Explorers of Time Caught an Camera

Time travel in unsolved mysteries until this time .. so hard to reveal this Mystery...

This is a brief explanation to the photos displayed on the virtual Bralorne Pioneer Museum, from British Columbia, Canada. This image can be seen exclusively on this page (please refer to below). What you see in between other items from this online exhibition. Do you see something that is not in place? Or maybe, from time (which is also not in place)?

Is a man who appeared wearing sunglasses and looking very modern also seems to wear T-shirts stamped with a pretty good sweater, holding a portable compact camera! He was the odd object in the photo is what I mean!
All the people on the internet make a clear conclusion. This is a time traveler who was caught on camera in 1940! Finally, we have proof!
Many people on the internet who commented that these pictures are fake pictures. But try reading this one, one comment from Doc Brown: "Of course, because we do not know what actually happened there? But if we consider the passage of time, how can we know if at some historical timeline something else going on there? "
Indeed! Once you consider the subject of travel time, everything changed. But before you write scripts that Hollywood is filled with futuristic imagination Smile, let's get back to reality and ask again: is it true there was evidence a photograph of a time traveler?
As already noted, these images are available through the official website for Canadian museums. This is part of the exhibition 'Their Past Lives Here "from the Bralorne-Pioneer, available to the public since 2004. The photo was online since February this year, or maybe before that. And the trip "a strange time" of the image that are only listed as a photo like that at the end of March, when linked to the major websites like Above Top Secret and Fark.
Considering the source, forgetomori.com think the picture is authentic, and correct the date to c.1940. And once again, considering the source, forgetomori.com people think it's not a fun job.

Again, be clear! even if the photo is authentic. If it depicts an actual scene from the year 1940, it will not be proof of time travel. the photo is genuine, not undermined. But the arm, it does look strange. I'm not sure...

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