2300 The bodies were cremated en masse yushu quake victims

Location of the implementation of "cremation thousands of corpses" in the District of Jiegu. (INTERNET)

More than a thousand Lamma, (17 / 4), held a ceremony "mass cremation in 1000 of people" for the earthquake victims Jiegu District. Lamma who led the cremation ceremony said that the number of bodies cremated reach 2300, about three times the official casualty figures announced by the government, and far from the number of deaths 1484 the government announced 16 April.
He said that the true figure is difficult to estimate because many victims are still buried under the rubble and the total death toll was far above the official number announced. Regional earthquake location filled with the stench overpowering, especially at point locations that suffered severe devastation.
Some people are still trying to find survivors under the rubble, the stench in the neighborhood even more severe. There were rumors saying in the western district have started contracting plague Jiegu tipes.
Bao Daily Sun reported, in an effort to cremate thousands of bodies of victims, the local government on April 16 finally dug trenches along the 50 meters, a width of 10 meters and a depth of two meters at the foot of Mount Jiajieshan, Yushu County. The next morning, 100 trucks were deployed to send the bodies of earthquake victims to the site of cremation. The death toll from a variety of ages ranging from parents to children aged 2-3 years, some of the bodies suffered severe injuries and many had incomplete limbs.
Reported that the reporter Bao Daily Sun, Tan Chunjian, plans to go to Yushu and settled a few days at the location of the earthquake. By renting a car, the driver who drove the car suggested that Tan bring some equipment such as water, oxygen, food and medical.
After preparation, they departed. But on arrival there, he was very surprised to see the conditions far from the earthquake location is tested. "Where is possible here only killed hundreds of people, I think at least the death toll reached 20,000. Just look at every house where the bodies pile up. Here and there the people seem to carry the corpse," said the driver.
Watching the number of corpses that littered the perilous state plus he finally decided to immediately leave the location. He even did not dare stop the car in the vicinity to evacuate and avoid speaking with the Tibetans. Fear made him forget the promise of even the spoken to accompany the reporter for being there.
According to television news NTD (New to Tang Dynasty), after the earthquake, emergency government representative in Taiwan, Tibet, Dawa Tsering, keep trying to contact his relatives who were there. He mentioned that the rescue teams sent to locations not much and the death toll far exceeds the number who announced the CCP.
"The bodies are collected in Shrine Jiegu until yesterday evening at least $ 400 more and still leaves a lot of collection of bodies in some of the square and square," said Dawa.
He further said that local transportation is not adequate, this led to dozens of villages around a radius of 40 km Sub Jiegu untapped rescue teams. Currently a rescue team of the evacuation process and rely on local Lamma Lamma from Sichuan.
Because the CCP authorities not to let foreign aid rescue teams entered, thousands of monks from monasteries Lamma and the local into force of the first rescuers to help the evacuation. Post-quake, the Lamma and monks from various temples in the vicinity of earthquake location Yushu immediately went to give help.
A photograph is sent a netter Tibetan origin shows the Lamma using a mattress as a stretcher to transport the victims. Generally, the victim was transported by stretcher, but due to lack of equipment and not being allowed evacuation of foreign aid, the citizens could only use crude equipment.
According to the preaching of the AP, a young monk complained about the slow action taken by a rescue team of government representatives during the evacuation process, sometimes the help of a new start after the existing camera lens that highlight their direction.
A mention of information could occur between the monks clashed with the soldiers during the evacuation process (17 / 4) then. Priory criticized the use of heavy equipment by soldiers while exploring the ruins because it would have killed the possibility of buried victims alive and resulted in the victim's body is damaged. In addition, the army also forbids monks to approach the location and assist in the evacuation.

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