Toraja walking corpse ritual..

It is said in villages Sillanang in the cave since 1905 have been found intact human bodies, do not decay until now. Uniquely bodies are not embalmed like the Ancient Egyptians was not even given any potions.

But it could remain intact. Tampubolon opinion, there is the possibility that such substances are called special digua can preserve a human cadaver. If only there was a geologist and chemist who would waste time investigating the place, seemed to cave Sillanang puzzles can be solved. In addition to anti-rotten corpses, there were human bodies that can walk on two legs, like a normal life.

If you want to search also the difference, there, but not so big. Allegedly Tampubolon, the dead men walking stiff and somewhat jerky. And the way that he can not be alone, must be accompanied by a single person alive who escorted him, until  end of her own home. Why so?

 This is her story. Toradja ordinary people roam the mountainous regions and many niche that just by walking. From ancient times until now remain so. They do not know the wagon, cart, wagon or Notions. Well the way the weight is likely they fall ill and die.

So that the corpse was not to be left on the area which is not known (Toradja people to respect the spirit of every person who died) and also that he did not bother other people (it will be very unlikely to carry the bodies continuously throughout the journey that would take days to eat), then with one witchcraft, perhaps a kind of hypnotism by the term warrant now, bodies are required to go home on foot and only stopped when she was putting her body in her own home.

Just imagine, that body of know the direction of the road, and know which of his house! Nevertheless there is still one taboo: walking dead should not be touched. Maybe when I touch the menyunlapnya mukdjizat with necessarily lost. Allaah knows best.

The last oddity is not so menakdjubkan "ballo" (wine) which, if not intoxicating drink, no matter how much you drank. Palm wine is mixed with a kind of wood is in addition to heating the skin of the body also add energy and prolong the life. It may be true also, because there age population has achieved an average of 80 to 100 years. Is ballo will be the same efficacy when taken outside Toradja, still not in attempted.

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