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Cannibal tribes in the World

The Carib
This became a tribal name designation for people who eat people are the tribe known lain.ini the world's first seafarers kanibalisme.oleh practice commonly called "The Carib people of the Lesser Antilles." is the name given by Columbus on his record by name "caniba" (which is another word from Kariba, which means "people who eat people").
the Caribbean tribes usually do cannibalism to the enemy, but since the introduction of Christianity there, the culture slowly began to disappear.

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History eruption of Mount Tambora From Small Apocalypse

Year Without a Summer, also known as the Poverty Year and Eighteen hundred and froze to death, occurred in 1816, when the summer climate deviations destroyed crops in Northern Europe, the northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada. Now people generally assumed that the aberrations occurred because of the volcanic explosion of Mount Tambora on 5 April-15 April 1815. The mountain is located on the island of Sumbawa in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), who threw more than half a million tonnes - or 400 km ³ - dust into the upper atmosphere. As is generally known, after a powerful volcanic eruption, temperatures worldwide decline because of reduced sunlight that shone through the atmosphere.

Exceptional climatic aberrations in 1816 caused a very

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Legend of the most horrific place in the World

There are places with dark history in the world. Visit places that are scary about going to the location where the spirits of the dead still roam the world. Even more frightening is the places were filled with spirits of another world that is not human.
The Screaming Tunnel, Warner Road Canada
Local legend tells that the tunnel is haunted by the ghost of a young girl, who fled with the clothes on fire from farm buildings on fire and died in the tunnel wall. Several variants of the other local legend is that girl burned by his father who was angry after he lost custody of her children after divorce. Another story about a young girl who was raped

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Unique paintings in the Stomach During Pregnancy

Really creative artists on this one .. instead of using his painting as a medium kanpas but using a woman who was pregnant belly ..
Lukisan Perut Ibu-Ibu 
Yang Lagi HamilLukisan Perut 
Ibu-Ibu Yang Lagi Hamil

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Toraja walking corpse ritual..

It is said in villages Sillanang in the cave since 1905 have been found intact human bodies, do not decay until now. Uniquely bodies are not embalmed like the Ancient Egyptians was not even given any potions.

But it could remain intact. Tampubolon opinion, there is the possibility that such substances are called special digua can preserve a human cadaver. If only there was a geologist and chemist who would waste time investigating the place, seemed to cave Sillanang puzzles can be solved. In addition to anti-rotten corpses, there were human bodies that can walk on two legs, like a normal life.

If you want to search also the difference, there, but not so big. Allegedly Tampubolon, the dead men walking stiff and somewhat jerky. And the way that he can not be alone, must be accompanied by a single person alive who escorted him, until  end of her own home. Why so?

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American Scientists Create Artificial Life

American Scientists Create Artificial Life: A team of researchers in the United States (U.S.) admitted that succeeded in creating "artificial life" first in the world. This is a series of live bacteria cells generated artificial DNA based on computer programming.

Thus says Craig Venter, who led the research team at the J Craig Venter Institute in Rockville city, state of Maryland. "This is the first cell on this planet whose parents are computers," said Venter as contained in the pages of USA Today daily.

"These cells originated from a digital code on a computer," said Venter, who is known as one of the pioneering researcher on the study of human genome mapping and synthetic biology.

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PSikopat ...

Doctoral John Clarke, doctorate in psychology from the University of Sydney, Australia, who for years became a criminal psychologist,

remember the day when she was instantly aware that there may be a number of psychopaths in millions of offices around the world. "I'm delivered lectures psychology of crime and provide a list of characteristics of a psychopath. When finished, a woman approached and said "You've just described my boss," he told the German news agency (DPA).

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Actually Inventors Phones

Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci, (born 13 April 1808 - died October 18, 1889 at the age of 81 years) was an Italian nationals which inventor is the discovery of modern communication tools that are needed by today's society to the social life of the phone. Generally, the inventor of a more known to the public telephone is Alexander Graham Bell, but it seems history is to be rewritten because it is an immigrant from the Firenze (Florence), Italy named Antonio Meucci had invented the telephone in 1849 and patented his creation in 1871.

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World Divination From Year 2010 Until 5079!

Baba prophetess Vanga will predict what will happen in 3000 in the world next year

Vanga (Vangelia) Pandeva born on January 31, 1911 and spent his life living in Bulgaria until she died on August 11, 1996. He lost his eyesight when he was 12 years old when he was swept away by a tornado. She was found alive with sand in his eyes, so the experience of blindness. Vanga started making predictions when he was 16 years old. She became very famous because of this gift rather quickly. Many statesmen, including Hitler visited him and reported that Hitler left her house looking upset.

Vanga's most shocking prediction include:
"At the turn of the century, in August 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will cry over it." (1980)

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