American Scientists Create Artificial Life

American Scientists Create Artificial Life: A team of researchers in the United States (U.S.) admitted that succeeded in creating "artificial life" first in the world. This is a series of live bacteria cells generated artificial DNA based on computer programming.

Thus says Craig Venter, who led the research team at the J Craig Venter Institute in Rockville city, state of Maryland. "This is the first cell on this planet whose parents are computers," said Venter as contained in the pages of USA Today daily.

"These cells originated from a digital code on a computer," said Venter, who is known as one of the pioneering researcher on the study of human genome mapping and synthetic biology.

This discovery is "a decisive moment in history of biology and biotechnology." So said Mark Bedau, Reed College scholar and editor of the Journal "Artificial Life," as quoted by Science magazine.

Blue living bacterial cells were stored in a cooler and will be exhibited in a museum. The cell was believed to be not contagious. Venter Institute is convinced that the creation of a major impact for other studies.

"Through this study, the team has been involved in discussions and externally the ethical review and realize the social implications of this research," according to Venter Institute.

Venter is now planning to build a software (software) specifically for the development of that cell. The research team initially copying an existing bacterial genome and then assemble the genome of the genetic code and use "synthesis engine" to create a new copy of a chemical.

"We are now able to take a synthetic chromosome and transplanting into recipient cells, which is a different organism," said Venter told BBC television.

So, he continued that once the software they created to function, during the concerned will react and turn into the species which mapped the genetic code. "This is the first fully synthetic DNA to control a cell," said Venter.

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