Legend Of Genderuwo

Is a kind of the jinn or spirits that manifest human-like apes, big and stout with reddish black color, his body covered with thick hair that grows in the whole body. Genderuwo primarily known in the community on the island of Java (Sundanese people call it "gandaruwo" and the Javanese called it "gendruwo"). Habitat dwelling stone fetish is watery, old buildings, large trees shade or damp corners of deserted and dark. Domicile Center this creature believed to be in Donoloyo Teak Forest, Sloghimo district, about 60 km east of Wonogiri, and in the White Weak, Purwosari, Girimulyo, Kulon Progo approximately 60 km west of Yogyakarta.

These spirits are believed to communicate and make direct contact with humans. Mystery stories mentioning if Genderuwo can change the physical appearance of her follow someone to seduce men. Genderuwo figures who are believed to be obscene, because fetish seduce lonely wives abandoned by their husbands or widows even to have sexual relations with them. It is believed that the seed than Genderuwo can cause a woman becomes pregnant and having children of Genderuwo. According to legend, Genderuwo lovemaking techniques and has great vitality, so that women victims often feel satisfied and pencabulannya extraordinary favors. Usually the women victims who disetubuhi by Genderuwo not be conscious of being mates with Genderuwo because Genderuwo will masquerade as the victim's husband or lover in doing pencabulannya. It was also mentioned that have Genderuwo libido and sexual desire are great and far above man that he is very easily aroused and pleased to see the loveliness of women seductive women.

Genderuwo origins said to derive from the spirit of the deceased are not perfect, can be caused by suicide, accident or burial is not perfect. So he was not ready to ride to akhirat.Genderuwo not be seen by ordinary people but at a certain moment he can reveal itself when disturbed. Basically not all bad Genderuwo, there Genderuwo yanbg good some are bad. It all depends on how we behave, wants to be friends or enemies with him.

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