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Doctoral John Clarke, doctorate in psychology from the University of Sydney, Australia, who for years became a criminal psychologist,

remember the day when she was instantly aware that there may be a number of psychopaths in millions of offices around the world. "I'm delivered lectures psychology of crime and provide a list of characteristics of a psychopath. When finished, a woman approached and said "You've just described my boss," he told the German news agency (DPA).

Clarke is also the author of The Pocket Pscyho which contains a brief guide on how to protect themselves from the organizational psychopath states that psychopaths are not only in prisons, in the courtroom, or in the thriller story. Psychopaths, both men and women, is planning sly at work, around the world. The study states that one percent of the adult population who work are in place Chenaniah psychopath. Psychopath like that exist in both large and small office, he was at the council meeting room or on the shop floors.

The psychopath in hiding through the lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, sacrifice, and destroy the co-workers. All without guilt or remorse. Moreover, he judged, they are called organizational psychopaths, developing rapidly in the business world, because of their ruthlessness and lust does not mean they are wrong just as ambition and leadership skills, but also as something that is rewarded through promotions, bonuses and wage increases.

Workplace psychopath will do anything to gain power, status, and the wages they want. "They think like a criminal psychopath. They tried the hardest for the sake of their own. Difference between the two is that criminal psychopaths to destroy the victim physically, while the workplace psychopath destroys its victims psychologically, "he said.
Here are some characteristics that may be a sign of psychopathic personality disorder:
1. At first displays an interesting attitude, tend to artificial, charming, and cast a warm attitude. This is what makes people easy to believe him, and with the belief that they injure or deceive the victim.
2. assume his most important and must be favored, all centered on himself, just for me, mine anyway, just me and mine.
3. Often the treatment showed an impulsive (explosive), hard to delay and control the emotions. If you have the desire be now, if not anger or rage.
4. The relationship of friendship or social relationship is short, frequently changing-changing-dressing couples romance or changing jobs.
5. Often lied, cheated, and betrayed.
6. Less responsibility for his actions, brave and risky decision can not learn from experience, are always repeated over and, although it has been given a punishment or warning.
7. Less able to feel the feelings of others, does not care about other people suffer.
8.Tends to blame others for what he had done.

Five stages of diagnosing psychopaths
1. Matching the personality of patients with 20 criteria established by Prof.. Hare. Matching was done by interviewing the family and those nearest the patient, the complaint the victim, or observation of patient behavior over time.
2. Checking the health of brain and body via scanning uses an electroencephalogram, MRI, and a complete medical examination. This is done because, according to research image PET (positron emission tomography) comparison to normal people, murderers spontaneously, and cold-blooded killers planned to show the differences of brain activity in the prefrontal cortex is low. Frontal lobes of the brain believed to be part of forming a personality.
3. Interviews using DSM-IV (The American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders version IV) that are considered successful to determine the antisocial personality.
4. Noticed symptoms of the patient's personality. Typically 15 years since the age of the patients began to show signs of psychiatric disorders.
5. Conducting psychological test. psychopath usually have a high IQ.

Psychopathic symptoms
1. Often lie, eloquent, and shallow. psychopath often clever funny and articulate, are typically trying to come up with knowledge in the field of sociology, psychiatry, medicine, psychology, philosophy, poetry, literature, and others. Often, clever writing that makes a positive story, and when caught lying they do not care and will cover it.
2. Egocentric and considers himself great.
3. Have no sense of regret and guilt. Though sometimes psychopathic confession, he is very underestimated or denied due to his actions and did not have a reason to care.
4. Glad to violations and problematic behavior in childhood.
5. Antisocial attitudes in adulthood.
6. Lack of empathy. For the psychopath beheading a chicken and chop people's heads, it makes no difference.
7. Psychopaths are also firmly in the act aggressively, challenging the guts and fight, hours slept late and often out of the house.
8. Impulsive and hard to control myself. To psychopaths do not have time to weigh the merits of the action they would do and they do not care what has been done or thought about the future. Sufferers also easily triggered anger will be little things, easy to react to disappointment, failure, criticism, and easy to attack someone just because of trivial things.
9. Not able to be responsible and do things for the sake of mere pleasure.
10. Manipulative and underhand. psychopath also often shows dramatic emotions even though they are not in earnest. They also do not have a physiological response that is normally associated with fear, such as hand sweating, palpitations, dry mouth, tense, trembling for the psychopaths this does not apply. Therefore, the psychopath is often referred to as "cold".
11. Live as parasites because exploit others for his pleasure and satisfaction.

There are differences between psychopathic personality and antisocial behavior. The difference is shown by the intensity. Ongoing psychopath, from childhood to advanced age. While antisocial behavior is only shown at certain moments. Psychopathic patients are usually male, but did not rule suffered by women.

Many reactions occur in society due to ignorance about the healing of a psychopath. Society tries to protect itself through legislation law. In the Netherlands, the Law Antipsikopat launched twice on the 20th century and in the year 2002. Similarly in the United States, law antipsikopat started in the 1930s aimed at sex offenders.

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