Eternal Love...

a pair of male skeleton and a new stone age women hugged each other tightly unearthed in Italy. A pair of skeleton which was warmly embraced each other, shook everyone who saw it. Archaeologists estimate that this framework has been buried a pair of approximately 5000-6000 years under the ground! arms during the 5000 year was not only shook the archaeologists, and even the world community.

To maintain this style arms, scientists had not yet decided to separate pieces of that framework. "We will maintain this stance during which they were hugging each other." So said Irena Mannorti archaeologist who finds a pair of this framework a week ago. After the skeleton was removed, scientists will investigate further on two lovers embrace each other is eternal. Furthermore, this framework will be in store in Italy's national museum.

According to scientists, that their knowledge of the stone age lovers are very small. The framework was found in a city suburb Valdaro, Mantova, so-called "lover Valdaro". Archaeologists seem very sure that they died as a teenager, because their teeth are still intact. In addition, because along with the discovery of a bow and a few tools in this framework, we can know if they died in the stone age. And behind the legend who is considered the most glorious in the history of Italian archaeologists are still many puzzles that need to be described. There are indications that this second man died in a condition rather than hugging each other, but rather buried in the ground so prehistoric tombs.

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