The wreck of an unknown creature found in San Carlos

Two hunters in San Carlos, Arizona, found a strange animal carcasses is not known with curved canines. Some people suggested the possibility that the creature is the legendary Chupacabra. come with mysteries unsolved story to get the fiction about this story..

It resembles a cat carcass. But there are some striking differences. For example, the carcass is nicknamed "Sabertoothed" It has a curved tusks. Then he also has a longer front legs than a cat in general. Interestingly, the carcass seemed to have the remaining parts of the body that may be a former wing on his back.

The wreck was discovered by two hunters in a remote area in San Carlos, Arizona. After discovering the carcass, they then promptly gave it to the relevant authorities to be identified.

Long tusks and front legs are generally longer description given for the Chupacabra. But for this one thing, there has been no official explanation about its identity.

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