within six months after moving into Summerwind, Arnold fell ill and Ginger, his wife, attempted suicide. Arnold finally admitted to hospital, being Ginger moved with her parents in Granton, Wisconsin.

In June 1988, Summerwind several times struck by lightning that triggered a fire and burn the house. So many parts of the building was badly damaged. Which oddly enough, lightning struck many times, but a lot of trees around the building height exceeds that but did not participate struck.

Currently the building is no longer the form, leaving only the foundation of a house that is not groomed. **

9. Hopkinsville Goblins: The emergence of Radiance Strange Creatures

Hopkinsville Goblins case known as the strangest cases in the history of flying objects that never existed. This case with less well documented. This case occurred near the town of Kelly and Hopkinsville, Kentucky, on August 21, 1955 until early evening.

UFO emerged in a long time, there are many witnesses who saw it. "Some say sakisi eye, flying objects were visible a few hours, extending throughout the night until morning. They saw the appearance of luminous beings that are three feet tall. Witnesses saw flames issuing arms that are fired up.

On the night of August 21, 1955, Billy Ray Taylor gi invite friends for dinner. When looked up, they saw a strange light in the sky to the west. The group also saw a creature half-foot tall light-headed a large, wide ears and eyes glow. His hands were issued fire.

The creature approached to within 20 feet of Taylor. People who look to take the gun and get ready to use. But the creature then fled toward the darkness of night.

After that, all family members repeatedly seeing visions of the creature that seemed to move toward their homes. This is indeed a strange story. To more clearly you can read the full article on Wikipedia. **

10. Human Scape Ore Swamp Lizard of

This case occurred in marshy areas in Lee County, South Carolina. Strange creatures that feed is described as having a high 7 or more than 2 meters, well-built with green scaly skin that appear there. Creepy eyes of glowing orange. The creature has three fingers on his hands and feet. People call it a lizard creature from the swamp.

The first reports about the existence of creatures was made by Christopher Davis, 17 years, the local population. He said the creatures encountered while driving through the border Scape Ore Swamp. Incidentally when the car was having problems so he had to stop to change tires. When he finished changing the tire, he heard a noise behind him.

When turning, to his shock, he saw a strange creature seen walking toward him. Davis admitted it, it tried to attack his car, by jumping on the roof of the car. David tried to escape. Back home, in the rear view mirror saw mobinya been destroyed, the damage is also on the roof of the car.

Some of the same month, reports surfaced almost similar to the case of David. Reportedly, a giant lizard-like creature that is near the swamp. Most of the report say it happened about 3 miles or 5 miles from Bishopville, or in the vicinity of the swamp. Two months of the incident, police conducted several investigations and found traces measuring 14 feet in length inc.

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