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Nostradamus Prophecy

This may seem surprising, but the word "Nostradamus"is one of the most searched names on the Internet, more popular even than Osama bin Laden or Madonna. What do you want to know the people in the 21st century about Nostradamus and his predictions?
Historical researchers, the most prominent experts in the work of Michel de Nostredame in Russia, Alexey Penzensky, said that for more than 400 years formal study did not show any attention to the works of Nostradamus. Nostradamus lost in history only as an astrologer. We know little about the prophecies of Leonardo da Vinci, but know perfectly and both of his treatment, culture and achievements of engineering and design-build; for Nostradamus, he is known only in connection with psychotherapy.
Amateur paranormal immediately realize that they have a very good opportunity to consider what they want from each and every statement Nostradamus. At the end of the 16th century, there were attempts to use the statement of Nostradamus for political purposes. Depending on political interests, some people are often interpreted as some prophecy made by Nostradamus.
Alexey Penzensky said that in addition to the predictions Nostradamus also has compiled poems, but people find it strange poems by telegraph an unusual style of Nostradamus. It is only in the early centuries ago where the poem-poem was awarded the new trends in literature that emerged at that time.
Pollinaire Guillaume, one of the greatest French poet of the 20th century called NostradamusNostradamus is a masterpiece of all time. No matter how people talk about Nostradamus and astrology, prophecy books have been reprinted for over 400 years which gives great inspiration to us. as a great poet. Finally, linguists and historians realize that the predictions
Researchers have tried to do a scientific study on the work of Nostradamus since the first, even before the French Revolution. Recently, researchers who studied the works of Nostradamus find some publishing without a name on a French magazine in which the predictions Nostradamus reviewed in the context of the era and culture where predictions were made by not dealing with the future.
Is the main purpose of the predictions Nostradamus? Many researchers have taken an conclusion that Nostradamus would like to emphasize that history repeats.
Only a few scientific papers about Nostradamus. James Randi with The Mask of Nostradamus: The Prophecies of the World's Most Famous Seer (psychic predictions from the World's Most Famous) is one of them but the book was not translated into Russian (as well as Indonesian-ed). Randi said that Michel NostradamusNostradamus after his death showed he was not crazy at all. is a charlatan or a madman and do not trust herself to what she was doing. However, the writings left by
When the Soviet Union collapsed in early 1990, Soviet media reported that according to the allegations, Nostradamus had predicted that the Soviet Union would end after 73 years 7 months. Of course, in a message to King Henry II, Nostradamus predicted the Anti-Christ appears in one day closer to the date of an eclipse of October 12, 1605. And Nostradamus was not the only one who predicted the existence of anti-Christ during that period.
In his work, Nostradamus did not use the game letters and words or names secret. It often happens when a handyman typesetter confuse the names of small cities and villages. The surprise was Nostradamus did not mention such places like Novgorod, Berlin, Warsaw or Krakow at the time when people already know those places. But forecasters say a lot of small urban areas where very difficult to find on the maps detail now.
Nostradamus has a library consisting of about 50 volumes of books or more which is not typical for people who did not come from nobility. She has a book of guidelines that mention the small urban-urban site in France. Unfortunately, many commentators have failed to find the names mentioned in the works of Nostradamus was the real names of towns in France.
For some reason, the world knew little about the Russian monk Avel prophets who predicted the overthrow of Romanovs Royal Family for more than a century before the real terjadian. Alexey Penzensky said that predictions about the legend Avel not written during his lifetime so that they can not be studied scientifically. Very many of the prophecies legend in the West. It is important that the predictions Nostradamus published in 1555. At the same time, many published predictions that have been forgotten in the West. Playground writing Nostradamus made his Nostradamus became very popular.
Predictions Nostradamus for-20th century
Likely outbreak of World War-III (Book: Armageddon)
This war will force the nation to plunge into it. Hundreds of millions of human bodies will fill the earth. Menganak blood stream, screams sore meets the sky. By then, human life would not be worth anything at all. The whole nation will mobilize all its military capability, Cavalry, Artillery and Infantry. Powerful countries will use the most its latest weapons. This war will be claiming much greater than the two previous wars. (This event annunciator will appear the first time from the Middle East).
Devastating global disaster that will hit the entire nation
[This is based on kuatrain encountered in the Century IV paragraph 67]
Period commencing with the period of chaos shift in earth's geological, earthquake, volcanic eruption, and disruption of natural weather systems bode who worry. As a result, the famine occurred and where while in the other hemisphere occurred FLOOD DISASTER!. The nations of western nations in particular RECEIPTS will be weakened. They will be defeated by the Civil and the person who will be scrambling to fill with water. UNITED STATES of power will be subdued by natural disasters who most sweeping. Economically, the U.S. will be bankrupt and three other big states would send assistance to civilians who are suffering.
Reappearance of the king of terror
[This is based on kuatrain encountered in Century VIII paragraph 29]
At the time of people throughout the nation are so very difficult, especially in developing countries, the king of terror will emerge as a Hero yangg tactic is really just slavery for the people who helped. The king of terror will use natural disasters as opportunities knock down power of government. Middle East used as the basis for action.
King of Terror will dominate the Middle East (IRAN)
[This is based on kuatrain encountered in the Century II, paragraph 23 and 81]
The king of terror will take over the Iranian government with menggunakkan trap through political figures. Betrayal will appear and the civil war there, a representative will appear but will be killed when Iran was taken over. King's reign of terror will perform up to a massive expansion to Europe and then to the Mediterranean. He will also unite NORTH AFRICA who sympathize because cultural background with Asia and the Middle East.
The emergence of disputes among the leaders of 3rd world (poor countries)
[Century III, paragraph 60]
A black youth will emerge as a leader in 3rd world countries with the aim to unite these countries to jointly fight against the developed world, particularly around the Adriatic Sea, the Caspian and Israel. (Affirmed by the Mc Clellan many predictions Nostradamus that lead to this direction ...)
The murder of several important figures of the world
In a vague prophecy, Nostradamus made no mention in detail about important figures meant the world!
The killing of George Walker Bush
Vital influence and involvement in the Middle East problem is expected to end with his death.
The emergence of Mother Greed
Some suspect that the reference in this forecast is the Cindy Sheehan anti-war seoraang aktvis and active opponents of Bush's policies, the reason was because his son was killed while performing a direct instruction to Bush on the invasion of Iraq. Himself into the spotlight this time info-hungry public, popularity has also successfully owned, but all was not enough to replace his son who had been missing. If this paragraph becomes a reality, then CindySheehan will design scenarios of mass demonstrations in Washington and expanded into a major riot and making a terrorist disguised as a student yng easily run the action.
The emergence of Lady Diana
The 10th anniversary of the death of Lady Diana will happen gloom in which the eruption of Yellowstone will haunt all the people of England. In his prediction, in October 2008 will appear a shade of light resembling a fire with a woman, where light (Lady Diana's funeral), it emerges clearly Lady Diana. Thousands of people will come watch this event and then Lady Diana also convey the message to the world.
Reverend Inter War
Only partially confirmed the incident panampakan Lady Diana, this event will trigger a war or rather the conflict between the pastor, the Reverend who believe and regard this as a miracle of God and what does not. This ideology different conflicts, at its peak will cause bloodshed among the churches and not a few pastors who have been killed.

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Is it possible to drill the earth until translucent human?

Of course not easy to answer that question. Now, it seems unlikely humans could drill the earth until translucent. Whether in the future, humans probably find more advanced technology in the field of drilling.

What is clear, throughout the globe has a diameter of 12 756 kilometers, or more than 12 million meters. So if people want to drill the earth until translucent, drill the necessary equipment of more than 12 million meters. Wow ..., very long.

In addition, the temperature at the earth's core is very hot. Earth's core consists of thick nickel freezing temperatures reach 1370 km and 4000 0C. Wow, very hot, huh? What tools bornya not melt at a temperature that high?

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10 great collision of space objects with the Earth

Imagine staring at the sky that night and saw a small dot, then that point turned into a bigger doubled, up to the night sky looks a bit brighter, then you realize that the point size of the city of Bandung, and then split the night air with the speed of sound coming right at you, BOOM!
Mega-tsunami like impact damage, earthquake, volcano eruption in the corners of the earth and the loss of daylight to dark for years, congratulations to you that he will kill you slowly.
The result now we will see the largest crater regions - regions of the earth dibelahan others who have been hit by asteroids, based on the diameter of the deceased.

49 000 years ago a rock star size "only" 150 ft and weight of + / - 300 000 tonnes of contained nickel and iron with a speed of 40 000 miles

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Creatures-Beautiful Creatures peek Occupants Mariana Trench

Mariana Trench is the deepest location in the world to save a million mysteries. Including the unique creatures that can survive in extreme conditions in the deepest sea.

Mariana Trench located in the Pacific Ocean, east of the Mariana Islands, to be precise with coordinates 11 ° 21 'North latitude and 142 ° 12' East longitude, is also close to Japan. Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the ocean in the world, as well as the location of the deepest in the world.

The depth of the Mariana trench itself is 11 033 meters, while the pressure at the deepest trough reaches 8 tons per square inch. Meanwhile, the length of the Mariana Trench is 2.542 km with a width of 69 km.

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10 Most Mysterious Phantom Ship, and the Mystical

The Caleuche:

One of the most famous legends of mythology describes Caleuche Chilota southern Chile, a ghost ship that appears every night on the nearby island of Chiloe. According to local legend, the ship is aware that such a display state waters around the area, bringing with him the spirit of all those who have drowned in the sea. When he saw, which said striking Caleuche beautiful and sunny, and always accompanied by the party music sound and people laugh. After appearing for a few moments, the ship was later said to disappear or drown themselves under water. Chilota According to mythology, the spirits who were called to a sinking ship by Sirena Chilota, which Pincoya, and Picoy, three Chilota "water spirit" which is similar to a mermaid. After the ship ghost ship, which sank to say in order to continue their lives like before they die.

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Endocannibalisme The Terrible funeral

Perhaps this ritual worst death ever. Endocannibalisme is a practice where people eat the body of the dead. The idea behind this terrible habit is the belief that by eating the body of the dead then all at once would 'suck' almarhum properties for the assimilation of the spirit.

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mysteries village in japan

Horror movie is the favorite by steering young people in  the world, but whether the places are also in the favorite creepy?? Here are photos of a village atmosphere in Japan, there are nuances that hideous Mysteries unsolved Story get from MOM( majalah online Modern)
There are attracted to come here?

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Mystery of number

Figures of the Lord? Perhaps you are wondering about the "Numbers of God", are you doing? Actually it's just my term for describing a "mystery figure" (read: really amazing) is found in many events in nature. This figure has been widely investigated by real scientists abroad, they generally call this figure is the "golden ratio" or "golden number".

Well, maybe some of you already familiar with the last two terms. Yes, for you who have read about these things you must know that this figure related to the Fibonacci sequence or Fibonacci sequence.

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Do you know about quicksand?

Sand live is the most unique mechanism of the universe, he probably buried on the beach by the river or maybe even in the backyard around, calmly waiting for the people closer, make people hard forward or backward.

In 1692, at the port of Jamaica, ever live sand formed from soil solution by the quake, have recently led to third lost city, and the tragedy that killed 2,000 people.

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5 Stone World's most unique and weirdest

1.Dome of the Rock in the Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem

Proof of the greatness of Allah SWT stone seat when the Prophet Muhammad SAW Isra Mi `raj until now is still floating in the air. At the time of the Prophet Muhammad's Ascension stones TSB would go, but the Prophet SAW menghentakan feet on the stones TSB, TSB did not mean to stay out of stone.


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Eternal Love...

a pair of male skeleton and a new stone age women hugged each other tightly unearthed in Italy. A pair of skeleton which was warmly embraced each other, shook everyone who saw it. Archaeologists estimate that this framework has been buried a pair of approximately 5000-6000 years under the ground! arms during the 5000 year was not only shook the archaeologists, and even the world community.

To maintain this style arms, scientists had not yet decided to separate pieces of that framework. "We will maintain this stance during which they were hugging each other." So said Irena Mannorti archaeologist who finds a pair of this framework a week ago. After the skeleton was removed, scientists will investigate further on two lovers embrace each other is eternal. Furthermore, this framework will be in store in Italy's national museum.

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10 Most Mysterious Monuments in the World

Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse
On a barren hill in the northeast Georgia stood one of the monuments of the world's most bizarre and mysterious. But that was not created during ancient times. Known as the 'Georgia Guidestones', a stone structure 16-feet-tall, 20-ton granite slabs polished and written in eight languages.

Lake Michigan Stonehenge
Researchers quite surprised when they find what appears to be ancient structures like Stonehenge 40 feet below the surface of the water in Lake Michigan.

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